The real reason for the war - nothing to do with the jews- it was to destroy the German hard working ethics, and their economic success
The jewish holocaust is a lie = Conspiracy Theory
Israel has extorted > $100 billion from Germany
how the jews stole > $300 billion from Germany in patents
The moon trips were only made possible from German intellect.
England does not have any laws banning the questioning of the jewish holocaust - and some high ranking jews (Mr Britton, a Rabbi, ect) agree
Hitler stated 'Racial purity is our security.'
Details and statistics of the physical rape of German women, after the war ended
Hooten Plan - from USA (Harvard ?) to race mix Germany
more French women were raped by the allied 'Liberation' army in 6 months, than during the 4 1/2 years of German occupation.
& much more

link to 2 more books - one book being the jewish fairy tale by Professor Raul Hilberg (who made a fool of himself in court and admitted that Hitler had not issued any orders to kill even one jew {i will put up Hitler's order regarding the protection of jews, on a later post})!A8oFCJIY!EGqkglRgCOwn0NrxHK_yyg

Slavery !!! if you thought that the blacks were the only slaves to the jews, then you were wrong !!!
Ernst confirms that in Germany, the jews that lived in the concentration camps, could go to a brothel.
More French women were raped in 6 months of 'Liberation' (US & UK & USSR), than in 4 1/2 years of German occupation !!!

All the people who fought against the Germans, helped the Jews progress their NWO (jew world order) plans to conquer the world.

David Irving confirms that USA wanted war so as to make money by selling weapons / ammo & that Hitler did not want war with the USA.

UK PM Neville Chamberlain, confirmed that the World War did not need to occur & that Hitler would not have fought anyone else after he had defeated the jews, who took control of Russia during the 'Bolshevik' (=jewish) revolution.

Mind-blowing fact - The jews constantly whine and cry about the imaginary 4 concentrations camps run by Germans, however AFTER the war was over the jews ran 1255 concentration camps, where they succeeded in murdering over 9 million German civilians.

Ernst - you are a champ. RIP.

Real life footage and eyewitness accounts of the horrific treatment of German POWs and civilians after the war had ended. This is what Ernst was referring to in his previous show.
Eisenhower was a mass murdered.
Learn what the Traditional enemies of mankind do to their victims - they have no regard of any laws or humane treatment, and they have been doing this for centuries.

Includes part of a radio show by Deanna Spingola (January 2011).

Continuation of the jewish plan to kill ALL Germans (i.e. men, women & children).

This is the real mass murder that occurred in German, executed by some highly influential / ranked jews, unlike the fictitious jewish holocaust sold to the masses, which seems to have been conjured up initially as a psy-op to cover up the real crimes of these psychopathic jews (i.e. projecting - A way to transfer guilt for your own thoughts, emotions and actions onto another as a way of not admitting your guilt to yourself.) The jewish holocaust fairy tale was then used as a weapon for various purposes (eg to suck money out of the Germans, to justify murdering other people (eg Palestinians), and much more).

one fact that i didn't know about, was that over 9 million Germans were murdered after the war, by starvation, yet for some reason you never see this fact on the jewish controlled media ! i wonder why ?

Many more millions were murdered by other means.

here is the link for the article 'Eisenhower's Death Camps - Saturday Night 1989 BACQUE James'!9gADXQgI!toLBtpCtvCicF9IdaHfuGg
note: the text copies of the books are ocr of the pdf, and the plane text is ready for text-to-speech programs (ie i have deleted stuff which is of no use when listening to the book/article.

RIP Ernst Zundel - a true champion in the fight against the murderous jews.

A more appropriate title is 'The Jewish plan to murder all Germans (men women & children), prior to the imaginary jewish holocaust'

Ernst uncovers which Jews were planning to genocide all the German race, which was supported by some of the largest newspapers.

