US History Lesson - this young fella knows more about the US history than ALL the dems and reps leaders combined.

Vaxx Affected Lady

Capital Instigators - Storming the Capital

Doctor Shows How ALL Masks Fail

Capital Staged Psyop

Two older masked women go absolutely apeshit at 2 young girls.

Truck stopped for check discovers children bound for adrenochrome harvesting.

Oh new experimental vaccines... let me count thy dangerous ways.
Lesson #1 Antibody Dependent Enhancement/cytokine storm/molecular mimicry.

Most of them were peaceful protesters.
Except for the busloads of antifa escorted into the capital by police.

Ashli Babbitt cuts loose

Cops inviting protesters onto Capital grounds.

Ashli Babbitt Murder

NZ lockdown 15th January and this will be for Australia also I believe

Lady Accosted by Maskers in Trader Joe's

Morrison's "Notional" Fire Fund

Fake Meat - Israeli scientists have developed fake meat.

Hospitals Overrun with Dancers.

Prophetic words of an ex elite KGB defector, describes what’s happening

Utopia - The Series
The satanists must show to the world their evil plans before they put them into action.

New World Order in Australia 1970's

Manchester Freedom March

'Every lie will be revealed' Lin Wood joins Trump supporters at 'Stop the Steal' rally in Georgia

Top Scientists Refuse to Vax their Children

Jones Family Assault by Coppers

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney rejects “The Great Reset”


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