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Staff Sgt. Steve Batista was serving in Afghanistan for the United States Marine Corps and hadn't seen his son in over a year. With help from his wife, and the baseball team, he was able to tell his son he was finally home in the best way.

This sailor's daughter is singing her heart out for America.

This Navy brother and his sister keep in touch by pranking one another. So, of course, his homecoming was anything but boring.

USA TODAY Sports' Michael Middlehurst-
Schwartz breaks down the game of the newest San Francisco 49ers: Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa.

He stepped off the bus to the best birthday party of his life.

This busy bus driver saw someone stuck on the train tracks. She had to do something.

Many of us have a song that moves us to tears. For this little girl, it's a song her mom made just for her.

This 911 dispatcher got an unusual call. She chose to respond with empathy.

No, we didn’t speed up the video. This is actually how fast this boy crochets.

Being a dad means sometimes you just have to play along.

A 6-year-old girl with cancer had her biggest dream come true after being sworn in as an honorary officer of the Freeport Police Department in Texas.

When he heard the man hadn't eaten all day, Sergeant Joseph purchased two lunches.

Babies give the best hugs.

She met little Charlie in the checkout lane and knew they had an unspoken bond.

She spent her Naval career breaking barriers. Now the female pilots who came after her are thanking Captain Rosemary Mariner in a historic way.

Firefighter Mike was the only one who knew how to speak to this boy.

The first time he saved her life, he had no idea who she was. Three years later, he's saving her life again.

There’s nothing like the relationship between mommy and baby.

Norwegian comedian, Orjan Buroe entertained his four-year-old son, Dexter, with a “Frozen” performance in their living room in Ski, Norway.

She never saw his marriage proposal coming and vowed to get him back one day. By the look on his face, it seems like they're even!

Watch with caution. These moments are going to make you sob.

This blessing of normalcy makes prison a little less scary for kids visiting their mom or dad.

We’re grateful for every moment we live and breathe, but these moments show us the true power of kindness from one person to another.

Minutes after this woman was told that “God can work miracles,” her miracle walked through the door.

He was just looking for a warm place to stay on a cold night. But she couldn't go home not knowing if he was okay.


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