US Senator Bernie Sanders had the 2016 primary stolen from him by the DNC. He knew it at the time but refused to challenge the DNC over it. Since then the DNC have stated in a lawsuit that they feel entitled to decide who will be their Democratic presidential nominee and ignore the primary outcome. They have already decided their nominee and that is Kamala Harris. That has been locked in for some time. I address this and also the problems with Sanders on his foreign policy and other issues. I speak about the issues of the National Security State and how there will never be a candidate who will get through any primary which isn't on board with perpetual war and corporate welfare.

Has Alexandria Ocasio Cortez made a Faustian Deal with the Democratic Party not to criticise AIPAC and the National Security State? Max Blumenthal ( independent journalist) shares his thoughts w/ Robert Wright.

#IlhanOmar #OcasioCortez #ForeignPolicy

Here's the full interview with Max Blumenthal and Robert Wright here

McCarthyism unabated as CNN assists Facebook in censoring independent media "In the Now". CNN contacts the Atlantic council ( a right wing conservative warmongering think tank) which works in tandem with Facebook and In the Now has been removed as a page. (Feb 18, 2019)
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‘The Venezuelan economy has been crippled by U.S. sanctions’ says Labour MP, Chris Williamson, referencing former UN rapporteur Alfred de Zayas.

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Ilhan Omar is right: AIPAC influences US Congress to the tune of $4 million annually. George Galloway ( former British MP for over 30 yrs, broadcaster, film maker writer) sharing his thoughts on the Democratic party and their allegiance to the Israel lobby and their unfortunate vilification of Rep. Ilhan Omar for speaking the obvious truth about AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). To find out more check out The Electronic Intifada and their documentary "The Lobby". Check out George's Youtube channel for very interesting content.
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We need your voice to speak up against another U.S. war for oil.
With Abby Martin from The Empire Files
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#ALP #AustralianLaborParty #Venezuela
Australian Labor Party predictably supports US-backed Coup (for Oil) in #Venezuela. One has to ask two questions: When will Australia stop behaving like a US colony. Where are the Jeremy Corbyns in Australia?

I share my thoughts on the increasing droughts fires floods, insects disappearing in record numbers and what what can we do? I start by talking about veganism in relation to the 500K plus cows who drowned in Queensland floods and how this is connected to where we are today.

Rep. Ilhan Omar asked war criminal Elliott Abrams, Trump's new special envoy for Venezuela, "Would you support an armed faction within Venezuela that engages in war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide... as you did in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua?"
#ElliotAbrams #IlhanOmar
On another issue relating to Ilhan Omar and her criticism of the Israel Lobby, watch this undercover investigation of AIPAC

llhan Omar: Anti-Semitism? Or Fear of Open Debate on Israel?

Proof Ilhan Omar Controversy Is Phony Outrage #aipac

Rep. Ilhan Omar Grills Elliott Abrams on Support for Central American Genocide

Independent non-partisan research Pew Global Research survey has found In 2013, only one-quarter of people across 22 nations saw the US as a threat to their countries. That figure jumped to 38 percent in 2017 and rose further to 45 percent last year.

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Juan Guaido (self proclaimed President of Venezuela and unelected) does not have the support of the most of the Venezuelan people and it looks as if Guaido will need US military intervention to be able to take power.

"The main threat to Latin America and to the Carribean is the bullying of the United States and its allies" Cuba at UN Security council meeting #HandsOffVenezuela #Maduro #Venezuela #Guaido #pompeo #UN #latinamerica #Bolivia #cuba #Russia #China #USEmpire #carribean

Excerpt from George Galloway's "THB 5 The Story of Iraq from TE Lawrence to GW Bush"

Economic Sanctions are an Act of War. At present the US has put crippling economic sanctions on Venezuela.
#economicsanctions #Venezuela #Imperialism

For more information: George Galloway on #Venezuela (subtitulos en Español)

The History Boys 16: Venezuela, Maduro and Latin America #HandsOffVenezuela

#HandsOffVenezuela #venezuela #Oil
Right out in the open US empire targets VENEZUELA,
another country with high reserves of #Oil

#carnage #vegan #animalKillClock
A huge clock which shows the number of animals being slaughtered for food in the UK in real time has been set-up in London. It is also and the US. I don't agree with the folks who organised this clock in relation to their "Veganuary" project, but I think pointing out the incredible carnage which takes place every second of every day is powerful and hopefully will make people aware of what we are all participating in when we are not vegan. Please go vegan

Some thoughts on why we are able to ignore some injustices and not others
#vegan #property #speciesism

A non-vegan world reflects the state we are in as a species
#vegan #birds

Yes we CAN afford a Green New Deal and we don't need federal taxes to pay for it. How progressives can answer the all important question "How are you going to pay for it".

MMT is simply a description of the operational reality of a sovereign economy. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is speaking about #MMT openly. It's on Politico, Fox news and a whole bunch of mainstream media. Dr Stephanie Kelton (Bernie Sanders' economic advisor during his 2016 presidential race) has been talking about it for years. Steve Grumbine (Founder of Real Progressives) and many others have been talking about Modern Monetary Theory for years. MMT has gone mainstream. Time to #LearnMMT #GreenNewDeal #OcasioCortez

To find out more Dr Stephanie Kelton: The Public Purse (The government budget is not a family budget and why it matters)
Dr Stephanie Kelton unpicks dangerous myths about our economy
Real Progressives:
Dr. Stephanie Kelton's blog:

Sharing an excerpt of an essay by the important Venezuela Analysis ( : )

Twelve Step Method to Conduct Regime Change
#Venezuela #coup #Guaido

Venezuela: Refuse to Fight Another Oil War

Journalist Max Blumenthal asked Alexandria Ocasio Cortez if she had a comment on the situation in Venezuela a few days ago, and she said she was working on a response. Still Waiting on a Response from her

#Venezuela #HandsOffVenezuela #OcasioCortex #coup

Venezuela: Refuse to Fight Another Oil War

I refer initially to a heartfelt speech by Ellen Page on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, to discuss the duopoly, the role of corporate jesters / establishment tools like Colbert, Jon Stewart and the like, and how they support and defend the Democratic party as if the Democratic party is somehow radically different from the GOP or that it is the "good" party. I also discuss the farce of US Elections and Presidential Races in relation to the DNC's admission that they select their own candidate and ignore the primary and that in view of this admission, are we not fools for spending time and money supporting and promoting ANY candidate from that party? Also that anyone who may be anti-war and anti-imperialist will NEVER get anyone near the top job and if they happened to, by some freak accident got to be POTUS, they would most likely be taken out either by assassination or some other nefarious method.

I give a short update about the situation with Tasmanian Fires in the Huon Valley
#TasFires #Climate

Are we wringing our hands about the climate crisis and at the same time overlooking or ignoring one very important thing?
#tasfires #climate

#TasFires 29/1/19 at 17:15, Tasmania Fire Service doing a valiant job in the face of widespread uncontrollable fires. Thankyou.
#Tasfires #HuonValley #climate

Fires in Tasmania around where we live. Danger ongoing.
#Tasmania #Fires #Climate

Tasmanian Fires: We had to evacuate with our felines, a few items and some good thoughts.
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