These people are total nutcases

There are still some people even in South Africa who are still libtards, so it is about something else aswell..

Now we get a very fightful goverment, true finns are being left out.

Now the scandal video.

A couple of people went totally mental when i said that E,Michael Jones is a disinformation agent, which he simply is. Then they started to spam like 20+ comments about bible crap, which they say it is "discussion"

Now i explain about how some people in the know more news chat, how christians don't drink blood because it is satanic and has life, but drink a "symbolic blood" in a eucharist ritual and there's nothing satanic on that.

Is it american dream or american nightmare



This video is about, odd weather changes. We got this thing called "takatalvi" (winter coming back) which i don't like.

I am not a linguistic myself, this is all what i understand and heard.
How it lost all its fusion and became and analytic language. It happened during the norman period, then english wasn't even an official language. Nobles and aristocrates spoke mostly french. So the english was starting be forgotten and became partly creolized.

Now the spelling
EDIT!! now the links: english spelling how middle english sounds like. linguistics video

Old and middle english sounds like german or dutch.

I totally flipped out today for not getting the message in time for a celebration i needed to attend. In that celebration these was some crap finnish comedian from Putous called Aku Hirviniemi, WTF he was doing there?

now they want to make it mandatory

so happy easer to all

little bit about these pagan groups


they mate
kurnuja :D
quak quak

tämä suomeksi, ihan kaikki

This video is especially about celtic languages. i talk about unrelated stuff at the beiginning.
insular celtic languages almost had the same fate than finnish language at times.

talking about the results.

symbolical video.


about junes incident.


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