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Famous 1964 UFO landing similar to US Army whistleblower craft in 2016,
1947 Roswell UFO crash really happened,
Weekly Star Nations news report,
Congressman Tim Burchett interviewed by Shawn Ryan,
Azerbaijan becomes 15th signatory to China International Lunar Research Station project,
Steven Ben-Nur on Hamas attacks on Israel and feedback from a Galactic Federation High Commander,
Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection to be live streamed,
Non-human beings continue to be seen in Peru and are abducting people,
US Army Insiders Missions 2 reaches #1,
Dr Eric Davis debunks claims of successful reverse engineering of UFO craft,
Roundtable discussion of GSIC speakers,
Seymour Hersh on Hamas attacks,
Sasquatch-like creature seen in Colorado,
Ross Coulhart correct about consciousness UFO link.

Ancient aliens visited Earth many millennia ago and genetically modified primitive hominids, according to former aeronautical engineer Mike Bara. In his first interview on Exopolitics Today, Bara discusses how he became interested in the UFO issue and ancient aliens due to his collaboration with veteran researcher Richard Hoagland in the 1990s, which culminated in their jointly authored 2007 book, Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA.

In their book, Hoagland and Bara expose the three main groups running NASA from behind the scenes: Magicians, Freemasons, and Nazis. Bara and Dr. Michael Salla discuss the respective influence of these groups on NASA and how NASA is a front for a secret space program using far more advanced aerospace technologies than rockets. Bara and Dr. Salla next discuss the President Kennedy assassination and how it arose from JFK’s desire to share UFO secrets with the Soviet Union in an effort to shake them loose from CIA control. Finally, Bara expresses his views on David Grusch and what lies ahead with the UAP Disclosure Act for 2023. While he believes UFO disclosure over the next six months to a year is going to be a muddled affair, Bara is optimistic that transformative changes are about to hit our planet.

website is http://mikebara.blogspot.com/

The Roswell UFO Crash and Secret Reverse Engineering at Wright Patterson AFB – Interview with Donald Schmitt

Donald Schmitt was initially skeptical of the truth of the Roswell UFO crash in July 1947, but after interviewing hundreds of eyewitnesses, he became convinced that the incident was genuine and involved an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Eyewitnesses included Walter Haut, the public affairs officer at Roswell Army Air Field, who released the initial news report about the crash of a flying saucer. Haut posthumously confessed that the US Army Air Force had covered up the truth about the extraterrestrial origins of the retrieved craft.

Pursuing the investigative
trail further, Schmitt discovered that the crashed Roswell spacecraft was taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base (formerly Wright Field) for secret reverse engineering projects. He explains how reverse engineering of retrieved alien spacecraft has been a top priority and has involved multiple military and corporate entities. Today, Schmitt is lobbying members of the US Congress to hold hearings on the Roswell and other UFO crash retrieval incidents and to disclose the truth to the American public.

Donald Schmitt is the co-author of seven best-selling books dealing with UFO crash retrieval incidents and reverse engineering facilities.

Many evangelical Christians believe ETs are demons,
Elena Danaan webinar on organization of Galactics and their protocols,
Opposition in US Congress to passage of UAP Disclosure Act,
Congressman Matt Gaetz emerges as a strong supporter of UFO disclosure,
Vol 2 of US Army Insider Missions just released,
New documentary on David Grusch,
US Space Command expands cooperation with international corporations to create a Star Trek future,
Russia’s conventional Space Forces
Scientific American advises social scientists to take the UFO seriously,
New documentary on Elizabeth Klarer’s contacts with extraterrestrials from Proxima Centauri,
Washington Post article on David Grusch reveals CIA agenda,

On July 25, 2020 the New York Times revealed a bombshell report on the US Congress and Pentagon being briefed by an astrophysicist, Dr. Eric Davis, on a corporate run reverse engineering study of a captured off-world vehicle. The report immediately generated international media attention and speculation over links to the famed Roswell UFO crash.
Dr. Davis’ classified briefings can be directly linked to a US Senate Bill requiring the Intelligence Community delivering a comprehensive report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs aka UFOs) within 180 days.
The New York Times story follows an earlier report on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program released in December 2017 that focused on three videos showing US Navy pilots interacting with UAPs during training exercises in 2004 and 2015. The two New York Times stories are linked and involve similar issues and sources, and have transformed the UFO issue into something taken seriously by major media outlets and policy professionals.
The New York Times stories are part of a Deep State plan to unveil a very limited disclosure of the truth behind Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Life. The goal is not so much to inform, but to misinform the general public through a Limited Hangout that keeps the full truth hidden for decades to come.

