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If you have not seen my previous video where I tested the gas, go check it out.

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They've been spraying El Paso, TX nonstop for a week straight. People are starting to get sick. Now the MN reserve 644th Regional Support Group is at Ft. Bliss. Are they prepping for a quarantine? If they try to say this is "c0v!d" or "sm4lIp0x" don't believe it. Eye's on El Paso

Why is Pakistan so concerned about the TTP? The Taliban could roll up into in Pakistan and snatch the nukes whenever they want!


Belarus is piling up thousands of un-screened "migrants" in squalid conditions along Polands border. Once the invasion begins, an epidemic could very well occur. This is the new face of biological warfare.

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Stand your ground and help your neighbors

WW3 could pop off any minute.

Belarus is threatening to place a blockade on NATOs natural gas. If they do this, it will be an ACT OF WAR against SEVERAL NATO countries, any one of which can then LEGALLY and UNILATERALLY attack Belarus in response. The worst part of all this? Russia would have no legal grounds to come to the aid of Belarus..... Lukashenko is about to go

The momentum has shifted RAPIDLY

Consider investing in Polish Military Bonds

But the MSM doesn't want to talk about it...

Tensions escalate as nations make preparations for ww3

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Border security tightens around the world while the US Army prepares for a nuclear event.

I guess he's done playing around.... sometimes you get what you ask for huh?

Saudi Arabia calls Bidens bluff while environmental terrorists continue to hold affordable energy hostage on the heels of a brutal winter.

Now that Uncle Sam is out of the fight, everyone in the Middle East is seizing the opportunity to take control of the oilfields.
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I guess this means the allegations are substantiated? Haha

Laredo TX is making some headlines these day....

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What is the REAL reason for the increase in the price of oil? And is Obama and Biden guilty of TREASON for aiding and abetting the enemies of the US?


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