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Vazz Toons TV ,The Bass Episode, featuring Jaco Pastorius " Portrait of Tracy" 1976 and Venom " Black Metal" 1982. This is the one where we examine the phenomenon of Bass. Animated and directed by J. H.( Ocus Pocus) Vazz. It's the November episode , so it's 2 days late. ke c [email protected] ! This show is dedicated to Davie 504. OMG! While we're at it, please subscribe!

Guess who's back in circulation?
Welcome to the 1st Vazz Toons TV show! Featuring the mighty Black 0ak Arkansas with the increíble Shawn Lane on guitar.
"God have mercy on my soul" live in FLA, circa 1978. Also we have Jack & the Ripper Z with the instrumental "Heartattack". Animated and directed by Vazz ( Swimmin' in Quicksand) Toons.
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Deep Purple/ I Need Love, off the 1975 " Come Taste the Band" album. Written by David Coverdale and Tommy Bolin. Produced by Martin Birch. Directed , animated and owed to Vazz Toons.

David Bowie/ Teenage Wildlife off the 1980 " Scary Monsters ( and Super Creeps) " album. Song written by David Bowie ,animated and directed by J. H. ( Aladdin Sane) Vazz.

Jethro Tull/Bungle in the Jungle written by Ian Anderson, off the 1974 " Warchild" album. Directed by Vazz ( Locomotive ) Toons. Really don't mind if you sit this one out.

King Crimson/ Book of Saturday written by Fripp, Wetton ,Palmer-James. Off the 1973 " Lark's Tongue in Aspic" album.
Directed by J. H. ( Easy money ) Vazz .

The Thoity Doity Boyds Suite / By Slovak, Irons, Kiedis, Balsary.
Live 1986 Seattle USA Earth.
Directed b¥ Vazz (Freak¥ St¥l¥ and proud) Toons.
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Bee Teeow/"Down the High" written by C.FredTurner & Rob Bachman, off the 1974 "Not Fragile" lp.
Directed by Vazz (Takin care of business) Toons. Like and subscribe , please.#vazztoons#classicrock#cartoonhangover

Dementia 13 & The Devil Bat/" Anti-Gravitical Vehicle Astray" directed by Vazz Toons.

Sikk/Gateway/written by Ace Frehley, from the 1975 "Dress to Kill " album. Animated by Vazz (Hotter Than Hell ) Toons. Please subscribe and check out the Vazz Toons shirts on Redbubble, link on the channel's masthead. #classicrock#pepevazz#cartoonhangover

Bride Of The Atom / Valley of the Rephaim. Complete film. Directed by Vazz Toons.This ,off course ,is a parody. All likenesses blah,blah,....

The Priest / Delivery the Gods ,written by R. Halford, K Downing and G. Tipton from the 1978 album Leather bent for machine or something like that. Directed by Vazz ( sad wings of destiny ) Toons.Please subscribe! and hit the like thingy. Dear trolls, we all know about Robert , so don't bother.

I kid , off course. This was done as an homage to the early Grantray - Lawrence Superheroes cartoon. I want to say the video was storyboarded by ,mostly, Steve Ditko.
Animated and directed by Vazz ( The Creeper ) Toons. Music is by the master arranger Les Baxter. I know, right ? By the way, it's a parody, done as an audition video. If This knee were doing this, i wouldn't be doing this.

It's just a channel bumper with music by Sanchez-Fas.

Written by Paul and Linda Mc Cartney off the 1975 "Venus and Mars" album. Directed and animated by Vazz ( all i need is a pint a day) Toons.

Off the 1991 "ll" album. Written by Bowie & Gabrels.
Directed by Vazz (Oy Vey) Toons.Thanks for sharing! Please subscribe, it's still free. Look me up in Bitchute.Wink,wink,nod,nod.

Billion $ Babies/ Love is Rather Aveugle off the 1977 "Battle Axe"
album.Written by Bruce,Smith,Daye.
Animated and edited by Vazz ( Desperado) Toons. Off course most of you 'll know this was the REAL Alice Cooper...but some of you don't...go subscribe to my other channel, the Mister 999, right now.

Adventures into the unknown with familiar faces.Weird animations for the miss informed. Directed by Vazz Toons!

Welcome to The Bride of The Atom ! Animated adventures of the coming Apocalypse. MK Ultra agents versus the white hats.Animated and directed by Vazz Toons.

Deep Purple /Dealer off the 1975 " Come Taste the Band" album. Written by Bolin,Coverdale. Directed and animated by Vazz ( Owed to ) Toons.


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