This is the introduction to the UFO Crash Retrievals & Secret Space Programs  Webinar held on September 30.

To watch a recording on Crowdcast visit: https://www.crowdcast.io/c/ufocrashretrievalstossps or preorder on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ufocrashretreivalstossp


Theories on Faster than Light space travel,
Jack Sarfatti on reverse engineering efforts space time technologies,
Congressional opposition to the UAP Disclosure Act for 2023,
JP Update on returning activation jewel to Atlantic space ark,
Are whistleblowers only revealing unsuccessful reverse engineering programs of UFO technologies,
Michael Schellenberger has spoken to more whistleblowers about classified programs,
Rendlesham Forest UFO witness claims the vehicle came from the future,
Vol 2 of US Army Insiders released on Monday Oct 2,
Webinar on UFO Crash Retrievals held today,
Identifying prominent officials opposing the UAP Disclosure Act,
Excellent primer on how UAP Disclosure Act would be implemented once passed into law,
Some UFO researchers are talking about extraterrestrials living among us,
Dr. Anton Anfalov reveals more on Russia UFO crashes and reverse engineering programs,
Elena Danaan reflects on similarities between Jerry Wills and another Tau Cetian, Val Nek,
Dept of Energy puts up its own UFO documents website.

Russia has retrieved dozens of alien spacecraft during the Soviet and post-Soviet eras and taken recovered technologies to select aerospace facilities for research and development. In his third Exopolitics Today interview, Dr. Anton Anfalov discusses several additional cases of Soviet UFO crash retrieval operations and two of the top secret facilities to which they are taken. The first facility is under the Tyuratam missile test range, which is adjacent to the famed Baikonur Cosmodrome that was constructed in 1955. He claims that Baikonur was a diversion from the more important underground facility at Tyuratam.

The second facility is under the Taganay National Park, which is located in the Ural Mountains. The Taganay facility was completed in 1991, which coincided with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The Taganay Urals base is today Russia’s premier facility for studying retrieved alien spacecraft and for constructing reverse-engineered vehicles. The Taganay Urals facility uses an abandoned underground tunnel system built by an ancient civilization or extraterrestrial visitors.

Dr Anfalov discusses some of the meetings held between Soviet/Russian leaders with different groups of extraterrestrial visitors, and US and Soviet space cooperation that began during the Nixon administration. He also talked about what may be a buried oval shaped space ark buried in Siberia and other possible arks in the Kherson/Crimea regions.

In mid-September 2023, JP was part of a joint mission to return an activation jewel taken from the Atlantic Space Ark earlier in July 2023. He described how five Nordic extraterrestrials handed off the jewel to JP’s team of four special operators after it had been returned by them. Four of the Nordics joined JP’s team as they descended into the space ark from a donut-shaped naval surface ship.

After it had been taken from the space ark, the jewel had been used to activate ancient technologies around the world. Once again, JP described the deep emotions of sadness and happiness created by the jewel, which affected all members of the joint team including the four Nordics. After completing the mission, JP said the ark had begun moving and would soon detach itself from the elevator shaft connecting it to the naval surface ship. JP was told the space ark was now on the move and was expected to rise into space with the approach of a new Atlantic hurricane.

For more interviews, articles, photos & videos involving JP, visit: https://exopolitics.org/jp-articles-photos-videos/

For Volume 1 of US Army Insider Missions, which features JP’s missions, visit: https://exopolitics.org/us-army-insider-missions/


Germany signs Artemis Accords,
Jerry Wills and ET Baby drop offs to be discussed at the Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection,
More on Russia’s UFO crash retrievals and reverse engineering projects,
Biosignature found on exoplanet but NASA declares it will take a year to confirm,
US Presidents and UFOs presentation from 2021,
John Greenewald taking an unbalanced approach to David Grusch FOIA info,
Sept 30 Webinar Trailer,
Scientific American sets out to become a new UFO gatekeeper,
orb UFO causes USAF jet to malfunction,
laser weapons deployed by conventional military services,
US Customs and Border Patrol’s data dump of UFO document and videos.

