(The audio was recorded on a crappy 'ol tablet - bad quality)
*I took some audio from some TikToks I previously recorded - most are shortly before the Plandemic. Put on those leg warmers and start sweat'n to the oldies!

Lest we never forget...what Arnold said. When we needed a real last action hero with a mouthpiece to stand against the tyranny...

Please note: I spelled Deagel wrong when doing the search in this video. I spelled it "Deagle". Not to worry, even with the correct spelling, the Fauci video still shows up in the #5 spot in search results. Vs spot #2 in results with misspelling. Either way, that same Fauci video shows up.

I wrote this song in 1997. This is more of a filler video until I do a new one 😞

Do I still have trouble navigating the GAB platform? Yes! Am I a slow learner? Yes!

Stay strong in your faith Saints. Never give up. For HE is worthy.

Seriously, you can't escape seeing this LOSER-FERIAN junk.

A look at some queries on Google Trends into the "vaccine" - #markofthebeast

A look at some queries on Google Trends into the "vaccine" - #markofthebeast

What they are calling a "vaccine" is the #markofthebeast. Don't take any tests or shots.

Please state in the comments if you like seafood...

It's totally fine that people mirror and share my videos.

I don't plan the length of my videos. Look at the length of this one :)

Kinda strange isn't it? I wrote this song in the studio for my now ex-wife in 2011. That was before I knew she would take my children away from me and have them poisoned with what they are calling a "vaccine". Vengeance belongs to the Lord.

Just go to Google Trends and type in obituaries.
*These are queries into obituaries. So these are not death percentages. However, they do show the huge increase in queries which should give us an indication that the deaths are rising. Obviously there is a correlation.

We know the deaths weren't "covid19". Baffling. I wonder what could be causing this? 🤔

Re-upload better sound quality.


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Jesus Christ is Lord! Do NOT take the "vaccine"! It IS the Mark of the Beast! Don't get tested either!

Do NOT be deceived by the coming "alien" deception! Aliens ARE demons...