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52 Minutes of classic oldies for the more mature music palate, including songs from the musicals, traditional ballads and easy listening chart hits. I perform songs by singers such as Doris Day, Ricky Nelson, Nat King Cole, Gene Kelly, Cliff Richard, Pat Boone, Bud Flanagan, Fats Domino, Jim Reeves, Frank Sinatra, Marie Lloyd, Louis Armstrong, Bobby Darin, John Denver, The Drifters, Neil Diamond and Elvis Presley.

With a bit of patience and care and a set of professional quality hairdressing scissors (a pair of normal cutting scissors and a pair of thinning scissors), you can do a good job of cutting your own Barnet. Whatever you do, don't rush it.

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I plan to upload a higher resolution version soon.

A 49 minute film where I suggest some of my favourite "classic" films and TV shows to watch during the current lockdown. Great entertainment value is the thing I've tried to focus on with my suggestions. I've selected a clip of each one to give people a flavour of what to expect. I tried to be careful not to give too much away or include "obvious" scenes from films. I realise a lot of people will be very familiar with these films and TV shows, so to them, this is a reminder of how very good they are.

Sorry if I ramble on a bit between the clips, I'm not exactly Barry Norman (if you're old enough to remember him). I made notes, but I did it off the cuff really, the hard bit was putting it all together afterwards.

A 26 minute film of my recent shopping trip to Aylesbury in the UK, where I played a fun "top 5" music rundown of hit songs with titles humorously relating to the current situation of people keeping two meters away from each other (just a bit of fun, I wanted to put a smile on people's face as well as playing some classic music tracks).

The stores I visited were Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl and Tesco. The music quality is very good.



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Hopefully, helping people through the lockdown.