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This Army Mom says her kids are little superheroes because of how resilient they are while she serves.

She froze when she locked eyes with her Army dad. She hadn't seen him in nearly a year.

The most incredible moment of this wedding day started at the top of the aisle.

When mom is thrilled you’re home, but she wanted to be the first one to see you.

Every day, people go to this hotel and anonymously pay for another man's room.

Army Captain Gross has three pit stops to make to visit kids who’ve missed him very much.

You can hear in her voice just how much she missed her Navy brother.

There’s only one surprise gift that would be better than cookies...

This big fur-ball wasn’t so sure who this soldier was at first. But it’s adorable to see the exact moment he figures out it’s his dad.

Our ears may be bleeding, but our hearts are full for this reunited family.

This soldier's mom couldn’t care less if her son is embarrassed. He's going to get this short-armed hug!

We love having our men and women, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters home…but there’s something SO good about a surprise homecoming.

This little boy’s reaction to his aunt’s homecoming is so adorable, we can’t help but laugh along with him.

While looking for resources to help his war-related PTSD, Cody found horses who were in as much pain as him. They’re slowly healing one another.

As we count our blessings this holiday season, we can’t forget how thankful we are for the service men and women who fight for our country.

Her mom had no idea what to expect when a large, brightly wrapped present was carried into the family restaurant.

Not every soldier is in on the surprise homecoming plans. This time, the surprise was on him.

We expect big things from Santa’s magic, but how quickly he makes this Christmas wish come true…really takes the cake.

Out of all the presents wrapped under the tree, this one actually looks like the one they wished for

This girl thought her soldier dad was still in Nepal, but then she recognized where he was standing in their video call.

A traffic stop worth waiting for.

This time, the soldier's family had a surprise in store for him instead.

This girlfriend just got a million brownie points for helping her Airman pull off this homecoming for his mom.

The look on her face is priceless. [desktop] She can't stop the tears when she sees her Airman walking across the room.

There was only one thing that could make this Disneyland trip better: spending it with his dad.


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