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Scientific Mechanisms of the Anti-White Paradigm: Its History and Evolution | Psychology of White Genocide | Like, share, subscribe, and feel free to upload this wherever you want.

Subjects: Parallels between the psychological warfare of The Cold War and Covid-19. The effectiveness of masks. Using Covid-19 for human trafficking. Agenda 2030 tie-in. Importance of working as a group. Seikilos epitaph, 200BC, Greece. Partially re-edited from Camelot Daily with new material included.

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1898: Gustave Le Bon analyzes the impact of race on civilizations. General truths that provide us reasonable explanations on why the modern doctrine of "equality" is, at best, a delusion that will never work, and, at worst, a strategy employed by the elite to lower the genetic quality of the masses in order to make them more docile and easier to control. The multitudinous conflicts and societal breakdowns that we are witnessing today around the world are a direct result of ignoring general truths about race. The doctrine of "equality" is doomed to destroy itself. In the meantime, the State will be forced to enforce belief in this doctrine ever more vigorously. Those whose identity depends upon upholding the "equality" doctrine will be its most zealous enforcers, with the full backing of the modern "equality" State behind them.

Gustave Le Bon, The Influence of Race in History: https://archive.org/details/TheInfluenceOfRaceInHistory
Gustave Le Bon, The Psychology of Peoples: https://archive.org/details/psychologyofpeop00leborich

Charles-Marie Gustave Le Bon was a leading French polymath whose areas of interest included anthropology, psychology, sociology, medicine, invention, and physics. A native of Nogent-le-Rotrou, Le Bon qualified as a doctor of medicine at the University of Paris in 1866. He opted against the formal practice of medicine as a physician, instead beginning his writing career the same year of his graduation. He published a number of medical articles and books before joining the French Army after the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War. Defeat in the war coupled with being a first-hand witness to the Paris Commune of 1871 strongly shaped Le Bon's worldview. He then traveled widely, touring Europe, Asia and North Africa. He analysed the peoples and the civilizations he encountered under the umbrella of the nascent field of anthropology, developing an *Essentialist view of humanity.

*Essentialism: A belief that things have a set of characteristics which make them what they are, and that the task of science and philosophy is their discovery and expression.

00 - Introduction - 11:22
01 - The Soul of Races - 18:12
02 - The Limits of the Variability of the Character of Races - 10:23
03 - The Psychological Hierarchy of Races - 17:51
04 - The Progressive Differentiation of Individuals and Races - 15:29
05 - Formation of the Historical Races - 13:43
06 - The Various Elements of a Civilization Considered as a Manifestation of the Soul of a People - 22:06
07 - How Institutions, Religions and Languages Are Transformed - 24:51
08 - How the Arts Are Transformed - 33:53
09 - How the Soul of Peoples Is Responsible for Their Institutions - 11:42
10 - Application of Preceding Principles to the Comparative Study of the Evolution of the United... - 19:51
11 - How the Modification of the Soul of Races Affects the Historical Evolution of Peoples - 16:22
12 - The Role of Ideas in the Life of Peoples - 30:16
13 - The Role of Religious Beliefs in the Evolution of Civilizations - 11:53
14 - The Role of Great Men in the History of Peoples - 12:16
15 - How Civilizations Fade Away and Die Out - 28:11
16 - General Conclusions - 08:29

Ideological purity is not bad in and of itself. It is good and right to have the ideological purity to hate the corruption of children, Judeo-Marxism, degeneracy, and White Genocide. This is a video focusing exclusively on the life-cycle of Marxist revolution, parallels between the Maoist cultural revolution and the "White Fragility" cult, and how these "revolutions" always turn on themselves in the end. The Anti-White cultural revolution is part of "The Great Reset" plan headed by the World Economic Forum (who features "BLM" on their website and in all of their videos promoting it). It's just one piece of the larger picture. It must be noted that a major difference between the Maoist cultural revolution and the "BLM" movement is that every bank and corporation is openly backing the latter. Banks and corporations have backed revolutions in the past but never this openly. We can predict where things are going by studying things that happened in the past. Don't get discouraged. I know that it feels like the madness will never end, but it will. Every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. That is not just a axiom of physics, it's the nature of reality itself. Embrace the chaos.

