In the Military & fearing a coming war on Iran? Need advice on how to get out of these immoral wars?. I talk about the steps one can take, a resource that's very informative. Also I speak of the alt right "baiting" the left in the hopes they will strike first and the history of fascists attacking socialists. Chelsea Manning, the latest from her site on her imprisonment and her defense. Rape in the military and a "rape list" on a submarine. and more
#Iran #War #imperialism

Climate Emergency: What can we do, when Governments & Corporations will do nothing?

#Vegan #animalagriculture #climateemergency

I share my thoughts on May 18, 2019 Australian Federal Election and the shocking result, what it means, why I think we have the neoconservative Morrison government we have. I discuss the Australian Labor party and what I think are its ongoing failings. I talk about Australian electoral politics, how neoliberalism and neoconservatism is rife. What is the remedy for the move further and further to the right? and more.

#ScottMorrison #AustralianLaborParty #Adani

Via The Real News Network: Published on 16 May 2019
"Freed eight days ago, Manning was subpoenaed before a new grand jury investigating Assange. Despite grave danger to her health, she refused to testify, saying she would rather die in prison than change her principles"

"Chelsea Manning was not only put back in jail, but Judge Anthony Trenga ordered her to be fined $500 every day she is in custody after 30 days and $1,000 every day she is in custody after 60 days. This is unprecedented."

#ChelseaManning #GrandJury #JulianAssange

A preface sharing my thoughts about this recent action by "Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) members Ajamu Baraka, Netfa Freeman and Paul Pumphrey physically struggling with neo-fascists who were trying to prevent food the Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. brought to the Venezuelan Embassy Protection Collective. Four bags of food and power supplies were delivered, only because police did not prevent it as they usually do by blocking deliveries or cutting rope. See the whole 9-minute struggle. After watching, mobilize for this Saturday's rally at the embassy by organizing a car pool as NJ Anti War Agenda is doing:"

Original source of excerpt here

Tanya Plibersek, future Australian Deputy PM (ALP) Ignorant about Julian Assange and Journalism
#Assange #journalism #pressfreedom

If US violates Article 22 Vienna Convention, U.S. National Security stage sets stage for war on #Venezuela
#Venezuela #VenezualanEmbassy

Article 22:
The premises of the mission shall be inviolable.The agents of the receiving State may not enter them, except with the consent of the head of the mission.

2.The receiving State is under a special duty to take all appropriate steps to protect the premises of the mission against any intrusion or damage and to prevent any disturbance of the peace of the mission or impairment of its dignity.

3. The premises of the mission, their furnishings and other property thereon and the means of transport of the mission shall be immune from search, requisition, attachment or execution.

Venezuelan Embassy Protection Collective to be removed / arrested soon by US police and SS.

Embassy Protection Collective Releases Statement on 34th Day of Venezuelan Embassy Standoff

Ahed Tamimi leads the Great Rally today in London UK to support a free Palestine
#AhedTamimi #London #Palestine

Are Colonialist Interventionist Attitudes almost in our DNA?
#imperialism #Venezuela #Colonialism

Urgent request to Committee to Project Journalists to aid Protectors in Venezuelan Embassy DC
#PressFreedom #Venezuela #CPJ

Mnar Muhawesh: "The Trump administration is violating international law and besieging American journalists in plain sight! I will be releasing an official statement today demanding an end to the power blackout, food to be allowed in and the police/secret service be held accountable for besieging and allowing for the assault against our journalist Alex Rubinstein, and Grayzone reporter Anya Parampil at the Venezuela Embassy in Washington DC. This is a clear violation of press freedom and international law. Stay tuned.."

CPJ: [email protected]
Secret Service: 202-406-5708”

Secret Service Blocking Food From Reaching Activists Inside Venezuelan Embassy

“It is a strange irony that the same tactics being used against Venezuela are being used against the Embassy Protection Collective.” — Activist and Embassy Protector Kevin Zeese

Just when you thought "organic" dairy was the "good" and "nice to animals" kind of dairy.
#dairy #organic #humane

For more info: What's Wrong with Vegetarianism

An excellent discussion and analysis by ALEXANDER MERCOURIS (editor of the Duran) about the legal process involving Julian Assange's case which he argues is "clearly radically essentially wrong"

#JulianAssange #journalism #FreePress

Julian Assange's Wikileaks Defence Fund:
Chelsea Manning's Defence Fund
#PressFreedom #JulianAssange #Belmarsh

Write to imprisoned Wikileaks publisher #JulianAssange.
Join the mass letter writing campaign to Belmarsh Prison with messages of support

Mr. Julian Assange
DOB: 3/07/1971 HMP Belmarsh
Western Way
London SE28 0EB

Please note there will be restrictions of what you can send so please find out otherwise your letter will not get through. I imagine you will not be able to send photos, books, etc. Best to just stick to a letter and nothing else.

Pamela Anderson on her visit to Julian Assange : "A Matter of Life & Death" on the need to release Assange from Belmarsh Prison
#PressFreedom #JulianAssange #Belmarsh

Is Donald Trump and the National Security State Planning A War Against Iran?
#Iran #War #Trump

Ilhan Omar under Fire again for advocating Justice for Palestinians in Gaza

#IlhanOmar #Gaza #Islamophobia

What would happen if all humans vanished from the planet? That was a question someone asked an Indian teacher. I speak personally about this issue.
#humans #extinction #vegan

40 White Helmuts Admit in UN Study They Staged Chemical Weapons Attacks in Syria

#whitehelmuts #ChemicalWeapons #Syria

Report: US Sanctions Have Cost 40,000 Venezuelan Lives. The 27-page paper was authored by economists Mark Weisbrot and Jeffrey Sachs, who determined that sanctions have “inflicted very serious harm to human life” in Venezuela. ... They also contend that sanctions have also stunted any possibilities of tackling hyperinflation and Venezuela's severe economic crisis.
Read the article by Venezuela Analysis here:

#Venezuela #Sanctions #US

The Failed US backed coup in Venezuela. The US empire will not give up until they have crushed the Bolivarian revolution, and have gotten access to the oil which they have publicly spoken about. Now that the military coup has failed, will Erik Prince and 5000 mercenaries conduct a military coup of their own?

US backed Military Coup underway in #Venezuela
#HandsOffVenezuela #Guaido

Update: Venezuela's Maduro says he has spoken with military leaders who ‘have shown him total loyalty’ — RT World News

No Take Over of La Carlota Air Base By Defectors

Federal Australian Green Party Calls for Protecting the very Industry causing the Climate Crisis
The Federal Australian Green Party states in their election ads that they will protect the dairy industry from the climate crisis. The dairy industry and the "beef" industry and other forms of animal agriculture, are the very industries that are the major driver of climate crisis. The ad states that the Greens will address the climate crisis with renewables to protect the dairy industry and other businesses. The irony. Surely we can do better than this?
#dairy #GreenParty #climate

Trish here: The quote by Chris Hedges "The insane positivism, that reality is never an impediment to what we desire " succintly describes the issue I discuss. Short and sweet. Please check it out :)
#Karamo #positivism #causes

Artwork by Surrealist Robert Matta

Veterans for Peace, Veterans & Post-traumatic Stress Injury, the Daily Christchurch Massacre in Iraq

Trish here: Looking through rose-coloured glasses today ;-) I talk about the deliberate uniform mainstream media dehumanisation of Julian Assange which is just another clear indication that the 4th Estate is Dead. I speak about this and also about the poverty draft, and our attitudes which keep us in a state of perpetual war.

#JulianAssange #censorship #povertydraft


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