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In this Big Picture Podcast with Deborah Tavaras, Deborah discusses the deception of the Coronavirus, a necessary element to further drive the climate change agenda to usher in a reset to a New World Order. This fear tactic is perfect for the power structure to foment this 'New Normal' that we all see developing before our eyes. The Coronavirus plandemic is the perfect event to usher in a much broader agenda of the climate change sustainability scam. Please Share and Subscribe

In this explosive interview, Del Bigtree talks to John Ziegler of about his statement to the Orange County Board of Supervisors where he lays out the COVID-19 crimes as he sees it. Also in this show, Del talks to the outgoing mayor of Nevada City, CA, about the COVID mask mandates by Governor Newsome and how it was illegal for him to make a mandate, and that there is no enforceable law. Please Subscribe and Share.

Who is Bill Gates? A software developer? A businessman? A philanthropist? A global health expert? This question, once merely academic, is becoming a very real question for those who are beginning to realize that Gates' unimaginable wealth has been used to gain control over every corner of the fields of public health, medical research and vaccine development. And now that we are presented with the very problem that Gates has been talking about for years, we will soon find that this software developer with no medical training is going to leverage that wealth into control over the fates of billions of people.
In January of 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates announced a $10 billion pledge to usher in a decade of vaccines. But far from an unalloyed good, the truth is that this attempt to reorient the global health economy was part of a much bigger agenda. An agenda that would ultimately lead to greater profits for big pharma companies, greater control for the Gates Foundation over the field of global health, and greater power for Bill Gates to shape the course of the future for billions of people around the planet.

In this video I start off slow but pick up steam as I submit the evidence and examples.
By comparing our situation to the study of torture & coercion on Prisoners of War, I believe it becomes clear that what we are being put through with the virus response is a near perfect parallel to the Amnesty International definition of torture & Bidermans ‘Chart of Coercion.’ This is a reupload of Polly's excellent video.

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Peggy Hall shows the California State of Emergency orders that are not legal and are invalid. The Governor cannot make laws. He is only an equal part of the State Legislature. Also, it is not legal to declare a State of Emergency without cause. In this case there would have to be an epidemic, and COVID does not qualify for being defined as an epidemic. And for public health, the local governments have the responsibility, not the state. In today's video, I expose lies from the mainstream media, who exist to manipulate your mind.

Watch Part 2 here:

LA Times LIES:
CA State Department of Public Health "Guidance" (Not public health orders):
CA Department of Public Health:

Dr. Denis Rancourt, PhD , Fmr Prof. of Physics at Univ. of Ottawa, is interviewed by Del Bigtree of the Highwire TV Show, and discusses the numerous research papers that establish the uselessness of wearing a mask. Also he talked about the criminals behind the pandemic declaration. Please Share and Subscribe

Many potential harms may arise from broad public policies to wear masks, and the following unanswered questions arise:

Do used and loaded masks become sources of enhanced transmission, for the wearer and others?
Do masks become collectors and retainers of pathogens that the mask wearer would otherwise avoid when breathing without a mask?
Are large droplets captured by a mask atomized or aerolized into breathable components? Can virions escape an evaporating droplet stuck to a mask fiber?
What are the dangers of bacterial growth on a used and loaded mask?
How do pathogen-laden droplets interact with environmental dust and aerosols captured on the mask?
What are long-term health effects on HCW, such as headaches, arising from impeded breathing?
Are there negative social consequences to a masked society?
Are there negative psychological consequences to wearing a mask, as a fear-based behavioural modification?
What are the environmental consequences of mask manufacturing and disposal?
Do the masks shed fibres or substances that are harmful when inhaled?


By making mask-wearing recommendations and policies for the general public, or by expressly condoning the practice, governments have both ignored the scientific evidence and done the opposite of following the precautionary principle.

In an absence of knowledge, governments should not make policies that have a hypothetical potential to cause harm. The government has an onus barrier before it instigates a broad social-engineering intervention, or allows corporations to exploit fear-based sentiments.

Furthermore, individuals should know that there is no known benefit arising from wearing a mask in a viral respiratory illness epidemic, and that scientific studies have shown that any benefit must be residually small, compared to other and determinative factors.

Otherwise, what is the point of publicly-funded science?

The present paper about masks illustrates the degree to which governments, the mainstream media, and institutional propagandists can decide to operate in a science vacuum, or select only incomplete science that serves their interests. Such recklessness is also certainly the case with the current global lockdown of over 1 billion people, an unprecedented experiment in medical and political history.


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If others can control your FOCUS and AWARENESS, then they can control your perceptions, fears and behaviors.

To learn why the "shutdowns" were pointless, stupid and evil, watch this:

To learn more about how "governments" always use FEAR to increase their power and decrease your freedom, read "The Most Dangerous Superstition."

The media has covered vaccine test subject, Ian Haydon’s Grade 3 reaction to Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, as if it is the first ever vaccine injury. Del dives deep into important questions Ian should be asking himself right now.
#Moderna #AloneTogether #COVID19 #CoronavirusVaccine

Just a little comic relief. This cartoon shows Gates saying how he really feels about things.