The Mannnerbund: Nam and Ahab discuss our current situation, the psychology of struggle, and creating brotherhood in this time of adversity. This podcast has been banned/deplatformed by Anti-Whites. You can keep up with their work through the following links:

Website: https://themannerbund.com/2020/05/31/the-question-of-unity/
Nam's Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_Mannerbund

Ahab's BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/oNuxad8A9VC3/

Full Haus:
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What is unity? Some might consider it oneness, or a totality that combines all parts into one. To others, it is merely an absence of diversity, or unvaried uniformity of character. Descriptors of unity could include concord, harmony, or agreement. What about continuity without deviation or change? Perhaps it is a sense of singleness, or constancy of purpose and action. In short, unity transforms a series of unorganized and independent actions, into a unifying effort bound by guiding principles, and focused toward a collective purpose.

How do groups of men, brotherhoods, or fraternities such as the Mannerbund, attain unity? As we know from my previous articles, the single basic element of a brotherhood is the individual man. How then, does a brotherhood achieve unity when each man who comprises the vetted and sworn membership has free will?

On the one hand, leaders cannot simply dictate unity to individual members. To expect this is naïve. To implement such a strategy is foolish and fraught with pitfalls. On the other hand individual men, no matter their mettle, character, or worth, are not able to force unity from below. They might be able to influence others, but over time that influence will wane for lack of foundation.

To achieve unity, the Mannerbund and its members must work as a team. Ah, but is that not a form of unity? Yes and no. A team is merely a demonstration of cooperation. Time, hardship, pain, suffering, and hard work, are the tools by which a team gains cohesiveness, and at some point, possibly unity. For a tight-knit fraternity to have unity, it requires personal investment and loyalty.

The men of the Mannerbund, and those who would join must invest themselves in the brotherhood. They must do this with body, mind, and soul; and through blood, sweat, and tears. These may seem like catchy words to represent a lofty and esoteric ideal, but they remain true in their most basic sense. Men must work and toil to make their bodies as strong, resilient, and durable, as they can be so they can withstand the hardships that may come. Their minds must be molded and focused on purposeful intent, never wavering. Their souls must be true to their most closely-held beliefs, for these beliefs shape their worldviews, and determine their character. Men might also be called upon to shed blood, sweat, and tears, not only for individual brothers, but also for the Mannerbund and its people as a whole. These are the investments men must make for a brotherhood to be united. Without such an investment, membership is weak, and susceptible to fracturing into the shards of yet another dissident group shattered on the rocks of reality.

Then there is the issue of loyalty. Men must be loyal to the group, which means that no matter what decision leadership makes, that is the Mannerbund position. At this point, all discussion and argument must cease, and the men must remain loyal to the group and its leaders. Also, men must be loyal to their brothers on an individual basis. They must treat their fellow members with both respect and honesty, but remain tempered by tact and love. If problems arise brothers resolve them, and put the issues behind them. There is no room for grudges, anger, or resentment. Finally, men must be loyal to themselves. This means honest assessment and appraisal, through deep introspection. Such a process identifies weaknesses, which are then improved and eliminated. A man who shirks his duty to eliminate personal weakness is a blight on the brotherhood, and has demonstrated disloyalty to himself, his brothers, and his people.

Why are personal investment and cohesion important? To ignore them is to risk disunity, which breeds resentment and fosters disloyalty. Without personal investment, it is very difficult for a man to be loyal, for he has no “skin in the game,” and he has little worth to the brotherhood. Without loyalty, a man is a wild card and a detriment to the well-being of the Mannerbund. Personal investment and loyalty go hand-in-hand, and they form two very basic expectations when vetting a candidate.

