Kangaroo country gone crazy

Disguised as sustainable and green

200 proofs uv been lied 2

LMS tactical ripping the puppet man lana marks ambassador to South-Africa.

NWO Propoganda

History of the Elite and the Global domination plan. Endgame by Alex Jones just before he succumbed to the elite as a paid schill opposition

Need i say more

Kushner owns lucent technologies that used to be situated at 666 5th ave NY. Lucent makes RFID

In your face

Alien Zuckerberg/Rothschild will not censor us

5g fries everything in a city near you

Billy and GSK is coming for you

Treating men with estrogen now.
Wake up or die

Why is Kill Bill investing in [email protected]?

If you dont wake up you'll be dead

5Geee e reeeee

World leaders reading their scripts from their masters

Billy the goat by ODD TV

UK happenings on the dreaded mm wave

Elites keeping us imprisoned


Fauci Gates fraud

Corony polony and the cabal

Rothschilds scum

5G Corony polony HOAX


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