I'm uploading this video to show how I fixed an occasional Moire problem I had with encoding some of my videos in Handbrake and what setting will fix the problem.

In this video I'm heading back from the Honda dealership after having the car's systems checked in regards to the Auto Bright's not working consistently since the BCM update.

In this video I tell you guys what it was like being an associate of Best Buy for 21 years, what's good and bad about Best Buy, and how I feel about being let go after 21 years.

In this video I discuss the timing of my fluid changes and an opposing opinion on at least one fluid exchange interval.

See the following video for information on how the Honda hybrid system works and what kind of "Mutant" transmission it has.

After leasing the Fusion Energi for 2 years I now discuss the things I really like about the car.

In this video I relay my experience with the 30,000 mile check up on my Insight along with an update on my Body Control Module update problems and the infamous center vent rattle.

In this video I go in for a 25,000 mile oil change and talk with the service manager concerning the rattling front vents. I also discuss the importance of getting your brake fluid changed every 2 years and the upcoming 30k transmission fluid change.

In this video I barely manage to show you how to remove and replace your battery in your Ford Fusion's FOB.

In this video I help better explain my video about what to expect from The Body Control Module recall update and the misunderstandings several of my viewers had because they didn't understand my stupid jokes.ūüėČ

In this video I'll tell you a story of an issue on my car that seemed to certainly be a hardware issue but was finally resolved with a factory reset.

In this video I show you an instance where the Auto-Brights fail to work unless you restart the car. This has now happened 2 nights in a row for me after the Body Control Module update recently released by Honda.

Here I tell you about my experience getting the BCM update and what to expect from the car afterwards.

In this video I go to the dealer to get the recent Body Control Module software update.

In this video I tell you about the newest recall for several Hondas including the 2019 and 2020 Insight and I correctly answer a question in the comments about how to stop the radio from playing random tracks off your media.

In this video I explain what happened to "blow" the tweeters and exactly what was REALLY going on.

In this video I show the installation of both rear and front Illuminated LED emblems on my Insight.

You can order these at

As usual I make a total fool out of myself and show you how I fail at changing the woofer in my subwoofer box.

In this video I tell you about an interesting feature I just discovered about the Ford's cruise control after driving it for nearly 2 years.

Well here I am changing the center speaker in a 2019 Honda Insight Touring edition. This video is definitely better filmed then my last one for those who want to see how to do it for themselves. I don't think this is the last time I'll be doing this since I play my music very loud and blown speakers are definitely part of my future.

Okay in this video I discuss an ethical dilemma and various subjects ranging from a radio tune to an old man and his lane keep assist system. Below is a list of time stamps so you can skip to whatever you prefer to hear. Sorry for the huge size of the video.

0:00 - 7:44 Stereo Tune and an ethical dilemma
7:45 - 9:06 More on the rattling vents
8:46 - 8:58 Dirty old man
9:07 - 11:52 Android auto, Bluetooth and Honda's crashing systems
11:53 - 14:02 Better Radar?
14:03 - End Old man and his LKAS

In this video you see how easy it is to replace your key fob battery for you Honda Insight.

In this video poor Ruby nearly gets her ass kicked by an unruly driver.

A night drive where I discuss various topics including more options for DSPs for your stereo, the ease of replacing the original amp if it fails, one person's repair of the rattling vent nightmare, Honda's obnoxious stereo crashes, and the possible value of making sure you keep you tires to the manufacturer's recommended tire pressure over increasing above it for better gas mileage.

link to Axxess DSP:
Link to a demo of this DSP being used:

Well Ruby's horn has decided to stop working. In this video I take out the horn and repair it.

Horn adapter:


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