Full article: https://themannerbund.com/2020/05/31/the-question-of-unity/

We don't want whites in porn. We don't want whites using porn. We can use 'cancel culture' in areas that are harmful to our people by getting our enemy's own activists to hold them to their own standards: According to the modern day Anti-White dogma, the porn industry is necessarily a 'racist' and 'White Supremacist institution' that must give equal representation to 'POC' if they want to help destroy 'White Supremacy'. Whites only make up 11-12% of the global population but yet are vastly over-represented in pornography. That means we need more POC and less white people in porn. If 'sex work' is so 'empowering', a truly 'Anti-Racist' porn industry cannot let whites participate. Of course if it was up to me I'd end the porn industry all together, but this is the next best thing and a possible first step in destroying it completely. #CancelWhitePorn #PornSoWhite

Correction: This is a quote from Kevin MacDonald on Solzhenitsyn's 200 years together. "One way that Jews aided the Bolsheviks was financially: “... whenever the Bolsheviks showed up and demanded money and valuables, the population obediently handed over millions of rubles and whole stores of goods.” The Whites even rejected some Jewish support because of “the prominent involvement of other Jews on the Red side.” While the White army was originally free of anti-Jewish attitudes, “the situation dramatically changed by 1919” when Jews were seen as the main base of support for Bolshevism, exaggerated by the intense local anti-Jewish attitudes in areas like the Ukraine with a long history of hostility between Jews and Slavs, now exacerbated by the prominence of Jewish support for the Bolsheviks. “The Whites perceived Russia as occupied by Jewish commissars — and they marched to liberate her.”

The fate of the White cause also was sealed because of failure to obtain Jewish support in the West. Solzhenitsyn states unequivocally that “the White Movement was in desperate need of the support by the Western public opinion, which in turn largely depended on the fate of Russian Jewry.” Churchill appealed to Denikin to stop the pogroms, but he also quotes a historian who notes that Churchill feared the reactions of “powerful Jewish circles within the elite.” Jewish elites throughout the West threw their support to the Bolsheviks, aided by idealistic perceptions of “grandiose plans” for a New World under communism.

Solzhenitsyn is scathing in his condemnation of the Western powers: “And yet, the behavior of the former Entente of Western nations during the entire Civil War is striking by its greed and blind indifference toward the White Movement — the successor of their wartime ally, Imperial Russia.” This inaction and indifference led to an incalculable tragedy for Russia.

Both the general sympathy of Russian Jews toward the Bolsheviks and the developed attitude of the White forces toward Jews eclipsed and erased the most important benefit of a possible White victory — the sane evolution of the Russian state.

And because of its long term reverberations in the history of the 20th century, the result was a disaster for all European peoples. The prominent role of Jews in the Soviet government dovetailed not only with the warm welcome by Jews for the Soviet invasion of Poland of 1921, but also with Jewish involvement in revolutionary movements in Hungary and Germany. The result was a deepening of anti-Jewish attitudes, especially in Eastern and Central Europe. A historian comments, “the intensity and tenacity of anti-Semitic prejudice in both the east and the center of Europe was significantly influenced by Jewish participation in the revolutionary movement.” “The fact that the leaders of the suppressed Communist revolts were Jews was one of the most important reasons for the resurrection of political anti-Semitism in contemporary Germany.”

And in Hungary, “While Jews played a ‘quite conspicuous’ role in the Russian and German communist revolutions, their role in Hungary became central…. Out of 49 People’s Commissars there, 31 were Jews.” “Granted, the prime-minister was a gentile, Sandor Garbai, but [Mátyás] Rákosi later joked that Garbai was elected because someone had to sign execution orders on Sabbath days.” As was typical wherever communists gained power, the traditional culture was eradicated: “Statues of Hungarian kings and heroes were knocked off their pedestals, the national anthem outlawed, and wearing the national colors criminalized.”

