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Every fiber of her being is dedicated to the little humans she’s helping. Which is why Izzy deserved a special outing to make her feel appreciated.

“Stop crying. I haz idea.”

Dogs are the best audiences…and snugglers.

We’ve never seen a raccoon like this before.

When Tia met this dog he was injured and alone. She knew she could carry his burden.

No one knows what happened to this dog’s puppies, but she soon found a new litter to love. Just not one made up of puppies.

Sometimes, you just need a friend to show you the way.

Tony bought a school bus and then stripped out the seats. He had to make room for as many animals as he could.

It's the most odd looking deer you've ever seen, but the important thing is that we'll see it for generations to come.

Not long after finding a horse struggling to survive in the rising flood waters, they heard another horse’s noises of desperation.

He’s one of the few who knows what it’s like to fly with falcons, and the views are breathtaking.

We’re not sure how these baby bears got in there… but we’re sure glad some nice humans helped them out!

We could stare at this basket all day.

The only thing more shocking than what's in this van is how it got out.

This tiny little gray puppy with a sweet face and protruding ribs needed help. His huge transformation proves anything is possible!

Matthew could see the relief in this dog's eyes as he cradled it to his chest.

One quick stop at a fast food restaurant led to an entire town desperately searching for 14 missing dogs

No one walks away from a skunk rescue smelling the same way they walked in.

All eyes were supposed to be on the bride and groom, but the wedding guests were totally distracted by something much hairier.

The tiny cries from inside a tied plastic bag were loud enough to catch someone's attention.

Milano, a two-year-old golden retriever/Labrador mix, is a certified facility dog who will help Violet Avenue Elementary School students.

They were tiny bear cubs left to fend for themselves. The man who was responsible was determined to help them survive.

This elephant’s world was dark and empty, until a man and a piano came along.

Hot tubs and bears go together like peanut butter and jelly.

This is one happy human, and an even happier dog.


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