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Police officers lip syncing Backstreet Boys may be the best entertainment of all time.

In Georgia, there's an estimated 75,000 children with incarcerated parents. HeartBound is connecting children and parents through reading on video.

We're 99.9% sure a traffic stop has never gone like this.

An entire plane full of passengers came together to make this blind and deaf man’s flight more comfortable.

You think YOU love shelter animals? You can’t top this couple's dedication.

Most of us have experienced a painful burn or injury of some kind at some point in our lives. Therefore, it is always both very touching and inspiring to see someone who chooses to have a positive outlook on life despite their unfavorable predicaments. This is the uplifting story of a girl who went through unimaginable pain, but the power of her favorite songs keep her smiling.

Markeyla’s physical therapy causes her extreme pain, but music is the perfect distraction to get her mind out of it. She suffered from third degree burns on her head, shoulders and arms. Her mom had just sprayed oil in Markeyla’s hair, but she forgot all about it and went outside to light a cigarette. The moment she flicked the lighter, the chemicals from that spray instantly hit her hair. In a split second, the fumes became so big and blew in her face.

A helicopter flew her to the hospital to treat the severe <a href="" target="_blank">burns</a>. Even in her horrible pain, Markeyala’s bright spirit shined through. She’s been in the hospital for weeks and had a long recovery ahead, but it’s made a little easier with the <a href="" target="_blank">joy of singing</a>.

Twenty-two-year-old Markeyla Williams from Auburn, Alabama, has suffered more pain than most of us can imagine. May 20, 2018, was just another ordinary day for Markeyla, before it turned in her worst nightmare. Reportedly, her mom had sprayed oil in her hair, but Williams forgot about that fact and went outside to have a smoke. The moment she flicked the lighter, she realized what she had done.

“I… was talking with my cousin outside of my home when I flipped a lighter and caught my hair on fire,” she said. At the moment of struggle, this young woman didn’t believe she would live to see another day, however, she was a fighter and survived. A helicopter took her to the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital to treat her injuries.

However, she will have to endure a long way of recovery is a long one, but with the <a href="" target="_blank">power of music</a>, she already feels better! Although, the physical therapy is excruciating, Markeyla’s’ faith in God, and her love for music have helped her get through the trauma. She suffered severe burns and lost all of her hair, however she is beautiful inside.

In this clip, Nicole Camp, a music therapist at UAB, plays songs for Williams on the guitar, trying to cheer her up and distract her from her pain. Watch as she sings along while a therapist is giving her the necessary treatment, instead of complaining she sings and smiles. Her joy is infectious, indeed!

“Everybody has just been so sweet to me,” Williams said in a video on Facebook, speaking of the hospital staff at UAB. “If God just survived me from that, the least I can do is to keep my head up high,” she said. We truly hope Markeyla makes a full recovery from this traumatic event, and keeps her positive attitude all along. Truly inspiring story!

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You may not have known that the Internet was first conquered by cats: a lazy cat, an angry cat, a cross-eyed cat, a brave cat… Remember the hero cat who saved the little boy from a dog attack? Of course, we all do! Kitty cats were on the all-star list of Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Photos, videos, memes, gifs, whatever you could possibly imagine to share online was instantly gaining immense popularity! Entire audiences of admirers and subscribers started to gather and expanded. And how did our dogs leg behind in this pet-craze? They actually did not! Dogs confidently began to catch up with the mustachioed mousers. And not only catch up, they even started overshadowing their popularity, and all because of excellent representatives of the canine population, just like the one you can see in our video. Go, go dogs!

This is why we decided to tell you a story of this amazing dog. This is Nono, the French Bulldog. He is pretty much the best foster dad around. He has raised as many as 17 kittens without batting a lash. You will never find a prouder foster dad than Nono the French Bulldog. He has had a hand (er, paw) in raising six litters of foster kittens! Watch the video at the top of the page!

The kittens were too young to be placed in a shelter and wait there for their adoption, so Nono has now taken the role of the caring father until they are big and strong enough to be taken in by human families. He might have had a bit of touch and go with the tiny mousers at the beginning, but after successfully managing six <a href="" target="_blank">litters</a>, he is now a pro.

French Bulldogs are renowned for their tenderness and tact when dealing with little children, but now, thanks to Nono, we know that they can be extremely good with <a href="" target="_blank">kittens</a> as well. Watch how gentle end tender he is with the little ones, devoting each an equal proportion of love and attention, just like a caring mother would. And he is only a pooch himself!

Being such a good foster dad, he teaches the little rascals on how to chew on stuff, like soft stuffed toys, and play peek-a-boo from inside an empty cardboard packaging (we intentionally used a euphemism, mentioning the word “box” can be the cause of spirited reactions amongst the feline population). And like any caring mom cat would do, he is licking them when they have made a mess of themselves, even though hairballs do not go down well with dogs. But the best part is when humans adopt his kittens. He can proudly say that they were raised right because he did it himself. Way to go Nono!

You should think about adopting a shelter kitty yourself because they also need homes and can give you and your family loads of love.

If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below. And remember: dogs rule!