The Jewish role in Bolshevism and in the abortive revolutions in Hungary and Germany cast a long shadow on later events:

The victory over National Socialism set the stage for the tremendous increase in Jewish power in the post-World War II Western world, in the end more than compensating for the decline of Jews in the Soviet Union. As Slezkine shows, the children of Jewish immigrants assumed an elite position in the United States, just as they had in the Soviet Union and throughout Eastern Europe and Germany prior to World War II. This new-found power facilitated the establishment of Israel, the transformation of the United States and other Western nations in the direction of multiracial, multicultural societies via large-scale non-white immigration, and the consequent decline in European demographic and cultural preeminence...

*Right-click to open links in new window:

FULL BOOK "200 Years Together" in English: https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2017/02/20/english-translation-of-alexander-solzhenitsyns-200-years-together/

Quote from this article: Ch. 16: https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2010/09/12/solzhenitsyns-during-the-civil-war-—-chapter-16-of-200-years-together/

Further reading: Ch. 14: https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2011/05/10/during-1917-chapter-14-of-solzhenitsyns-200-years-together/

Separation is the only way. We cannot allow our children to inherit a living hell where they are the slaves of nonwhites. Relevant to today's events, this video was originally created in '17 for Fash the Nation. Here's their new website: http://dissident-mag.com/category/articles/redpill101/

The first stage to "divide and conquer" was multiculturalism, de-segregation, multi-racialism. The clash is natural, but it's also by design and inflamed by the Jewish-controlled media. Amazing cohencidence that all of these global events just so happen to justify what they already have planned. We have to keep waking our people up. That's what they're concerned about so that's what we should be doing right now.

World Jewish Congress calls for Holodomor 2.0: https://www.bitchute.com/video/j8hAJu4iJ9cg/
Rothschild-commissioned "art" depicting White Genocide: https://nationalvanguard.org/2017/05/paris-mural-artist-depicts-whites-getting-murdered-raped-and-enslaved/

Stanley Plotkin (Jewish) is the godfather of the modern "vaccine" industry. Plotkin is a "vaccine" inventor, patent holder, spokesperson, consultant, and capitalist multi-millionaire who works for all four main "vaccine" manufacturing corporations. The clip included was part of a custody battle between a "non-vax" mother and a "pro-vax" father. Here he admits they chop up human fetuses to create the shots. Watch the video. If you support this you're a sick fuck and part of the problem. Also included is the horribly inaccurate 'takes' from Richard Spencer who's leading those who trust him to accept injections from the same government that's been replacing their people for the past 50+ years.
















"Plague", July 13, 2003 - Directed by: Mike Rohl. Written by: Jeremy Bernstein, Craig Silverstein, Karl Schaefer, Jill Blotevogel
A lot of cohencidences here. Keep in mind: While tens of millions of Americans have lost their source of income as a result of this lock-down, America’s ultra-wealthy Elite have seen their net worth surge by $282 billion in just 23 days.

Moral of the story: Whatever you believe about covid 19, those in power have been thinking about this for years. Whether you think it's real, fake, an accident, a plan.. whatever the case: They've planned for this and as a result they're benefiting from it. We need to be honest about the situation and try to be better prepared for the next thing in the future.

The Dead Zone: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_The_Dead_Zone_episodes

Who's benefiting: https://twitter.com/Henrik_Palmgren/status/1256998536463474689

The official Holocaust narrative is one of the main things used as justification for all the endless injustices being carried out against us. But is it true? Let's find out...

The “gas chamber” in the Auschwitz main camp was massively reconstructed after the war, in order to fit public expectations of a homicidal facility. In fact, it was never more than a standard crematorium and, later, an air raid shelter.

Despite all the public attention today on the main camp, 98% of all alleged Jewish deaths occurred at Birkenau camp (located a few miles from the main camp). But 98% of all tourists see only the main camp, where the story is much easier to control.

Nearly 250,000 Jews are claimed to have been gassed at two Birkenau farm houses, or “bunkers,” despite the fact that these buildings had no logical way of introducing the Zyklon pellets, nor did they have exhaust fans to clear the rooms after gassing. Oddly, we have virtually no tangible evidence of these structures today; only the outline of the foundations remains.

