This Should have been the End a long time ago

Oh and Fuck youtube you want to prevent me from making and posting videos on your Communist platform thats one thing but to block access to a Publicly used service, Well Thats a whole other bag of Nazi Bullshit now isnt it. Both are violations of my Rights and To fuck with how you feel you pricks

David Eggen on the rights of Albertans and their oath they swore to uphold and claim they work for us but We are all powerless?

He also Files for the Climate Change issues We all know are causing.

They have no Power, We have no Power. So what is Canada Then?
they dont do their job.. Excuses me
How many ethics committees, how many blocked testimony.
No pal they have proven once in power, We the people are and have always been powerless.

Albertan Challenges Province and Health officials on Covid19 to show there is an emergency on top of justifying these restrictions while trespass on Canadians rights and Freedoms.
Obviously they cant Produce it.
So What are these Jabs Really for then?

Now With patents
Gain-of-function research (GoF research or GoFR) is medical research that alters an organism or disease in a way that increases pathogenesis, transmissibility, or host range (the types of hosts that a microorganism can infect). This research is intended to reveal targets to better predict emerging infectious diseases and to develop vaccines and therapeutics. For example, influenza B can only infect humans and harbor seals.[1] Introducing a mutation that would allow influenza B to infect rabbits in a controlled laboratory situation would be considered a "gain of function" experiment as the virus did not previously have that function.[2][3] However, such an experiment could help reveal which parts of the virus are responsible for its host range, enabling the creation of antiviral medicines which block this function.[3]

In virology, gain-of-function research is employed with the intention of better understanding current and future pandemics.[4] In vaccine development, gain-of-function research is conducted in the hope of gaining a head start on a virus and being able to develop a vaccine or therapeutic before it emerges.[4] The term "gain of function" is sometimes applied more narrowly to refer to "research which could enable a pandemic-potential pathogen to replicate more quickly or cause more harm in humans or other closely-related mammals."[5][6]

Some forms of gain-of-function research (specifically work which involves certain select agent pathogens) carry inherent biosafety and biosecurity risks, and are thus also referred to as dual use research of concern (DURC).[7] To mitigate these risks while allowing the benefits of such research, various governments have mandated that DURC experiments be regulated under additional oversight by institutions (so-called institutional "DURC" committees)[8] and government agencies (such as the NIH's recombinant DNA advisory committee).[9][10][11] A mirrored approach can be seen in the European Union's Dual Use Coordination Group (DUCG).[12][13][14]

Importantly, the US and EU regulations both mandate that an unaffiliated member of the public (or several) be "active participants" in the oversight process.[15][16][17][18] Significant debate has taken place in the scientific community on how to assess the risks and benefit of gain-of-function research, how to publish such research responsibly, and how to engage the public in an open and honest review.[19][20][7][21] As of January 2020, the United States is convening an expert panel to revisit the rules for gain-of-function research and provide more clarity in how such experiments are approved, and when they should be disclosed to the public.[22]

Dr David Martin True Hero and Patriot for Rights and Humanity Thank you Sir!
They know the Jab will kill as they try to find a way to block your immune system from attacking their Nano biometric markers by using a Covid like the same group tired to do with HIV in 1984 and that resulted in hiv/aids.

you can put the patent codes in google to see for yourself but here are the links.
notice the dates and please. watch the Video but above all please share. it may be too late for you but we need to try and save all we can

2 pharma becomes 3 now with jab April 2002 with cure for covid with spike US7151163 for something not patented until 2003?

US7279327 Covid Bio Weapon made April 2003 by adding a spike to enter humans.
US7220852 Tried to patent Already know Corona Virus 2002 without spike

Patent Number: 46592703P and 776521 concerning the SARS-CoV-2 were classified by the CIA and masked (These patents cover PC RCT testing platforms for SARS-CoV-2.)

Well I think the back Bone of this Country Let alone Alberta has finally bent enough Canada.
It took them long enough to roll up their sleeves and understand what they too before didnt have time to hear.
Now learn and looked into it themselves, the History and now sadly Experience it first hand.
He is a another Fact you can cross off your Theory list..
Enough is Enough.

187.7 Billion Missing Catherine McKenna alone, Yeah the Nazi central banking united nations Globalist usury agenda is simple alright.
These bastards are no longer fooling anyone!

Trudeau has been spending the Wealth to other Countries and later equity of we the people after its take from us by the banks while he has killed our economy at every chance leaving us Screwed They start borrowing money from China... .. .. . . . . .. Wake UP/ We are being Proper Fucked Canada. !

Now please Ask McKenna Where $187.8 billion was pledged towards infrastructure over the course of 12 years. Auditors, however, can not find where a significant amount of this money went.

His legacy of being a true Nazi Hiding behind propaganda of racist intolerance he blames the world of having but in fact proving HE hold while being the coward he is using his religion as a smoke screen.
that Sorry sack of shit hates white and the west so much he will tell you the weather is racist because the snow is white for crying out loud. His CBC Radio .... what ever it was was down right appalling and explains exactly what and why calgary went to shit and its over the top attacks on churches or anyone who doesnt pray his way..
Santa is an essential worker but Christmas is officially canceled.
What about the bunny pal..
Happy Easter and good Ridden.


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