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This is the trailer to the Sept 30 webinar: "From UFO Crash Retrievals to Present Day Secret Space Programs." To register & more info visit: https://www.crowdcast.io/c/ufocrashretrievalstossps

Many thanks to Jas Marlin for creating this inspiring video, and to Angelika Whitecliff for assisting in the narration.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

In his second Exopolitics Today interview, Anton Anfalov, Ph.D., explains critical military research facilities used by the Soviet Union in studying retrieved alien spacecraft and extraterrestrial entities. These research facilities include a multilevel underground facility at the M. M. Gromov Flight Research Institute located next to the current Zhukovskiy airport complex; a Top Secret research facility inside an enormous cavern system in the Ural mountains first built by extraterrestrials; and Novosibirsk aviation plant in Eastern Siberia. He also discusses secret meetings and agreements between extraterrestrials and leading Soviet/Russian authorities dating back to 1954. He states that Nordic-looking extraterrestrials have been helping the Putin Administration with advanced technologies.

Anton Anfalov, Ph.D., was born in the city of Sverdlovsk in the Soviet Union in 1972 and spent decades living in Crimea before his recent departure to Canada due to the intensifying Ukraine conflict. In the mid-1980s, he became interested in the UFO phenomenon after the Soviet Union first relaxed its stringent secrecy policies during the glasnost era and the subsequent Presidency of Boris Yeltsin.  Dr. Anfalov has interviewed hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian whistleblowers and been given documents on the UFO phenomenon dating back to the early post-World War II Soviet era. He has gained much knowledge about UFO crash retrieval operations in the Soviet Union and Russia; learned about ancient underground tunnels built by extraterrestrials that the Kremlin repurposed for deep underground military bases; multiple UFO crash retrieval cases: meetings and agreements with extraterrestrial civilizations; and the existence of a Russian secret space program.

Topics discussed:

Space Warfighting Architecture,
Another David Grusch sit-down interview,
Elena Danaan Interview on the Anunnaki, Maui and Assassination,
Predicted Storm Activity on Mars,
Super Earth with ocean and atmosphere,
Sol Foundation,
International lawyer perspective on the UAP Disclosure Act for 2023,
Non-human mummies presented before UFO hearing,
Dani Henderson interview on new book and GSIC conference,
Inside the Nibiru mothership,
NASA releases UAP Report and holds a press conference on need for better data,
NASA Administrator declares no evidence of ET life and dismisses UFO conspiracy theories,
Nick Pope on UAP report,
House of Representatives will hold another UFO hearing,
Mark McInerney becomes NASA UAP Director,
Prospects of Space Cooperation between China and US look dim,
Tim Burchett reveals UFO cover up by Intel Community Inspector General

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At only a few months of age, Dani Henderson began a remarkable lifetime of direct experiences with angels, demons, and aliens. These different entities appeared in physical form to her due to her highly developed clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities, which enabled her to interact with them directly. These encounters included contact with a highly evolved extraterrestrial called Annax, who first appeared to her when she was only a few months old. Henderson’s advanced psychic abilities, however, also made her a target of demonic entities, including shape-shifting extraterrestrials that viewed her as a threat to their long-term interests.

In her new book, Angels, Demons and Aliens, Henderson discusses her lifetime of experiences with different kinds of entities, and the blessings and personal tragedies that have occurred as a result. In her second Exopolitics Today interview, she discusses key episodes from her book, including discovering different extraterrestrial contactees with whom she has had past-life connections. Finally, Henderson discusses multiple speakers presenting at the upcoming Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection conference that she has organized from October 20-22 in Orlando, Florida.

More conference info at: GalacticSpiritualInformers.com

Elena Danaan continues to have face-to-face contact with different extraterrestrial visitors including representatives from the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Enki/Ea faction of the Anunnaki, who provide her with real time intel on Earth and space affairs. In this update, she discusses the physical and character assassination attempts against her as a result of intel she shared from Enki/Ea and Thor Han Eredyon about the Deep State’s recent use of stealth satellites equipped with Directed Energy Weapons.

Danaan explains how a disclosure plan presented to General Glenn VanHerck by Thor Han is being gradually implemented despite pushback from the Deep State, and how David Grusch is playing a critical role in this plan. Finally, she responds to questions from Dr. Michael Salla about the possibility that Evangelical Christians have been gaslighted into believing genuinely benevolent human-looking extraterrestrials will be part of a great deception of humanity.

Topics discussed:

·      Starting Diplomatic Relations with ETs,
·      JP Update on Dead and Awakening Giant,
·      Tachyons used in space travel,
·      Joe Rogan interview on David Grusch and unsuccessful reverse engineering projects,
·      Space Force mission statement and Full Spectrum Dominance,
·      Russia’s history of UFO crash retrieval programs Secret Space Program,
·      Video on Sumer’s Eridu Genesis text,
·      UAP Caucus launched in US Congress
·      New Webinar on transition from UFO crash retrievals to secret space programs.

