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AGENDA 21 is Here as Promised.
After a leaked government whistleblower letter from the Canadian Prime Ministers office was put out last week and one news source claimed it was false, it just doesn't go away.
More from another source says let's wait until November to see what happens.
Watch the video and make note of the dates.

The media says Biden is way ahead in the polls.
And of course, ones who are asleep believe it.

In an extraordinary turn of events, it appears as though President Donald Trump will have a massive, landslide victory over Joe Biden unless Biden can convince voters that his son and most of the Democratic party members are angels.
Just like four years ago, even more very damning evidence has surfaced that could shatter the Democratic hopes of winning the 2020 Presidential Election and could perhaps end the Democratic party forever.
Google is hiding information because Google is tied in with all this - go to duckduckgo.com for the Truth where nothing is being hidden from you. You will not hear about how vaccines are killing and crippling people around the world. It is all being blocked on Google. As I told you all before ....DO NOT GET THE COVID 19 VACCINE!!
Facebook and YouTube are involved as well and continue to use censorship to hide their association with the Democratic party and the pedophiles.

We have been warning about Agenda 21 for many years but the ones who are asleep have not listened.
By March 2021, Detention camps will be built across Canada to house dissidents, protestors of this Fake Pandemic.
Watch the video and contact the people who can stop this.

Even though I may put up some depressing videos, it's going to bring me great joy to see all these Pandemic Believers go down hard with the coming Stock Market Crash.
We have been trying to tell them about this Fake Pandemic and the TRUTH as to what is going on ...BUT ... they remain Asleep.
It's not that they're really asleep. They can actually see what's happening right in front of their eyes but simply don't want to believe it.
SO I say to those SHEEP ...... hope you got lots of cash out of the bank .... hope you got lots of food stocked up .... hope you got lots of gas and propane stored because you won't be gettin' any from me.
You see, it's all about the money and these greedy billionaires, .... not the Virus which has a survival rate of 99.8 %
Oh, and When you're jumpin' off that 30 story building or flinging yourself in front of that oncoming bus or train, just remember one thing before leaving this earth - YOU WERE WARNED!

Donald Trump was prescribed a similar treatment when he was diagnosed with the Virus and felt better in just 24 hours after his first treatment.
This doctor tells you exactly how it works and says a vaccine is absolutely Not necessary.
Corrupt Health officials and Fascist Politicians are intentionally hiding the TRUTH of this 25 year old treatment approved by the FDA that is 100% effective against Covid 19.
This is Fear Mongering at the highest level and only the weak minded and believers in their corrupt governments and paid off news media will suffer when given the vaccine.
These are the people we call sheep, the ones who are asleep and who would follow anyone with a good Lie instead of getting off their asses to do a little research of their own.

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He tells you exactly what this Fake Pandemic is really all about.
Michel Chossudovsky is an award-winning author, Professor of Economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa, Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal, Editor of Global Research.

The CIA Whistleblower is interviewed moments after releasing damning evidence against Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.
These three are implicated in the murder of SEAL TEAM 6 after their mission which was to kill BIn Laden. But it was not Bin Laden they killed.

There can't ever be a breaking story bigger than this one and with lots of Evidence.
Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been implicated (with substantial PROOF) in the assassination of NAVY SEAL TEAM 6 after they took out Bid Laden, supposedly.
But was it Osama Bin Laden?
Here's the Unofficial Truth breaking right now.
And the American Congress apparently have the documents to prove TREASON.

Ontario MPP Randy Hillier spilling the Beans on this TOTAL COVID BULLSHIT.
The total number of patients with COVID in all Ottawa Hospitals (combined), is TWO.
These politicians and News people need to be rounded up and jailed for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.


Tens of Millions around the world are standing up for their Freedom and marching in protest against this Fake Pandemic and corrupt Politicians.
Thousands of front line doctors, scientists and lawyers take to the streets demanding a halt to this tyranny against humanity.
Soon the entire world will stand up and fight back against these evil, corrupt politicians and chief medical officers who will eventually end up in permanent confinement and isolation.

Detention camps will soon be erected all over Canada and could house tens of thousands of people testing Positive and refusing to follow the New Rules being illegally issued by cowardly Dictator Premiers and Chief Medical officers.
Their hope is to be re-elected with a majority of citizens who are blind to the corruption sweeping the nation.
However, thousands of scientists, doctors and lawyers worldwide are now coming together as a major force against this tyranny and fighting back to regain our Freedom.
DO NOT GET TESTED with a test that was never designed to detect a specific virus.
If you have just a common cold, YOU will test Positive.

