Another interview of the Mom featured in the Vaxxed interview called "Run from the Doctors"

James Ottar Grundvig, Author of "Master Manipulator, The Explosive Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC"

How knowing what's in a vaccine is key to answering the question "Are there any safe vaccines?" Plus, the trend to censor all natural health information and the global agenda to vaccinate every human being. Upcoming seminars for becoming an informed activist.

CA SB276 Assembly Health Committee Hearing 6/20/19
Opposition Speaker #1: Leigh Dundas

CA SB276 Assembly Health Committee Hearing 6/20/19
This bill would give local health authorities the power to overrule a doctor's expert opinion on what is best for his patient, and invalidate any medical exemption to vaccination that the doctor has written. The local health authority need not ever meet the child or have any knowledge of the child's medical history, except what is written in the medical record.

The team at The Highwire presents the growing passion worldwide, of parents of vaccine-injured children who refuse to endanger their other children. Hence the anti-vax movement is comprised primarily of ex-vaxxers; parents to did believe in vaccines and followed the CDC schedule. And ended up harming their children. Video courtesy of The HighWire with Del Bigtree

Dr Alvin Moss, MD Speaking in Support of PA House Bill 286, also known as the Informed Consent Protection Act. It would bar doctors from denying care to children whose parents have chosen not to vaccinate them.

ACIP (Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices) is the vaccine industry's forum for adding new vaccines to the CDC schedule. Video courtesy of Shannon Kroner, PhD

Parents chant "We will not comply" at the CA State Capitol after the 9-3 Vote by the Health Committee in favor of SB276 which will require doctors who write a medical exemption to vaccination to submit the personal health records of the child to a state review board who will then be required reject all but those that fall into the most narrow categories specified by the CDC and AAP "standard of care." Doctors who submit more than 5 exemptions per year, will be personally investigated, even if those 5 exemptions were previously approved by the panel. Video courtesy of Jamie Lynn Juarez.

SB276 passed Assembly Health Committee on June 21, 2019.

Next committee is Assembly Appropriations if it passes that committee,

It goes to the Assembly Floor, if it passes floor it goes back to Senate for a vote on the amended bill.

If it passes amended by Assembly and Senate it goes to the Governor for sign or veto.

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Residual human DNA from aborted fetal cells remain in the final product; the vaccines that are injected into your child. The problem is that, since they are human cells, the vaccine is training the child's immune system to create antibodies to human cells. This is called autoimmunity, where the immune system attacks the person's own brain, or other cells. The unexplained rise in autoimmunity in children is likely caused by using aborted fetal cells in vaccines. This practice began in the mid-1980s, and Dr Theresa Deisher who has been studying this for many years, discovered a corresponding jump in the rate of childhood autism that followed the introduction of fetal cells into the vaccine manufacturing process.

Source: YouTube channel "TannersDad Tim Welsh"

Children who experience measles in childhood have a significantly lower risk of cancer and heart disease later in life. So, why suppress this natural process and risk the serious vaccine side-effects?

Source: YouTube channel "TannersDad Tim Welsh"

More Doctors Speaking Frankly about Vaccines:

Founder of Informed Choice USA, LeeAnn,Ducat gives a masterful testimony at the CT State Legislature.and engages in respectful dialogue with legislators. We could all learn a thing or two from this amazing Warrior Mom. Also, consider a one time, or recurring donation to Informed Choice USA PayPal
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