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Anton Anfalov, Ph.D., was born in the city of Sverdlovsk in the Soviet Union in 1972 and spent decades living in Crimea before his recent departure to Canada due to the intensifying Ukraine conflict. In the mid-1980s, he became interested in the UFO phenomenon after the Soviet Union first relaxed its stringent secrecy policies during the glasnost era and the subsequent Presidency of Boris Yeltsin.

Dr. Anfalov has interviewed hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian whistleblowers and been given documents on the UFO phenomenon dating back to the early post-World War II Soviet era. He has gained much knowledge about UFO crash retrieval operations in the Soviet Union and Russia; learned about ancient underground tunnels built by extraterrestrials that the Kremlin repurposed for deep underground military bases; the capture in 1965 of several Praying Mantis Insectoids from the Inner Earth; and the existence of a Russian secret space program.

In the first of a series of Exopolitics Today interviews, Dr. Anfalov explains how he learned about Soviet and Russian secrets about extraterrestrial visitors and Inner Earth Civilizations. He asserts that the current administration of President Vladimir Putin has adopted Soviet-era KGB policies of strict secrecy and that prospects of official disclosure by Russian authorities are dim. His testimony, therefore, provides rare insight into the secret history of the Soviet Union and Russia interacting with visiting extraterrestrial life and Inner Earth civilizations, and reverse engineering captured UFO technologies.

JP, who continues to serve in the US Army, was part of a ten-man multinational mission to an underground temple, which was accessed through a portal doorway located under a military installation. He described the Temple he visited as inside a large underground cavern, and it consisted of four white marble pillars, beyond which was a large sarcophagus. Inside was an approximate 12-foot red-haired giant who appeared to be dead and in a state of decomposition. He was surrounded by beautiful jewelry consistent with his status as a noble or king.

JP’s team was first joined by another ten-man team that accessed the temple through a portal in Brazil. Communication occurred in Portuguese and Spanish. Then, a third ten-man team showed up from Africa, and the personnel communicated in French. After a disturbance affected the temple and sounds were heard from the sarcophagus, the teams withdrew. When JP’s team returned to the sarcophagus, the giant and the jewels were all gone. It was assumed the giant had been resuscitated or resurrected through some temporal technology, but nothing was seen to corroborate this.

JP next gave an update on the discovery of a space ark in the Pacific Ocean in the region south of Japan known as the Dragon’s Triangle. Apparently, China was the first to find the ark and had claimed ownership of it. JP was told that in the near future, he would be part of a mission to the Pacific Space Ark.

The Audiobook version of the first volume of US Army Insider Missions is now available at: https://www.amazon.com/US-Army-Insider-Missions-Underground/dp/B0CG2CHG9T/ref=tmm_aud_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1692576665&sr=1-1

Articles and Interviews featuring JP are available at: https://exopolitics.org/jp-articles-photos-videos/

Topics covered in the Week in Review:

·      Congress and Pentagon power struggle over UFO Disclosure,
·      UFO fleet emerges from Mexico Volcano,
·      Alien entities being seen in Peru,
·      Interview with First Whistleblower on reverse engineering spacecraft,
·      John Lear revelations,
·      Elena Danaan on Prince Ea’s Lahaina Revelations & Assassination Attempts,
·      UAP threat perceptions continue to dominate mainstream news,
·      Interview with LA Marzulli,
·      Pushback on David Grusch testimony,
·      Official UAP website created with intervention by Deputy Secretary of Defense, Kathleen Hicks.

Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/michaelsalla

Exopolitics Today the Week in Review examines continued pushback against David Grusch’s UFO testimony; alien attacks in Peru as prelude to false flag attack; UFOs and the Bible; US Space Command and Artemis Accord signatories take control of the solar system; claims that up to 30 extraterrestrial craft have been retrieved and studied;  personal reflections on the Lahaina, Hawaii wildfire, and more.

Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/MichaelSalla

LA Marzulli has conducted extensive fieldwork around the world investigating evidence of giants being discovered and covered up in the US and elsewhere by powerful organizations such as the Smithsonian Institute. He cites historical texts showing that giants flourished in earlier human civilizations, especially a prediluvian world described in the Book of Enoch. He describes them as being the offshoots of genetic hybrid experiments involving extraterrestrials and early humans.

