Vaccines-Big Pharma Danger

On his show High Wire, Del Bigtree talks about Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated comparisons and the health of both.

Health Professionals talk about what you need to know about Swine Flu and other Vaccines.

Sharyl Attkisson discusses some facts about Vaccines on her show on January 6, 2019.

Prof. Christopher Exley speaks about Aluminum in Vaccines and the health dangers, and diseases associated with it.

Nice story about a devoted mother who educated herself about vaccines.

This panel of prominent doctors discuss the dangers of vaccines and the cover-up by the CDC and the Pharma industry.

Doctor talks abut how unnecessary vaccines are and big Pharma.

Dire dangers of vaccines discussed in this important interview.

An author discusses his book about vaccine dangers and his battle with the industry and media. Jenny McCarthey talk about her experiences wit her autistic child and Robert Kennedy JR discuss his attempts at exposing the industry methods to cover-up vaccine injury.

Dr Chris Shaw discusses the problems when aluminum is injected in the body.

Dr Sherri Tenpenny talks about vaccine safety.

Del Bigtree explains how unsafe and ineffective vaccines are.

Sherri Tenpenny with Dane Wigington expose the truth about vaccines and the government collusion with big pharma


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Various video about health dangers with big pharma products. These videos are presented for educational purposes only, under the fair use doctrine.