Details of the gassing scheme rely on highly dubious testimony from just a handful of Jewish ex-inmates, and from three captive Germans (Rudolf Hoess, Johann Kremer, and Pery Broad). The Jews had every reason to lie or exaggerate, and the Germans were likely tortured or threatened into saying almost anything their captors wanted.

The most common gassing scheme—Zyklon pellets dumped on top of Jews trapped in ‘gas chamber’ rooms—is ridiculous, because it could not have killed all the people in a timely manner. It furthermore would have been nearly impossible to clean up, with the deadly pellets emitting gas for hours. How could anyone get in there to get the bodies out, without themselves dying?

The ruins of Crematorium #2 today have no obvious candidates for ceiling holes by which the Germans could have dumped in the Zyklon.

Samples of “gas chamber” walls taken by Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolf were chemically analyzed, showing little or no exposure to Zyklon gas.

After the alleged gassings, the crematoria were utterly incapable of burning the bodies at the rate needed. The four Birkenau crematoria could have burned a maximum of around 1,100 daily, and yet the “gas chambers” were allegedly killing, at their peak, 200,000 per month, or some 6,600 per day.

The so-called “Hungarian Operation,” which supposedly gassed the Jews of Hungary, claimed to have killed about 450,000 Jews in just eight weeks during the summer of 1944. This represents nearly half of the total Auschwitz toll, in just eight weeks—in a camp that allegedly gassed Jews for almost three years.

The Hungarian gassing would have required that the Germans burn huge amounts of bodies in the open air, on large log fires—at the rate of 6,000 to 10,000 per day, every day, for weeks on end. This whole concept is both ludicrous and utterly impractical.

Open air fires, and even crematoria smoke, would have been visible from the air. But despite a series of air photos taken mid- to late-1944, none show supporting evidence. As explained below, a few photos show very small open-air burnings, but these are consistent with the incineration of perhaps a few hundred bodies, at most.

Note: Right-click all links to open in separate window

Last Days of the Holocaust: https://national-justice.com/op-ed-last-days-holocaust

Full Documentary referred to in the video - Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth: https://www.bitchute.com/video/W1Qsy9iY93I3/

The Soviet Union used Auschwitz to kill Poles after the war: https://www.thefirstnews.com/article/after-liberation-of-auschwitz-death-camp-stalins-feared-nkvd-used-camp-to-hold-polish-prisoners-10133

Morality of debunking 'Holocaust': https://jan27.org/the-moral-question/

World Jewish Congress and the Holocaust narrative: https://jan27.org/the-hoax-that-wont-die/

How 'the Holocaust' was created: http://inconvenienthistory.com/10/1/5276

Buchenwald: https://codoh.com/library/document/1529/

Holocaust Deprogramming Course: https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/

Holocaust propaganda in popular media: https://jan27.org/gates-of-hell-auschwitz-in-the-popular-media/

Result of siding with Soviet Union against the Germans: http://inconvenienthistory.com/11/3/6903

"Nazi Grandma" Ursula Haverbek between trips to prison: https://www.bitchute.com/video/fyizuauWtJLk/

Soap and lampshade myth (archive) https://web.archive.org/web/20200223162141/https://www.haaretz.com/hblocked?returnTo=https%3A%2F%2Fweb.archive.org%2Fweb%2F20200211192248%2Fhttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.haaretz.com%2Fworld-news%2F.premium-did-the-nazis-really-use-bodies-of-murdered-jews-to-make-soap-1.8523702%3Futm_source%3Ddlvr.it%26utm_medium%3Dtwitter

Why would the National Socialists be developing better delousing agents to stop disease if their goal was to "exterminate Jews"? https://web.archive.org/web/20191023232117/https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/17/science/nazi-ddt-malaria.html

Support Students For Western Civilization: https://www.swciv.com/
Helping SWCIV with this cause helps us all. Consider supporting their efforts and spreading word to your friends and family. As demographics shift, White people will need legal protections. Right now we have none. This is a good first step to build momentum, not just in Canada, but across the West as a whole.
(all necessary links are provided on their website above)

Ending: In nature, each group unites according to its kind. The goal of each is to divide and isolate members of the other in order to defeat it. The victorious group thus increases its ability to gain territory and resources i.e. tools for survival.

