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I dunno if this is true or false but heads up anyway. And YES, I BELIEVE IN WEATHER MANIPULATION (HAARP). YES, I believe what he said re earthquakes is possible. I first heard of this ALONG TIME AGO by this dude: Benjamin Fullford -
If you haven't heard of this him then check FuckYouTube and take a look at what he's been pumpin out.

This is the LEGAL ASPECT re the McSHIT PART of this presentation:

TRESPASS IS ILLEGAL. McShit TRESPASSING into OUR HEAD and BRAIN, is in legal parlance, TRESPASS TO CHATTEL. Chattel just means property. If I send you an UNSOLICITED fax, I’m using YOUR PROPERTY, that being your printer, paper and ink. Without your permission that’s TRESPASS. McShit would also be EXERCISING DOMINION over your property, that being your head and brain. That would constituted CONVERSION. CONVERSION IS A STRICT LIABILITY TORT!!! That means it doesn’t matter what the motive is by the party that CONVERTED your BRAIN to their use, THEY ARE LIABLE IN DAMAGE$ TO YOU! So LEGAL REMEDY EXISTS to thwart the demented and illegal efforts by McShit!
Shawn Ryan Show -

I'm not promoting this dude. I get nothing from him nor any other anyone who's stuff I upload. I'm not doin this for money or gift kick backs. If you want to support the dude or subscribe to his channel it's your call. I just happen to think he finds some cool stuff. As for it bein CGI or REAL, you decide.
This is his site if you wanna check it: Dre_OG Reacts

WATCH THIS FAST BECAUSE IT COULD BE BLOCKED. One of the other History Channel vids, Ancient Aliens, I uploaded was blocked, THIS JUST GOT REAL SERIOUS! NOTHING LIKE THIS HAS EVER BEEN FILMED OR VIDEOED. AND YEAH, THE FEDS ARE WATCHING! You'll see! Oh, and how come there's been NO NEWS REPORTS ABOUT THIS DISCOVERY?????????????

The word fascinating comes to mind. Dunno who Jordan Maxwell is? Head to ANTI-FREE SPEECH FASCIST FUCKYOUTUBE and you can watch HOURS AND HOURS of him. In this presentation he references the FASCI symbol. After you get done watchin this, check this re FASCISM: We're bein played like a grand piano. It's time to SEE what yer LOOKIN at.
Gaia -

Y'all better watch this fast because it could get blocked. THIS DISCOVERY DID NOT GET ANY PRESS WHATSOEVER! This is from a History Channel series, THE SECRET OF SKINWALKER RANCH - If yer not aware of this series then yer 4 YEARS behind the power curve. What's happening there is very difficult to believe AND ALOTTA MONEY IS BEING INVESTED INTO DISCOVERING WHAT'S HAPPENING THERE! There's some TOP GUN people doing tests there! THERE'S A COVER UP GOIN ON BIG TIME!

This is his site if you wanna check his other comps: MODTRICCA -

Recent revelations suggest that something truly remarkable and unsettling may be unfolding beneath the frozen surface. The vid was uploaded to the net on Friday, July 14, 2023, meaning the content is recent, apparently. UNFORTUNATELY the thing cuts off in mid sentence. Hence, it appears to be clipped from a complete presentation.

An Ancient Man-Made Island Built With Unexplained Technology. This is the mysterious megalithic city of Nan Madol. Located off the coast of Pohnpei Island in the Western Pacific Ocean, the dark, colossal basalt pillars of its ancient man-made islands rise from the emerald sea. Its remnants, an intricate labyrinth of enormous stones and waterways, capture stories of an ancient civilization lost in the tides of time.

This architectural marvel poses a confounding puzzle - how were these stone blocks, some weighing up to 50 tons, transported here off the coast amidst the crashing waves and coral reefs?

Do these things represent what they actually saw or were they just trippin on peyote? Check THE MYSTERY OF CHACO CANYON. It's the 12th vid from the bottom of the list of vids, just keep scrollin down till you get to it. Mind boggling doesn't even come close!. SOMETHIN WAS HAPPENING down yonder.

The arrow points at an 11 SIDED rock. Why did someone determine an 11 SIDED rock was necessary for that wall? Did they actually make a MOLD for that? Was it POURED? And again, why 11 SIDES or PLANES? IF that came out of a mold someone had to make the mold. If all those rocks came out of a mold then look at how many DIFFERENT molds were created. AND WHERE ARE THE MOLDS? Who the hell is responsible for all this polygonal masonry all over the planet?