While the crowd waited to see sons and daughters receive their high school diplomas, a son waited to see his father cross the stage to receive the diploma he put on hold 47 years ago in order to serve his country. The U.S. <a href="" target="_blank">army veteran</a> is sitting in his cap and gown among hundreds of graduating high school seniors. He is receiving his high school diploma, too. Roberto Garza dropped out of high school in 1971 to serve his country. He always wanted to finish high school, but didn’t think he could because of his age. With the help of his son, Roberto had the chance to fulfill a life-long dream. After the retirement, he expressed his deep desire to earn diploma to his son. Even though they were unsure about the chance of getting admission in school, his son searched and learned that his father is eligible to return to high school since he dropped out to serve his country during a time of war. Thus after 47 years of gap he still could get back to his former high school to earn his diploma.

“One day we were at the dinner table, and he says, ‘hey son, I want to... how do I get my diploma? I want to go back to school’… And I said, well, let me research it…”. Texas Education Code says that: …” a school district may issue a high-school diploma to a person who left school… to serve in war formally declared by the United States.” Roberto was able to complete his high school education at the same high school where he had started it 47 years earlier. “Everybody here sees their kids. I get to see my dad. It’s just awesome. There’s no words for it. I am really excited. To see the man that raised me. He helped me with everything, now to see him go through this...It’s just amazing”.

All forty members of his family traveled from across Texas to see Roberto graduate in the class of 2018. Despite the excitement and his achievement, Roberto thinks of his parents who didn’t get to see him graduate high school. Roberto wishes for his dad to be there with him, he would have loved it. He wants to study law and become a Texas Peace Officer, something he says his dad would have wanted. He smiled <a href="" target="_blank">through tears</a> to receive his school diploma after 5 decades of gap. This proud veteran from Texas made a remarkable milestone and the happy event is worth watching! The heartwarming video shows the proud veteran is receiving his graduation along with hundreds of teenage students with the class of 2018. The happy veteran was seen struggling to control his tears of happiness, and more than 40 of his family members were there in the stands to cheer and applaud his great achievement and his son felt it so awesome. <a href="" target="_blank">The poignant moment</a> left Garza’s son bursting with pride. Sometimes life has a surprising twist, that’s what makes it so exciting, isn’t it?

In 1996, his family fled Syria. In 2001, he arrived in the U.S. and started washing dishes. Now, he&apos;s a heart doctor, helping others.

Baby Ayla and her mom have two very different reactions to her hearing for the first time.

Without a second thought, this Army veteran left his mail truck and ran toward a burning building.

He was cleared of any fault in the accident, but still couldn’t forgive himself for what happened to the little boy.

A heartwarming video has emerged featuring the impressive singing talent of one elderly custodian. Namely, this high school’s custodian took the stage at the graduation ceremony and blew everyone away with his rendition of the national anthem. Amazing!

Thurman Carthen gives a wonderful rendition at the Galena High School graduation ceremony, performing in front of a high school crowd, singing the national anthem. This high school custodian vowed everyone present and took the Internet by storm with his angelic voice. Truly inspiring!

This 65-year-old high school custodian should definitely sign up for a talent show since his singing skills are truly impeccable. Watch as he delivers a beautiful rendition of the national anthem during a <a href="" target="_blank">graduation ceremony</a> at Galena High School, leaving students in awe!

There is no doubt that sometimes the most talented people are the ones we cross paths with on the streets, in the halls of our workplaces, or at the grocery stores without having a clue, and in this case, the hidden star was discovered at the premises of one high school building. Meet Thurman Carthen, who has been a custodian at Galena High School in Reno, Nevada, for thirteen years, but will be remembered by locals for a long time. At first sight, he might look like the average citizen to most of you, but this 65-year-old man possesses real talents!

Reportedly, he uses his angelic voice to sing at the First Baptist Church of Black Springs on Sundays. In addition, he also takes time to pay respect to students and staff singing them “Happy Birthday” on their special day.

He was asked by the Galena students to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” for their 2018 graduating class. Watch his jaw-dropping performance of the <a href="" target="_blank">national anthem</a> at this year’s high school graduation ceremony. How adorable!

Being retired, Carthen gave his grace to students and fellow colleagues by accepting to sing at their wonderful occasion, expressing how much it would mean to him to have that honor to perform at their special event. “This is a great way to end my career,” he commented. “I mean, I help the kids hang up their banners and stuff, but this was really something,” he continued.

When he starts singing, you can't help but get goosebumps as the crowd greets him with loud cheers. There’s no backup required, this man’s voice sings for itself, resulting into a truly remarkable performance! What a perfect way to send off the graduating seniors in style!

There's something about people singing at ceremonies with all their might that touches a special place in our hearts. In this clip, an elderly man with a voice of an angel and passion of a child blew our mind! Who else could listen to this talented man all day?

Have you ever witnessed an elderly man singing so dramatically on stage, pouring his hearts out for the audience to enjoy his true soul? The stunning <a href="" target="_blank">performance</a>
had us in stitches and gave us goosebumps. Simply amazing!

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A family of Canada geese got marooned on Interstate 580 in South Reno on Wednesday, May 23, 2018. They were helped to safety by law enforcement.