Auschwitz as Religion: The Holocaust has become the biggest religion in Europe, overtaking Christianity and taking over Christian symbols, doctrines and practices.

The present belief in the Holocaust is, in effect, a secular religion or “superstition.” Here are some of the ways the “Holocaust” uses similar iconography to Christianity:

CHRIST as the Savior sent to redeem the world is replaced by the “Chosen People” whom God has selected and given the mission to bring Justice and Righteousness to the “Nations” (the Gentiles)

THE CRUCIFIXION is superseded by the alleged “extermination” of the Jewish people as a collective “Messiah,” which is seen as a greater crime (sin) than the crucifixion of Christ (who was only one innocent man vs. 6 million innocent men, women & children, according to Holocaustian thinking)

LAMB OF GOD is expressed in the total innocence of the “victims” of the concentration camps, whose guiltlessness should never be questioned. They are portrayed as being forever herded into “gas chambers” and “open pits” like sheep

SATAN (THE DEVIL) is, of course, the “Nazis” (or Nazism). Forever evil, incapable of good, they are opposed to God’s Plan for his “Chosen Ones” to rule the world. The “Nazis” are portrayed as wanting to rule the world themselves

The PRIESTHOOD is comprised of the Holocaust “historians” who determine the correct dogma (narrative) and explain it to the faithful, under the oversight of major Jewish organizations, eg. World Jewish Congress, B’nai B’rith, and too many others to list

CATHEDRALS AND CHURCHES are the Holocaust Museums and Memorials, such as Yad Vashem, the U.S. Holocaust Museum, the Wiesenthal “Museum of Tolerance,” the Anne Frank House (plus the thousands of smaller ones sprinkled everywhere ). Also included are the former concentration camp sites, for example Auschwitz-Birkenau, Buchenwald and Dachau. These are all places where worship of the “victims” can take place in a protected setting

HOLY DAYS are the various days of “remembrance,” which include Yom HaShoah (U.S. and Israel Holocaust Remembrance Day) 27 January Day of Commemoration for Victims of Holocaust; Anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising and others (some yet to be named)

PILGRIMAGES to the former German concentration camps, Jewish ghettos or wherever Jewish suffering is imagined to have taken place are made in a spirit of reverence and obligation

SAINTS such as Elie Wiesel, Anne Frank, Simon Wiesenthal, Irene Sendler, and Yisrael Meir Lau become semi-mythological beings, and their stories are widely read and believed

PROPHETS are the self-described “eye-witnesses” to the alleged gassings, murders and atrocities whose statements of what they saw and heard cannot be questioned. Eg: Filip Müller, Rudolf Vrba, Kurt Gerstein, Rudolf Höss, Olga Lengyel and others

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Children are taught the basic tenets of the faith from an early age in the schools, and given increasingly more complete indoctrination through upper grades and college level

INQUISITION is carried out by the media, which follows the instruction of the enforcement arms of the Major Jewish Organizations. These enforcement arms include the Anti-Defamation League, the LICRA in France, and even the rogue Jewish Defense League

EXCOMMUNICATION is pronounced against revisionist heretics who won’t repent, leaving them banned and excluded from receiving salvation (sacraments). Their name becomes anathema to those in good standing

LEGAL PROSECUTION OF HOLOCAUST HERETICS is provided for in secular law codes to punish, with stiff fines and prison sentences, any questioning of the Holocaust Religion. Judges in State and Federal Courts are required to enforce these laws in the name of “public order” and protecting the feelings and “physical safety” of Holocaust believers

ZEALOTS, burning with religious zeal for increasing the spiritual reach of the Holocaust, have run the gamut from such diverse types as French existentialist writer Albert Camus to billionaire Ronald Lauder (Estee’s son) to Abe Foxman of the ADL

THE FAITHFUL are what no religion can do without—in this case, the followers, unquestioning believers and consumers of Holocaust propaganda