If you are a person suffering from pulmonary disorders and are being told to wear a mask, experts say that you are at risk of dying from a heart attack.
The Law clearly states that being told to wear a mask is illegal and goes against your civil rights. You have the right to refuse a face mask.
The cloth mask that people are wearing today gives you absolutely no protection whatsoever and politicians need to be reigned in and jailed for crimes against humanity.
Instead, internment camps are being built to house those who oppose this ruling. We are now living in a Communist world.

Lawyers from around the world have banded together into a Coalition to take this Fake Pandemic and Crimes Against Humanity into criminal court.
This is very similar to the Crimes Against Humanity trials held for the Nazis war criminals after WW2. However, this is much bigger.
The media will continue to lie and politicians will hold firm with their dictatorial crimes but the TRUTH will prevail and those responsible including Gates and Fauci will meet their Waterloo not too far down the road.
There most likely will be another Civil War in America and skirmishes all over the world as the NWO tries to hold on but in the end, they all will be held accountable and Freedom will be restored.
Full video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5XVwPFdbqM

These Corrupt politicians who are believing this Fake Pandemic narrative are responsible for this inhumane and undignified treatment of not only our seniors but everyone on the planet. Jobs lost, suicides, starvation, loneliness .....it's all on the politicians heads.
These dictator like rulers should be rounded up and put in their own isolation chambers and left there alone for months to find out what it's like to have no contact with anyone familiar.
The people will eventually rise up in mass and then watch out.

What do you think was in the envelopes handed out at the Bush funeral? Indictments for Child Trafficking and Pedophilia.
The looks on their faces were priceless.
But this story is about 9/11 and what went down on that fateful day and long before. Hijacked Airplanes were not involved.
Trump knows everything about this lie and says there's no way planes were involved in the Twin Towers collapse.
He's on par to drain the swamp just the way he said he would and everything's being done to eliminate him, including 25 assassination attempts already.
After seven years of research uncovering the Truth, this is a must watch.

Red October is here and a planned food shortage is coming by late October.
Already you are seeing places like Quebec closing its borders allowing no one to come or go and it's only going to get worse as the U.S. election gets closer.
The hospitals everywhere are EMPTY! The Fatality Rate is Basically ZERO!
American Center for Disease Control confirms 0.0054 Fatality rate for SENIORS over 70.

Doug Fords Rule is to follow His Rules which are not the Rules of Canada.
This is quite similar to the Premier of Victoria, Australia who has locked down his State for months under dictatorial rule while the American Center for Disease Control (CDC) admits that Covid -19 is just a mild flu with 0.0003% fatlality rate.

Florida Governor Ron Desantis has reopened his State 100% and has cancelled all mask fines.
As the Covid myth begins to unravel across the United States, Tennessee, Mississippi and others are following suit.
This could spell the end of this Fake Pandemic once and for all.
Everyone must spread this as the media and politicians will be hesitant to give up on their lies.

The American Center for Disease Control now fully admits that the risk of dying from Covid19 is 1 (one) in 8 Million.
In other words, you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning.

His plan has always been to Kill off '90% of the population even though he says only 10 -15% will be enough'. That's about 1 billion people.
His Plan has never been hidden from the world and it is now being carried out exactly as it was intended to play out.
Half of the population are aware of this evil atrocity and the other half are asleep.
Who will be the heroes to put an end to this nightmare?

Ontario Long Term Care facilities are letting their Seniors die from Starvation and Loneliness.
Ontario MPP Randy Hillier says Covid 19 is nothing but a mild flu that comes every year and that Lock Downs are unnecessary.
He further goes on to say that Premiere Doug Ford is acting more like an Emperor with his newly bestowed police powers and that this is not how a Democracy works.

U.S. CONGRESSMAN expresses his feelings on your FREEDOM being taken away.
The American Center for Disease Control says there is a 99% Survival Rate from this mild flu called Covid 19.
Doctors prohibited from giving life saving drugs.

Every country in the world began purchasing Covid 19 Testing Kits back in 2017.
This is the PROOF.
We have been LIED to.

Facebook has announced that there is now a Police Portal on Facebook and that citizens will be arrested for spreading anything outside of the narrative which you are being led to believe by the media.
Canadian P.M. Trudeau went on live television to warn Canadians what to expect this Fall.
Plus, if you want to enter stores in the near future, you will have to prove that you have been tested and are not infectious.
Introducing your New Digital Passport to Freedom?


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