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One quick stop at a fast food restaurant led to an entire town desperately searching for 14 missing dogs

No one walks away from a skunk rescue smelling the same way they walked in.

All eyes were supposed to be on the bride and groom, but the wedding guests were totally distracted by something much hairier.

The tiny cries from inside a tied plastic bag were loud enough to catch someone's attention.

Milano, a two-year-old golden retriever/Labrador mix, is a certified facility dog who will help Violet Avenue Elementary School students.

They were tiny bear cubs left to fend for themselves. The man who was responsible was determined to help them survive.

This elephant’s world was dark and empty, until a man and a piano came along.

Hot tubs and bears go together like peanut butter and jelly.

This is one happy human, and an even happier dog.

When Judith realized her beloved tortoise would outlive her, it was bittersweet to ship him off to his new home.

70 birthday candles for an elephant who has defied all expectations, beaten all the odds, and survived more than one elephant should.

The journey across this road is literally life or death for momma snapping turtles and their tiny turtle babies.

The struggle is real for a horse who knows his true calling is painting.

If you have been wondering if a dog can do a CPR, the video will make you stop wondering and give you the answer to that question. Apart from being a man's best friend, dogs can also be a lifesaver. We can only say that you should get yourself a dog that can save your life…or at least look super cute trying. Yes, it’s unmistakably adorable - a pup attempting to perform techniques used in CPR, pouncing on a fallen police officer’s chest. In the video an officer drops to the ground, landing on his back. Then as an announcer called out for immediate medical intervention, a dog runs to his side, jumping up and down on the officer, mimicking chest compressions. At one point, the pooch even pauses, appearing to listen for the officer’s breath as he lays his head on the man’s neck. But in case it’s not clear, it’s unlikely that such a <a href="" target="_blank">maneuver</a> could save lives.

This “heroic” dog doesn’t hesitate for a moment to “save the life’” of the police officer, practicing CPR in a masterful way. The dog performs at the top of his abilities, a well-done trick he makes, but it is certainly not a first-aid technique. Nevertheless, it is equally hilarious. Police dogs can be taught to do a variety of things such as sniffing out drugs or explosives or other contraband, tracking missing persons or even apprehending criminals. But they can’t actually do CPR since this measure requires precision and strength. CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is a technique used on people suffering from sudden cardiac arrest to help keep oxygenated blood flowing to the brain until medical professionals can intervene. Indeed, a tough task for a first responder with paws. Don’t worry, dogs are still incredible creatures - they have been known to rescue one another from drowning and save soldiers at war. They comfort children. Guard airports. And steal our hearts. They just can’t restart them.
The dog’s performance may look impressive but it is 'just a stunt'. The pooch, with a blue police light strapped to his back performs his lifesaving skills on the <a href="" target="_blank">officer</a> during a training day. The clip shows the pooch running towards the lifeless policeman as he pretends to collapse. The dog then repeatedly jumps on his chest in a bid to restart his heart, and nestles his head into the officer's neck, apparently to check his pulse. This police dog gives new meaning to the term “rescue dog” as he leaps into action while stopping shortly when it comes to offering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Being able to save a man’s life or not, this <a href="" target="_blank">dog</a> undoubtedly deserves a treat. He acted bravely, no matter the staged circumstance. Though he makes the audience laugh wholeheartedly, he gives his best to safe the officer’s life. And, to finish up, here are the wise words of Napoleon Bonaparte: “If you do not like dogs, you do not like loyalty; you do not love those who are faithful to you, therefore, you can not be faithful.”

If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below. And remember: dogs rule!

Most goats don&amp;apos;t swim, but Tinker Bell isn&amp;apos;t most goats.

Both birds and airplanes belong in the sky, but the fact is that they shouldn’t mix. Whenever they do, the feathery critters could smash the plane’s windshield or get sucked into the engine. Still, birds aren’t the only members of wildlife that can pose risks to airplanes. Deer, hogs and other wildlife do too, most of which happen at or near airports.

Southwest Florida International Airport is proud to say that they have not had any wildlife strikes that have hurt their human passengers and they strive to keep up the good rep. That is why they have in their employ a method that has proves to be, without a doubt, error free.

What method might that be, you ask? Why, it is but a border Collie that goes by the name Echo. She accompanies Operations Officer Samantha Hunter on airfield patrols three to four days of the week. The three-year-old pooch spots, stalks and chases birds away from the runway and taxiways. Sometimes there are just a few birds that have decided to catch some sunshine on the airfield. Others there’s much more.

Samantha says that Echo is stubborn in the best way. The hard-working pup is looking for birds even during casual car rides. She rarely barks, while Samantha uses her voice and a whistle to direct, correct and praise her quiet partner.

Echo used to work as a sheep herding dog in Ireland before coming to the States, making this her second herding job, although she had to undergo some training. She is the latest in succession of Border Collies that have been employed by the south Fort Myers airport since 1999. Their first, called Jet, drew international publicity. When he died of natural causes, the loyal dog was laid to rest outside the airport’s training and conference center.

Bird strikes are a common cause of emergency airplane landings. One highly publicized case was the ‘Miracle on Hudson’, when Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger successfully landed his airliner on the Hudson River after a flock of Canada geese caused engine failure. All 155 passengers and crew members on board escaped serious injury.

American Airlines Flight 1498 from Mexico City was on its way to Miami around 11 a.m. local time on November 14, when <a href="" target="_blank">a bird slammed into the nose of the plane</a>. Bird strikes are not uncommon, however what made this instance unique was that the bird was left stuck to the plane for the rest of the flight, breaching the hull on the plane on impact.

Birds can be a hazard for planes in flight, but this time it was the plane that posed a very serious hazard to a bird. The aircraft was able to land and taxi without any problems, and no injuries to passengers or crew were reported. Unfortunately, the bird did not survive.

Local outlet ABC News 10 reported that an American Airlines employee called this particular <a href="" target="_blank">bird strike</a> is unusual.

“It is true that we deal with bird strikes, that does happen," they said. “But never like this." After landing, animal services retrieved the bird from the plane, which was then taken in for repairs. The bird had punctured a hole in the nose cone on impact and its head got stuck inside.

Once the green sea turtles took a whiff of the salty beach air, their flippers flapped like wings on a bird.

We know it&amp;apos;s difficult, almost impossible even, but see if you can spot the real dogs in this video!

A brave raccoon scaled a crane in an incredibly impressive fashion. But what goes up, must come down. His dismount was just as impressive.

Yes, there is an airplane called Air Horse One. And yes, it’s absolutely as swanky as you&apos;d expect.

Snack time is savage.

These teeny tiny penguins had a very big problem, they needed to cross a busy highway.

Turtle tastes the freedom of the ocean

This sweet pup had no use of her legs, but Stephanie was determined to get her on her feet.

Tommy was born to live out his days in the desert. His life took an unexpected turn, and now he needs your help to make his golden years the best yet.


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