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Janine lived 42 years never knowing she had a sister, until a DNA test changed everything.

The baby was screaming and needed to be fed. Only one person on the Philippine Airlines flight was in a position to help.

A Georgia assistant high school football coach pulled off his personal ultimate proposal thanks to a hands-on assist from his players. Nafis Pickett proposed to his girlfriend on November 2, enlisting the help of each of the team’s seniors.

Baby giggles are contagious.

Kindness CAN be passed on. :

Calling anyone who had a blankie growing up. No one needs a blankie more than kids in the hospital.

This paralyzed diver marks each birthday with a nerve-racking high dive. This year, he did a second dive that had us on the edge of our seats.

These kindergarteners are just learning to read, but managed to learn how to sign something very special for their school’s custodian.

A hospital brought them together as kids, their hearts reunited them as adults.

He saw a man who’s homeless and just couldn’t walk away.

She could barely stand when she heard his voice on her wedding day.

He’ll always remember the handwritten notes in his lunchbox as a kid. He’s recreating that feeling by writing 600 notes to the kids in his school.

This young woman was confronted by a race official just miles from the start of the Boston Marathon.

She spends 20 hours creating handmade masks for her smallest patients. It's this personal touch that gives each child a big dose of bravery.

They evacuated to an unfamiliar place to get out of the hurricane's path. They never expected they reaction the got when they arrived.

Many people avoid eye contact and drive by. But when Jason drives up, they know the next few hours will be full of dignity and kindness.

16 years ago, a 7-year-old girl wrote a letter that brought a man to tears. Now, he finally has the chance to meet her.

Growing pains we experience in middle school can feel like there's nowhere to turn. Staff members gave these kids an option.

She got a message at 2am and dropped everything. Her former student needed her help.

Skylar wasn’t walking by her first birthday, but Mom and Dad never gave up hope. And their baby girl

“Do you want to help me?” These six words led to a “miracle in action."

On the night before her wedding, she met her flower girl. Someone she had never met before, but already deeply loved.

This toddler's athletic form is on fire

A dad expressed so much joy at his baby’s good news that he got the attention of an R&B superstar.

5-year-old Garrett's dying wish was for his family to have a good time at his funeral. They answered with bouncy houses.


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