Cosmic Samurai hurts Toonami's ratings. Dragon Ball Super and Attack on Titan do not fare well. Will the Attack on Titan rerun next week hurt the block further?

South Park is back with a new special that will air on March 10th. Will Randy pay for his crimes? Will Mr. Garrison do Qanon things?

Attack on Titan will run a rerun episode March 6th due to the winter weather in Texas. That is where Funimation dub stuff happens. Toonami did not have a good ratings night last Saturday with Dragon Ball Super cratering.

Attack on Titan equals Dragon Ball Super's rating for the week. The rest of Toonami steadily loses viewers. Are you excited for Food Wars coming back in a couple of weeks?

There is some recent controversy regarding what constitutes an anime fan. I then go on a rant about cringe Steven Universe and Danganronpa fans.

Food Wars is cooking up a new season on Toonami, February 27th at 1AM. What fan favorite had to leave the block to make room?

Dragon Ball Super leads Toonami to a good night for ratings. SAO ends on a relatively high note, and Black Clover is back next week.

Black Clover will be ending after episode 170. The anime has caught up to the manga it seems. 34 episodes left to air on Toonami.

Toonami had a horrible night in the ratings with Dragon Ball Super and Attack on Titan once again underperforming.

Toonami is bringing Black Clover back to the block on Valentine's Day eve at 2 AM! Another show is moving into the spot vacated by Sword Art Online, but what is it?

Which shows did Toonami viewers think were the best shows of the year? How did the fans react to the BLM statement in August? Is Dragon Ball still king? All this and more, in this video!!!

Toonami has an arguably worse week with Dragon Ball Super pulling in a new low. Attack on Titan isn't getting big numbers. However, Fire Force, and Maki's hot abs, are bringing in the highest block numbers. What show should replace Sword Art Online: WotU II on the block?

Pablo Sanchez and the rest of the Red Bombers just came off of taking the B division title last year. They begin their next campaign against the Sea Cows. Can the kids pull through with a season opening win?

Pablo Sanchez leads the Mighty Bombers onto the field to face the Green Boots. Do our heroes emerge victorious and remain undefeated?

Attack on Titan Season 4 is a bust on Toonami. Dragon Ball Super also fails to pick up the slack. Naruto: Shippuden only does okay because of Madara.

Dr. Stone will have a second season, and Toonami will air episodes 7-16 on December 28th.

South Park ends its 23rd season with Christmas Snow. We see the benefits of adding cocaine to your holiday season!


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