Posterized video of something coming from the sky right before the explosion in Nashville, TN, 25 December 2020 0630CT.

The Mississippi and Kaskaskia Rivers are very low right now. This is a short video from the confluence of the two.

This is a useful knot for anchoring to an object.

We replaced a light fixture today but first we had to drain 17 gallons of water from it.

The MSM is and has been constantly lying. Don't buy into it.

Thumbnail from Creative Commons: "TV" by kevin dooley is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I'm amazed by how many people don't know how to tie simple knots.Books can show you how, but rarely do they show the simple way.

One of these is the book way. One is the simple way.

Asb acquaintance's take on what would happen if they decide to defund cops.

This is humorous.

Cover photo is from https://patriotretort.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/DEFUND-THE-POLICE.jpg

Please tell me why we still have shortages!

Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

I discuss 2 different occasions where people have come to me to say that I had encouraged them when I had no conscious intentions of doing so.

A sheep festival we attended recently with a working dog exhibition, sheep shearing, wool spinning and weaving.

Views of the Mississippi from Chester bridge, Chester courthouse and Fort Kaskaskia.

How I made natural wood stain that cost me absolutely nothing.

Why pay an arm and a leg for a degree that you may or may not get to use?

Some thoughts on how liberals look at things vs. the way I do.

Why your hive may stink in the fall. Also footage of hives during August, 2017 eclipse.

Draining a pond and catching prawns for a feast next weekend.

September 23, 2017


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