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This has been stuck in my head for weeks! Glad to finally put it down on digital paper.

Thanks to for the stock photos!

This has been stuck in my head for weeks! Glad to finally put it down on digital paper.

Thanks to for the stock photos!

The Goth gives his review of the fantastic new Netflix Exclusive, The Haunting of Hill House! Do you have a favorite ghost story?

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A plethora of stars and suspense! But is it good? Watch and find out!

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The VE Boys plunge into the world of werewolves! The cinematic world at least! We discuss the classics, the resurgence in the eighties, and the difference between vampires and werewolves! We also talk a lot about how terrible Venom is, how great Goon is, and a little bit about climate change! If you’re looking for more ghoulish delights you can go back to Ep. 9 - The One with the Vampires!

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Sweet Jesus! In what might be our best episode yet, The VE Boys discuss movies and shows only available on Netflix! Also includes Sports talk, What We've Been Watching, and a discussion on Amy and the perils of stardom!

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The Jock and the Goth hit the pavement hard on this one! The Jock watches some of the classic road trip movies and the Goth watches the ones that capture what road trips are all about! Also featuring What We've Been Watching, android body part replacement, and devil's three ways!

Sweet Jesus! The 70's were a great time for movies! And a terrible time for disco! We have a packed house on this episode. The Goth and the Jock welcome back their recurring co-host The Doc and a late addition of the yet to be nicknamed, Karen! Also included an in-depth discussion of Solo: A Star Wars Story and how roller coasters can lead to auto-erotic asphyxiation!

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Love you super fans! Thanks for listening!

Everyone's favorite super family is back! The Goth tells you to go see it!

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The Goth gives his review of the new horror movie Hereditary! Directed by Ari Aster and starring Toni Collette! Like and Subscribe!

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Homelessness is an ever increasing problem and while this episode does nothing to help it, the plethora of movies that contain homeless characters prove that it is a problem that has been in the public eye but largely ignored for a very long time. The Jock brings this episode to new heights of greatness.

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(Episode photo: (Photo Credit: Gary Knight via flickr, CC BY 2.0, Edited)

The Goth gives his spoiler free review of the culmination of 10 years of MCU movies, Avengers: Infinity War!

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It is time... for greatness!!! Or is it??? Are Citizen Kane and Annie Hall worthy of being called one of the greatest movies of all time? Listen to the Goth and the Jock to find out! Also feature Chris's scathing review of The Killing of the Sacred Deer!

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The Goth gives his short, spoiler free review on A Quiet Place. The new movie starring Emily Blunt and John Karasinki (also directed by John Krasinki, Jim Halpert is moving on up.)

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The triplets of doom are back! The Goth, The Jock and The Doc are coming in hot with their most beloved cartoons from their childhood! Ducktales! Wooo ooo! Also featuring our newest and certainly not just made up on the spot segment, The Doc's House!

Money! Explosions! Guns! The VE boys talk about their favorite heist movies and the one that didn't live up to memory! Love you Queen Latifah!

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The Amazon and it's inhabitants are being torn down or re purposed to meet our needs and how are we going to stop it? We're talking about the movies (and one show) that feature it! Listen and love it!

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From John Wick to Agent 47 to Travis Touchdown! Hitmen are bountiful in the land of movies, TV, and Video Games! Also included is our fancy guest, The Posh! And listen to our terrible British accents!

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Man's best friend has been used so many times. Not only as a main character, but as a plot device to make us sympathize with a character or to just make tears fall from our eyes! Listen to us talk about this straight up ridiculousness!

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We're better than Supergirl at least! Eeyore and Snuffleupagus recount their horror stories! Terrible shows and movies they just can't take their eyes off of! Then the show itself crashes and burns!

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The Doc sticks around to join the Goth and the Jock for an episode all about crappy horror movies! Also includes a "Which horror monster would win a fight?" and a section of our "Name a TV Show" game! Fantabulous!

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IT'S THE BIG SHOW!!! Double guesting it this week with the Chris (The Doc) and Grant (The C***)! This episode is jam packed with great soundtracks in movies and games, as well as tons of insults and innuendo! I hope you enjoy listening to the madness as much as we enjoyed recording it!

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Almost every movie and TV show features food! Food even makes a large impact in RPG's! Our picks this week reflect some of the best food in entertainment! What's your favorite food? I love cheeseburgers! Man, I'm hungry. Enjoy the show! Our shortest episode yet! An entertainment podcast!

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We're back and ready to rock! In this UNCUT episode, the V.E. boys shred your faces off talking about the movies, shows, and video games about friends and friendship! Also included is what we've been watching and whether people who are attracted to each other can be friends! An entertainment podcast! Exclamation!
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Review number two this week just happens to be Guillermo Del Toro's The Shape of Water! Starring Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Doug Jones, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Octavia Spencer.


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We pick a movie, TV show, or video game and describe it in interestingly vague terms, then fit a couple others that description. There's also what we're watching currently, plenty of spoilers, classless jokes, and a multitude of sidetracks.

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