Whilst watching, keep in mind the word 'Projection' = accusing someone else of something that you carry out - a way to transfer guilt for your own thoughts, emotions and actions onto another. There are many examples (some covered by Ernst) where some jews cry out in pain (whilst they hit you) about many things that Hitler was planning to do. The more I look into WW2, the more I find that it was a group of jews (the traditional enemies of mankind), who were planning all these crimes against humanity, and succeeded in implementing some of them.

Notice that one of the goals of the plan was to destroy all books newspapers etc that in the German Language, as a method of also wiping out the German language. Sounds like pure hatred, which has oozed out of some mentally retarded jews, prior to their conjuring up of the jewish Holocaust lie.

I have uploaded most of the books that Ernst has referred to in this brilliant show, and some other relevant books.!M8xj0LzI!6uYfzFvh57rDBqI6VexNAw

note: the text copies of the books are ocr of the pdf

RIP Ernst - you are a champ.

Looking at the bigger picture of the events around WW2.
Lets now look at what some of these jewish hate filled 'victims' were planning to do after the end of WW2.

This was a very evil plan, however it was by far not the worst plan by some of these hate-filled jews.

After the jews lost their case, they retaliate in traditional jewish manner - ie they burn Ernst's house, then again attack him legally.

Some jews very cunningly tried to ban/bar his website - which is typical attack on freedom of speech, and has been carried out for centuries, from the jewish burning of the library of Alexandria 2000 years ago, upto this very day.

This video includes the exact wording that the jewish judges used to justify their criminal decisions ie 'TRUTH IS NO DEFENCE' & 'The objective truth of the statement is ultimately of no consequence' & ' Whether the statements are true or not will not have any particular bearing!' and much more.

Including interview with Michael A Hoffman II i have attached his book at!VgpW0KAK!FPM1Vat5awOidVvF2gEZxw
(note: the text files are OCR of the pdf and ready for text-to-speech programs, you can convert to mp3 and listen anywhere.)

the screenshot is of the hate-filled jew who brought the case against Ernst, and lost in more than just one way.

The phenomenal story of how Ernst Zundel was attacked by some jews (who believe and defend the jewish fairy tale), and how Ernst Zundel was successful in wining the court case in Canada, which proved that the jewish holocaust could not have happened. A true champion. RIP.

This is a must watch for anyone interested in learning about how the victors of WW2 (ie the jewish banksters) have successfully sold their fictitious version of history to the gullible masses, most of whom had bought the fairy tale hook line and sinker.

The screenshot is of the judge (Hugh Locke) in the first hearing, who was prejudice and he broke the law of natural justice, so as to support the jewish fairy tale - what a joke of a Judge.

Note: this is the unedited/full length version. A check on jewtube (and other sites) has confirmed that the longest version out there is 25 minutes shorter !!! it seems that some jew has been hard at work editing!!!

This is part 1 of 2

here is the book which started it all!EtIUnSoI!r1wAUXsKnWNDV8P4MBkmmzTCHOI2ezRiaRw28BJw3V8
Did six million really die

An excellent documentary dismantling the fairy tale and confirming it’s delusional status. Packed full of facts that some who want you to keep believing in the fairy tale, do not want you to see/learn about.

eg. Never forget – the Romans killed 4 billion jews (quote from the Talmud – Gittin 57b) - The earth must have had a very high population in those days, especially if we assume that the jews only constituted 2% of the population.

I didn’t know that there was a jewish brother at Auschwitz ! Fred includes video footage of the pool full of water (it is now empty) and much more. I guess the jews in the camps had some hard choices to make (example – do they go for a swim or go for sex with a pro ? Or go to read at the library ? Or go shopping ? Or watch fello jewish campers play soccer? or write a letter and send it via the camp post office? Or goto the camp court and complain that they were not treated well.

And much more evidence that cuts through the BS sold to the masses for decades.

Australian scientists scan the Treblinka site (which is referenced in the jewish fairy tale), using ground penetrating radar, with some expected findings ('expected' for those who know the true history).


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