This discussion occurred on Mon. July 10, 2023. Some people believe Dr. Greer's a sell-out or plant. You decide. As for me I'm convinced I'm being lied to and ripped off and I'm still working out the WHO(s) lyin to me and rippin me off. And I already have a SHIT TON of names! I DO NOT GET ANYTHING from the host of this program. I don't know him, I don't subscribe to his stuff, I get NO REMUNERATION for posting his stuff nor do I endorse ANYTHING other than the truth. I don't get ANYTHING from Dr. Greer other than information. I take what I need and leave the rest. Hopefully you do the same.

Notwithstanding his interpretations, the labor and skill to do all this is just insane.
Praveen Mohan -

This mash up isn't very PRO. Turn yer volume down because they didn't and most of the volume is over modulated. I'll presume most are aware of the story about the sheep over in China walkin in a circle for 12 STRAIGHT DAYS. Now I dunno if they ever stopped to sleep or eat but the fact remains they walked in a circle over a 12 DAY period for some reason. Birds stuck in the air, bugs and animals walkin in circles, WHAT THE HELL'S GOIN ON! SOMETHIN'S CAUSING ALL THIS!

The obvious vultures sittin on a branches are just usin the sun to get warm, hence the out stretched wings, but the rest of this stuff is, well, you decide... That thing at the top of that pole is a bird as you'll see. The pole is attached to a fireman tryin to move the bird. THERE ARE NO VISIBLE STRINGS OR WIRES FOR IT TO HAVE GOT STUCK ON.

There is NO BODY attached to those hands.

Is this stuff REAL or BS? You decide.

This occurred on Monday, June 12, 2023 and I'll bet a stick of gum NO ONE saw any report on TV nor read about it that day, or the next, or the next, or the next ad infinitum. "THEY" DO NOT WANT US TO KNOW WHAT'S GOIN ON! The name of their game is: $$$ & CONTROL

This is one of a growing body of INTERESTED PEOPLE who are compiling video clips from all over and presenting them for others to evaluate. I dunno this dude and I'm not getting anything for uploading this, he's just one of many doing these compilations. This video sets up the next one I upload. Buckle up folks!
This is his YT video page: Dre_OG Reacts

I'll be posting other stuff after this one. My thinking is those of you who find the Tartarian topic of interest have some foundational info to work with re your curiosity. And by the way, look into the ORPHAN TRAIN issue. It's NOT GOOD! Child trafficking and selling.

This whole Tartaria story is a mind bender, IF IT'S TRUE! Even if it's fiction it's a mind bender.

Fascinating stuff. It's really too bad cities don't have buildings like what yer gonna see anymore. It's all pre-fab eye sore for profit no skill or ability bullshit.

Tartar and the Controllers. This dude's kinda slow paced but makes some interesting observations. The photos are real good too!

Tartarian Reign - Can Antiquitech Be Used to Unite Ancient Narratives - 250 - photographs.

Sacred Geometry - Tartary North India - Borobudur - World’s Largest Buddhist Temple - Earth Mound - WOW!

Tartarian Reign - 250- photographs. I dunno how much of the speculation about this topic is true. That stated, what I believe IS TRUE is people used to construct buildings that are ART! Such construction SKILL & ABILITY IS NOT BEING USED TODAY! As for the GLOBAL POLYGONAL MASONRY issue, this topic points to those identified as TARTARIANS. But again, I DON'T KNOW. There's a lot of speculation and theory so take what you need and leave the rest. Something, based on what you'll see in this presentation and the ones that follow is: SOMEONES DON'T WANT US TO KNOW THE TRUE HISTORY! The idea of course is: GROUNDS FOR FURTHER RESEARCH. I've watched appx 10 hours worth of presentations on this topic and to borrow a phrase: I find it highly compelling, and so much so that I'll be posting more than a few of these presentations. I do hope everybody digs this shit cuz it's MIND BLOWING! And THANK YOU subscribers and everyone else who stops by to check this stuff out. It's my hope posting what's at this channel will demonstrate the extent of the LIES and FRAUD that's been heaped upon us by FOR PROFIT CONTROL FREAK ASSHOLES who could care less about anything but money, control and SLAVERY!

The similarities of what people made are striking to say the least. Obviously people THOUSANDS of miles apart KNEW the same stuff. And they knew it WAY BEFORE jets, ocean liners, telephones, selfies, cameras or the internet.
This dude has some great compilations: Bright Insight -


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