Jon Rappaport is interviewed by Catherine Austin Fitz, regarding the proposed mandatory vaccine. They caution is about the fact that this is not really vaccine at all. It appears that they want a way to inject chemicals, nano particles and other functional compounds into billions of people around the world, and disguise it as a vaccine. A vaccine name gives them immunity from law suits, and people will want to get it. The sinister plan is horrifying. Please Subscribe and Share

Dell Bigtree interviews Dr Joel Hay, PhD , Director of USC Clinical Economics Research and Education (CERP) about the effects that have been felt from the lock-down over the unrealistic pandemic. CV-19 was minimal, yet the overreaction has caused many deaths from stay at home orders. Dr Hay was recently interviewed by San Diego TV channel 9 KUSI where he went over his concerns on main stream tv. Please Subscribe and Share.

Spiro Skouras shows the just announced Global Reset Plan, with the details from the World Economic Forum. This plan involves taking the effects of the COVID-19 social changes, and usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution with technocratic rule. An important part of the plan must include mandatory vaccines. A system is being set up just for that. Also, and economic system will be set up to encompass all these changes, and involves a ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’ type of economy. This disturbing and interesting presentation, showing the World Economic Forum’s reset plan that was in the works for 50 years. Good Luck All. Please Subscribe and Share.

Spiro Skouras interviews Dr Andrew Kaufman about the upcoming vaccine that among other things will make humans GMO beings. Dr. Kaufman describes the detail of how cells will be split open for DNA implantation. Please Subscribe and Share

Del Bigtree of The Highwire, explains the connections of Anthony Fauci and the vaccine industry and how he will make millions on the vaccines that he is promoting.

Spiro interviews Ryan and Whitney Webb from Last American Vagabond about the latest DNA Nanotech technology straight from our critters at DARPA. This technology can split our cells and insert GMO's, and they say it is for our own good. Wow, GMO people. How creepy can it get? Please share and Subscribe

Wearing a mask is a health hazard, and people need to understand why. This nurse felt compelled to tell people that they have been lied to about this COVID-19 scam. The world was shut down and they told us that we had to wear masks and stand 6 feet from other people because of a dangerous virus.

This video shows the developing technologies that are designed to track the world population, and control everyone with extreme accuracy. This tracking will set up a database to feed a credit score system that encourages people to get vaccines that will limit population. This also uses embedded chip technology that stays with the person and can be scanned.

Dr. Delores J. Cahill explains Corona Virus is not spread through the air. It is criminal for governments to shut down business and have stay at home orders. The UN and Bill Gates is implicated in much of this COVID-19 reaction, including vaccines, meat industry attacks and digital surveillance. Also, the IMF has pandemic derivatives that were scheduled to expire in March of 2020. Amazing stuff. Prof. Cahill PhD, is an Immunologist and Molecular Biologist Please Share and Subscribe.

What has Bill Gates been doing in 3rd world countries with his dangerous vaccine programs? This short documentary shows the human damage wherever he went.

Amazing Poly did a fantastic job researching these Mafia creatures. In great detail, the connections are made between the COVID-19 response team, to Wuhan China and other research labs around the world. But that is not all. The connections go deep and lead to many surprises, including mysterious deaths. Pleas Subscribe and share.

Dr Tenpenny DO. is interviewed be Spiro about the COVID-19 scam. She talks about the numbers of deaths and how the numbers cannot be trusted. Then she explained about the bill that was passed late at night that gave Big Pharma total immunity from lawsuits. Fascinating exchange during this 1 hr interview. Please Share and Subscribe

Spiro talks about the recent statements by Bill Gates, referencing a 2nd phase of the pandemic involving a Bio-terrorist attack. Interesting and disturbing information about what may be ahead. Please Share and Subscribe

This video is very detailed, and was well researched. It shows the real motive for creating the COVID-19 panic. Polly points to the usual characters that have conspired to create a high demand for vaccines by telling us we cannot go back to normal until the world is vaccinated. Please Subscribe and Share

Gary Franchi of Next News Network, interviews Dr. Rashid Buttar DO about the COVID-19 Virus, and the government reaction to it. Dr. Buttar hits hard at the removal of our rights for no good reason, and explains why this virus, if there is one, is not a danger. He even points out how the effects of 5G on the cells can in fact cause the symptoms. An extremely interesting exchange. Dr. Buttar was a doctor in the military, and he talks about his roll in the Golf War. He also says that the COVID-19 crisis is a false flag. Please Subscribe and Share

The show The Highwire with Del Bigtree, looks at the possibility that using ventilators on COVID-19 patients may be killing them. Dr. Cameron Kyle Sidell MD and Dr. James Neuenschwander MD discuss treatment protocols for patients in ER, and how it would be much better to treat first with oxygen. This is a very important exchange of information, and vital to future treatment. It may even mean that we may not even be dealing with a virus at all. They didn’t say this here, but there may be a connection to 5G, or even oxygen depletion of the planet from geoengineering operations. Just say’in. What do you think? Please Share and Subscribe


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