Once the ducklings were well-fed and stable on their feet, it was time to introduce them to their real mother, in the hope that she would except them and they her. I was also wary of both these mother ducks, as unlike my own birds they were far from tame or to put it another way, rather savage! I also didn't forget about Pearl, right from the beginning of this rescue, I had prepared a consolation prize as it would have been too cruel to expect Pearl to hatch these ducklings and then be left with nothing at the end of all her hard word. Written articles: Patreon:

Two mother ducks siting on separate nests in the same house, with both clutches of eggs set to hatch on the same day. One clutch hatches in the night and both mothers go out in the morning with the ducklings, leaving the other eggs just at point of hatch.... Pearl the Cochin to the rescue. Written articles: Patreon:


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"Wise men n'er sit and wail their woes, But presently prevent the ways to wail." I left work and the town behind me in 2000 to start an organic homestead/smallholding from a ruined house and abandoned field in rural France. I'm sharing my experiences on raising organic poultry (chickens, quail and fantail pigeons) in a food forest garden and on how we are trying to do our bit to remedy centuries of abuse to our home planet. I also have sites with written articles on raising poultry: - growing and cooking organic food and making your own health and beauty products: and making your own clothes and costumes through upcycling and using your imagination: