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LiteCash (CASH) privacy coins and 3D printed privacy guns

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Meet the digital privacy coin known as Litecash(CASH). The information I currently provide are the basic stats and features. Is it a cryptocurrency? Well it's more like binary-speech-currency (communication of 1s and 0s) or just simply call it digitalcurrency if you wish. Anyways privacy coins are better than surveillance coins. Litecash(CASH) runs on its own decentralized blockchain on mimblewimble protocol and is based off of the early developments of beam. Enjoy!!

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This channel provides Juche-capitalist and Juche-capitalism propaganda. Juche is north Korea's state ideology.

Juche-capitalism is hardcore capitalism equivalent to Juche-socialism. Based on the KIMILSUNGIAN (founder of north Korea) Juche idea. feared by the enemies of liberty ? Juche-capitalism is centered on the individual, where individuals are masters of everything and everything in society serves them. Juche-capitalism is the "tyranny of the consumer".