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(Note, I can not send this on twitter. Twitter says it is too dangerous. It is FLAGGED; watch and you decide)

IG Stream (Ursa Manor)

Original Documentary
by Owen Benjamin

Dlive stream numbered 911

Cat woman likes Owen more than Batman

The legend Chuck Dixon joins to discuss comics, bane, and batman potentially being a gamma

"Everyone noticed me until I refused to wear the mask"

"Thanks @handdrawnbear_2.0
Brought a few tears to my old bear eyes" - Owen Benjamin

Music by Owen Benjamin

Dlive stream numbered 910

Some thoughts on hospitals and HGTV

The Vatican Secret Archives


Goat Mysteries and Crrow777 return


Jacks brothers love him. Wally always says “what do you need guy?” - Owen Benjamin



Here is @vertac_mfceo ridding this room of the deadly novel corona virus

YT Live stream numbered 662

Dlive evening stream 8/3/20

Dlive stream numbered 909

Look At What They Do (No One Kills the Children Anymore)

The Dershowitz Grabble

Previous interview with Urban Farmer

Beartaria (Lyric Video)

Private vs Public Churches

IG Piano

IG stream evening 8/2/20

by Owen Benjamin

Watch it while it's hot! :)

"I’m curious what metal each of those rings are. The grabbler is doing a spell here and I think the spinning rings is part of it. I’m starting to think it needs to do this hand motion for it to cast its spell" - Owen Benjamin

Simply put, upgrades improve the combat characteristics of a ship, but we imagine that you probably have more questions that need answers!
Why would you need "Aiming Systems" and "Propulsion?" Why should you mount upgrades in general? What's the most effective way to use them? To learn the answers to these questions and more, watch the new episode of "How It Works!"

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