In his first Exopolitics Today interview, Marzulli discusses how he developed an interest in UFOs after his first sighting at age 12 and how, as an adult, the book The Omega Conspiracy (2008) inspired him to dive deep into ancient and prophetic texts to learn the truth about UFOs. His research into the alien abduction phenomenon, as described by Dr. David Jacobs, has led him to the alarming conclusion that humanity is about to experience a life-changing event involving the appearance of deceptive extraterrestrials involved in a global genetic hybridization program. In the final segment of the interview, Marzulli and Dr. Michael Salla discuss the dynamics between a benign “Galactic Federation” and deceptive “Gray” extraterrestrials playing opposing roles in the global revelations that are about to occur.

Website: https://lamarzulli.net

Stan Deyo was enrolled as a cadet at the USAF Academy but left before graduation to work as a computer programmer and physicist in Dallas, Texas. His advanced knowledge of electrogravitic propulsion systems came to the attention of a Top Secret reverse engineering project of flying saucer technologies headed by Dr. Edward Teller. His electrogravitic system designs led to Deyo being recruited to join the project and also being approached by the FBI to work as an undercover operative. Deyo eventually decided to leave the project and the US for Australia and was recommended for a position in a similar reverse engineering project involving electrogravitics at a highly classified aeronautical project in Melbourne, Australia.

After being interviewed and comparing notes on electrogravitics with Australian project scientists, Deyo refused to comply with overly stringent secrecy provisions. He was also briefed by Australian members of a secretive international control group that shared information on extraterrestrials working directly with multiple nation-states in order to gain underground bases and build advanced spacecraft. Deyo went into hiding to protect himself for knowing too much and survived an assassination attempt.

In 1977, he came out of hiding to feature in an Australian TV documentary “UFOs Are Here’ where he revealed his knowledge of classified reverse engineering projects in the US and Australia. In 1978, Deyo wrote his first book. The Cosmic Conspiracy, which exposed how governments worldwide were cooperating to find, study and reverse engineer extraterrestrial spacecraft. He believes we are on the verge of a great UFO deception involving different factions of extraterrestrials desiring to either manipulate or save humanity.

Stan Deyo’s website is StanDeyo.com

website(s): https://standeyo.com/

Audio book version of US Army Insider Missions released. Australian media begins covering UFOs. Artificial Intelligence and copyright law. Sasquatch are working with benevolent ETs. Update on Peru alien attacks. US Congress requests Intelligence Community Inspector General for info about classified UFO reverse engineering programs, Jeremy Corbell believes UFOs are alien craft and not reverse engineered spacecraft. Curious Space Force connection to Lahaina, Maui fire.

Dr Michael Salla Twitter/X Feed: https://twitter.com/michaelsalla

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, Ph.D., has written three books on exoconsciousness - the critical factor in successfully interacting with extraterrestrial life and technology. In this Exopolitics Today interview, she discusses how her childhood contact experiences with extraterrestrials directly influenced her in later developing the idea of ‘exoconsciousness’; and appreciating its importance in developing latent abilities and achieving one's fullest potential.

Dr. Hardcastle explains how exoconsciousness can be developed by anyone willing to overcome their self-limitations and how some individuals are born with an abundance of exoconsciousness, allowing them to safely interact with alien technologies. Finally, she explains the importance of developing exoconsciousness as an alternative to transhumanism and AI for dealing with all the challenges that confront humanity in the future.

Dr. Rebecca Harcastle Wright’s website is https://exoconsciousness.com

Kewaunee Lapseritis, M.S., became interested in Sasquatch research in 1956 as a 12-year-old when he began reading and contacting scientists about the phenomenon. In September 1979, a Sasquatch and an extraterrestrial telepathically spoke to him, claiming that they had been watching over him since birth. Four years later, later, he had his first face-to-face interactions with Sasquatch and an extraterrestrial, where they revealed the true history of humanity. He learned that Sasquatch predated the human presence on Earth, even though both had been bio-engineered by positive extraterrestrials.

Lapseritis has written two books about his Sasquatch and UFO encounters, and the messages he has received, titled Psychic Sasquatch: The UFO Connection (1998) and The Sasquatch People and Their Interdimensional Connection (2011). He has provided dozens of photographs of Sasquatch appearing to move inter-dimensionally and of UFO craft taken by himself or supporters. Lapseritis's core message about the Sasquatch is that they are a wise, peaceful, and highly psychic species that is looking for open-hearted fearless humans willing to bridge the divide between the Sasquatch and humanity.

Kewaunee Lapseritis website is: https://sasquatchpeople.com/


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