This interracial family is trying to get Blue Bell Ice Cream’s attention: The flavor “The Great Divide” could use a new name.

In a moment that briefly should restore all of our faith in humanity comes an incredible act of sportsmanship at a high school game in Minnesota.

A routine doctor’s visit turned into her parent’s worst fear. Five long and painful years later, see the moment they got the best news of their lives.

Sadness, anticipation, hope….all feelings ahead of hearing your child’s heart beat in another person’s chest.

We should overwhelm those voices with the commendation of confirmation – expressions of excellence, truth, and love that each person needs to hear, yet additionally needs to hear frequently. Have you told someone today, how beautiful they are, how strong they are, how much you learn from them and want to spend time with them? Every person needs to be cherished and be valued! And we should them tell them good words every day!

Thankfully, words of affirmation were invented just so that you could express your love beautifully in simple words. So, this mom together with her daughter goes through these words of beauty, love, and compassion that everybody wants to hear more often.

This sweet little baby unquestionably knows how to begin her day off on the right foot. Simply tune in as her mother manages her in some day by day mantras that will really move you. This tot is so eager to kick her day off and she's yelling it so anyone can hear for everybody to hear.

Her mother asks her to repeat a few words of affirmation. “I am strong” says the toddler. “I’m brave”! I am healthy! Her mother also asks her: “Can you say I am beautiful?” She says ‘I am beautiful’ with the biggest smile on her face! “Can you say I am patient?” her mom asks again. “I am patient and I am loved”! says the girl. In the end, her mom says ‘I love you’ and the girl gives a heartwarming ‘I love you’ back to her mom. This is one adorable video and a ritual we should all do in the morning before work, school, big exam or whatever can make us feel stronger, happier, more confident and of course the happiest. Smoothies and self-esteem, how we should all start our mornings.

This is such an incredible reminder, to the point that in the event that we begin with a decent state of mind, at that point the rest will become alright. We could all take a sign from this little help and begin our days off with a touch of satisfaction.

She has such energy in her life that it's no <a href="" target="_blank">big surprise</a> she has a major smile all over. Her vitality is infectious and now we have an enormous smile all over as well. How might you not smile when this little cutie is driving us in some genuinely necessary motivation for our day.

Confidence is vital in light of the fact that it intensely impacts individuals' decisions and choices. At the end of the day, confidence serves a motivational capacity by making it pretty much likely that individuals will deal with themselves and investigate their maximum capacity. Individuals with high confidence are additional individuals who are persuaded to deal with themselves and to tenaciously endeavor towards the satisfaction of individual objectives and yearnings.

We know that this girl will <a href="" target="_blank">grow up</a> in a confident and smart girl that will make this world better with her big personality and her big confidence!

Brave and lovable military dog Febe was honored before being euthanized due to aggressive cancer of the bladder and pancreas.

Life works in mysterious ways. You can not predict the outcome of a single day of your life, same as you won’t ever be able to predict the weather. You can count and measure, make assumptions based on gathered knowledge on the matter, but the ending might be completely contrary to what you might have come up. If people had the ability to foresee the future, what fun would life be? It would become so bland that you won’t ever be excited about tomorrow. The days would blur into one and the thrill of life would be no longer existent.

This footage shows us exactly why it’s good to have that little bit of uncertainty in your life. It is the spice you very well needed in your life and makes the ride worthwhile. A veterinarian decided to come and watch a <a href="" target="_blank">Major Baseball League</a> game between the Detroit Tigers and the Los Angeles Angels. What she expected to happen was to watch some quality ball, while her favorite team wins and leave the venue happy. But in reality, that’s not how things turned out to be. Midway through the game, the players and the audience were a bit preoccupied in catching a Canadian goose that was having a grand time tiring out the players on the field. It wouldn’t stop running and it couldn’t find the way out. After a few rounds around the stadium, the magnificent bird took momentum and flew up. Unfortunately for the bird, it mistook the giant screen for a way out and hit it beak on. The poor bird then collapsed on the bleachers and couldn’t fly up.

Thankfully, one of the attendees was a veterinarian who managed to catch and secure the bird, taking it out of the stadium with her. Catherine took the bird home that night, giving it water and a bit of spinach. She later took the bird to be checked out, but there were no injuries. As a thanks for handling the distressed goose, Catherine got to throw the ceremonial first pitch.

The <a href="" target="_blank">Canada goose</a>, also known as branta canadensis is a type of wild goose with a black head and neck but otherwise light body. The name branta canadensis derives from the latinised version of the Old Norse word for burnt goose - branta, and the additional Latin word canadensis meaning ‘from Canada’. This is one bird that migrates a lot, although it is native to the North American continent, it can also be found in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, and the Falkland Islands. The goose is usually found near a body of water, preferably fresh. The sleek black neck feathers and the proud poise of this bird make it one truly magnificent specimen of nature.

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He left his wheelchair behind for the adventure of a lifetime.

The Troy Police Department just hired the purrfect recruit.

Even in traffic, this boy could not sit by and watch this woman struggle to climb stairs with her walker. He had to help.

The Troy Police Department just hired the purrfect recruit.


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