This animation took the best part of seven days to create. It is based on animations I made when I was ten which is why I'm very proud of it. To see a clear progress in my work.

This is my first use of a graphics tablet so please excuse variations in quality, I promise to improve. Practice makes Perfection.

The animation was created on Krita and was edited in iMovie. The audio is courtesy of iMovie as well as some of my voice acting.

Jennifer Cotten is a character in a visual novel I am making which is going to include those those little animated portraits you see in the RTS game Starcraft. (The video even has the same dimensions)

Although my work is not as detailed as blizzards, I am one person using a free alternative to photoshop (called Krita)


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Valkenhof is an independent animation channel created by a student in cornwall. Therefore the channel will consist of animation believe it or not.