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Three independent studies released in 2020 compared the overall health of vaccinated and unvaccinated people and the results are striking. Everyone who is considering vaccination for themselves or their families should weigh the striking results of these reports before making a fully informed decision.*



2. Greg Glaser, attorney - The Control Group survey, reports and litigation:​

3. Hooker-Miller study:​

4. Lyons-Weiler/Thomas study:​

5. Mawson study:​

6. Report on Mawson study:​

7. US Census Bureau’s National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH) questionnaires ( ~170 questions, NOT ONE asks about vaccination status):​

8. CDC reports on chronic illness in America:​

9. Vaccines are classified as “unavoidably unsafe” by the law - CFR, Comment k
“Unavoidably unsafe products” are discussed in the Code of Federal Regulations, Restatement of Torts (Second) 402A (k) § 402A. Special Liability of Seller of Product for Physical Harm to User or Consumer, Comment k. These are just a few references:

“Unavoidably Unsafe Products: Clarifying the Meaning and Policy Behind Comment K”​

“Unavoidably Unsafe Products: A Modest Proposal”​

“Understanding dangerous design defects and proving them”​

10. The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) (which protects vaccine makers from legal liability and shifts burden of compensation for vaccine injuries and deaths onto the taxpayers):​

11. 2011 Supreme Court (Bruesewitz) ruling that vaccine makers cannot be sued for design defects that harm or kill because the 1986 law acknowledged that vaccines cannot be made safe. (See NCVIA and CFR/Comment K references)​

12. Erik Nikolaisen – actor:​

*NOTES & CORRECTIONS: (1) The percentage of vaccinated Americans is approximately 99.74. (2) Although cystic fibrosis is a chronic illness, it is a genetic disease and it is currently unknown whether it can be exacerbated by vaccines.

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This is a very powerful message even if you don't like the person that is delivering it. Just listen to what is being said. It is time for a massive change and a shift in consciousness for all of us, and not just men. Consider where your moral compass is at right now. Is it in darkness or is it in light and love. Just remember only you can move yourself from darkness to light. It is not anybody else's responsibility to do that for you. This is a message I have to constantly remind myself also.
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There are a number of messages in this very short video. See if you can spot them. Watch until the end and listen to how a victim of human trafficking, and her sister, along with Charlie Ward blow the lid on Disney.

To all the ignorant people that are prepared to make nasty comments about people they do not know, I would seriously advise you to keep your opinions to yourself until you have done some homework like the rest of us. If you do not have anything nice to say about anyone, then just keep your psychosis in your head, and the rest of us will continue to pray and meditate for your ascension from 3d and beyond. Wake up from your BBC News, and embrace the reality that is about to hit you in the face. Cults, Human Trafficking, and Child Sex Trafficking is a real thing. Check your moral compass...
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These guys have put together an amazing website for all patriots globally. They are based in united states and are working with local communities through their sheriffs to make a different to their towns by taking the appropriate action. Follow the link for more details:


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