Deprogramming: https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/
Perpetuation: https://jan27.org/the-hoax-that-wont-die/
Nuremberg: https://codoh.com/library/document/233/
Notes: https://samisdat.info/blog/how-the-jews-defeated-germany
Lauder/Rothschild 9/11: https://bollynbooks.com/9-11-the-lauder-rothschild-connection/
WW2 today: https://www.bitchute.com/video/HuZ54wx4g1k3/

Alex Jones incorporates an amazingly false narrative of WWII into virtually all of his analysis of current events. Countless souls in 'the truth community' have been affected by this particular form of disinformation. Here we examine this narrative and show its many flaws. It's important because WWII and the mythology surrounding "the Nazis and the Holocaust" is central to justifying censorship, oppression, and the implementation of the tyrannical Neo-Liberal World Order. It's also just the right thing to do. The people demonized today are 'the Nazis', but tomorrow, it will be you. That's why it's important to defend this truth now before they start sending people to gulags for it.

The murder of Germans at Nuremberg based on now admitted lies: https://codoh.com/library/document/233/

(Part 1) Book: Michael Collins Piper, Judas Goats: https://www.amfirstbooks.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=16

(Part 2) TDS: https://therightstuff.biz/category/tds/

Subscribe to Holocaust Lies Exposed: https://www.bitchute.com/video/R2n2wZFKfI6a/

Subscribe to codoh: Schindler's List is a work of fiction: https://www.bitchute.com/video/eGXlDNQF0zPN/

United Nations European Brainwashing Project - Poseidon w/ Carlisle: https://www.bitchute.com/video/1zZlSLVkhmxO/
Carlisle's Website: https://researchanddataontopicsthatmatter.com/ (source documents)
Carlisle's YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXBsuEmcXd0

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Note: I believe some if not many of these events are real, but in such cases they have "mass shooting kits" they can apply to any event in order to shape the narrative to their advantage. So there are staged events (where real people probably do die, not everyone is 'in on it'), but there are also real events that happen and "kits" applied that include a pre-scripted motive applied to the perpetrator, a manifesto, and hand-picked interviewees who read the anti-2nd Amendment script. Have you ever noticed almost all of the 'victims' of these mass shootings just so happen to be anti-gun? A lot of amazing coincidences, or there's another more rational and likely explanation as documented in this video.

From MSM sources (likelihood of being in 1 mass shooting) Advice: If you don't want to be in a mass shooting, don't be in a gang. Because most mass shootings are due to gang disputes.

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Who controls porn and human trafficking (WLP): https://www.bitchute.com/video/jPu48RX6mkQD/
Who controls porn (Mark Collett): https://www.bitchute.com/video/ilaJpTSGTMvx/
Psychological effects of pornography: https://redice.tv/news/easy-access-to-online-porn-is-damaging-mens-health-says-nhs-therapist

Porn should be banned along with circumcision and kosher slaughter.

Lyndon Johnson's Jewish lineage: https://www.johndenugent.com/the-jewish-war-on-the-kennedys/lyndon-johnsons-jewish-mother-and-the-1967-israeli-attack-on-the-uss-liberty/
Attack on the USS Liberty: https://redice.tv/news/attack-on-the-uss-liberty
Still believe in 'The Holocaust'? Watch this: https://www.bitchute.com/video/7XLm7IxaYJe1/

This is a documentary largely from 'Al Jazeera' that included Anti-White themes and Pro-Jewish spin which has been edited accordingly so the story can be told without their bias included. For some reason, Al Jazeera felt it was necessary to include in this documentary, their view that 'white racism' was responsible for the black race riots in 1960's America. Shortly thereafter, Al Jazeera tried to downplay Lyndon Johnson's involvement (portraying him as a manipulated stooge) when it's clear that he was complicit. Finally, they also tried to place blame only on the Israeli military hierarchy of that time, when there are many more who should be held responsible. All of that has been excluded from this version so the story can be told by the men themselves without the spin. Feel free to download and use however you want.


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