Is everyone certain Columbus "discovered" America? Have a look at what this dude found.

True or False. You decide.

There were no computers or "smart" phones back then. There were no encyclopedias. There was no internet. There was no Wikipedia. They didn't know what we know today.

Is it the son of God or the sun of God? Anthropomorphism - People seem to do that a lot.

Somebody did this. It was done a very long time ago. Given the "standard" chronology of human history, this could not have happened when it happened, but it happened. Who did this and with what tools?

Does US Inc. have foreign space crafts? Are we being lied to? This is True or False. You decide.

One of, if not thee best, presentations about the Great Pyramid. The builders cut a 300 foot long 3 feet wide chamber through solid rock. How did they vent the dust? How were they able to see? What tools were used? IF they had to take a dump or piss while 150 into the shaft... What about drinking water? WHAT ABOUT THE DUST? 3 FEET WIDE. DO THE MATH, HOW WAS THIS DONE? And that's just one part of the HOW THE HELL DID THEY DO IT question.

True or False. You decide.

This is True or False. You decide. Somebodies don't want us to know stuff.
Project Camelot:

True or False. They're lying or they told the truth. You decide.
Nov. 17, 2022 - Air Force, FBI raid home of Area 51 website owner Somebodies don't want us to know stuff.

Dunno who did this but it's damned impressive. Smoke a bowl and enjoy the eye candy.

The Yogis you'll see in this film took unprecedented risks. Once vowed to extreme secrecy to maintain the purity of their practices, they agreed to these unique interviews and rare demonstrations to help preserve for posterity their vanishing culture.

True or False. You decide.

Check the Chaco Canyon documentary below. According to archeologists, at least 25 generations of people made the Chaco Canyon whatever it is. Then they just left without a trace.

Amazing stuff to say the least. The pupils of that woman's eyes close VERY differently than yours!

I guess it's not a secret if you're a Mason.

True or False. You decide.

This is in India. Someone determined this was more important than anything else. HOW WAS IT DONE? WHO DID IT AND WHY?

THE SCREEN SHOT WAS CHANGED SOMEHOW. THAT ISN'T THE ONE I UPLOADED. Anyway, who did this and with what tools? Why did they invest their time and energy to cut stairs into rock rather than make pipe and tires and bicycles and tennis shoes? Why didn't they make fire trucks? Why didn't they make stoves and ovens?

True or False. You decide.

Something's goin on.

Something's going on.


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