Who woulda thunked it? I talk a little about how its going, a hot shower, and whats next.

Zodi Zip Hot Shower:

This is the final completed van build. Its a simple conversion done on the cheap, but it serves all my specific needs. Im ready to hit the road, wish me luck as I make a crazy dash to my hosting job 2700 miles away.

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Just outside of downtown Tucson this small patch of blm land offers free camping with beautiful sunsets from atop the hill.

GPS: 32.156941, -111.116493

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A other update on the van build. Did some painting, assembled my cheap desk, and contemplate electrical management.

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Just a quickie update on my progress since the last video. I have more detailed and edited vids on what ive been doing if you find that interesting, but wanted to keep you in the loop for now.

Hitting the road again in about a month.

Saddle back Mountain BLM, not much there but rocks, though the mountains are cool. It's a nice and quiet place to get some rest. I actually found this site in the night after my previous one was invaded by a rave with hundreds of people. That's right I fled.

circa 2017

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If you travel, you know this feeling all too well :)


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