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Even well meaning good doctors are killing people every day and are clueless about what they are doing to us.

They probably hoped you were not going to show.
What kind of stupid White man would marry this thing?
The nose ringed bitch could have a blast with me...If Thanksgiving dinner was at my house you two would have not been welcome. She could get volumes of teaching points with me.

They disrespect everyone at the event and think nothing of it. The family had most likely seen this pattern of behavior before and were not going to tolerate it any more. Blacks are statistically 26.5 times more likely to commit criminal violence against a white person, than vice versa, put that in your stupid ass talking points. I got a lot of those for you dumb ass.

It's disgusting how she sees everything through the lens of race, yet calls everybody else a racist. Irredeemably oblivious to her own actions. Typical. If she really wants to experience “white supremacy,” move to Russian or Eastern Europe. They’ll have you scrubbing toilets with your tongue.

Just another nappy headed fake intellectual. I got some real blunt straight up answers for your stupid pointed questions. Like this one for example, "if your paycheck is late, and you complain would that be racist?"...I got a lot of those.

"If you are fifteen minutes late to the theater and they start the movie without you is that racist?"
What about late to board the bus? Train? Plane?
Late to a wedding? Graduation? If they started without you would that be racist?
What if the group starting without you was primarily black? Still racist?

I would bet she was the biggest racist at the table and her cuck was number two in that order. I would like to see the woke people that would pay to hear the vomit nonsense that is coming out of empty head. She seems to be self employed as well as absorbed and that is good because she most likely could not make it to work on time if she ever had a real job.

My anti abortion stance gets shaken every time I hear some bullshit like this coming from some idiot.
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Get your asses out of the road. He should not be arrested in my humble opinion. This however is exactly what the criminals running this shit show want. The story:

An elderly American has been arrested after he was caught on camera walking up to environmental protesters blocking a Panamanian highway Tuesday and blasting two of them to death.

Disturbing footage showed a man with gray hair and glasses casually approaching the blockade on the Pan-American Highway and waving his finger while arguing with the demonstrators — before pulling out a gun and opening fire.

Police later shared a photo of the suspect handcuffed to a pipe as he was identified as Kenneth Darlington, 77, a lawyer and professor who holds dual citizenship in the US and Panama, according to Newsroom Panama and Agence France-Presse.

One of the shot protesters died at the scene while the second was pronounced dead at a local hospital, AFP said.

I am thinking that those moronic protestors are remotely controlled via the graphene oxide injections euphemistically called "covid vaccines". Those injections create WBAN network or "internet of bodies" that in turn connects them to 5G network and AI control grid.

Their behavior is so moronic and it is so world wide spread at same time that WBAN network to 5G network control mechanism makes perfect sense. AI issues a command and zombie brains execute the command.

Do not wait for zombie apocalypse, they are already around us. Why in the hell would they otherwise block the roads that deliver the goods and service and allow people to make drive/travel so they can make the living if those jabbed were not already brain dead because they are remotely controlled? AI has taken over their brains.

They are not using their "Secret Knowledge" they're just letting us know ahead of time what they have is store for us. And yes, they plan that far in advence

People need to wake up to the fact that Bible has been manipulated. Do people believe the Bible is referencing ONE God? Really??

I do believe in Jesus and a lot of the bible resonates with me, but most of the old testament doesn't resonate with me.

Would God really punish a person by torturing them for eternity in burning flames? Really?? Is that truly a Loving God???

Would God ask you to Sacrifice your Child for him? Really??

We only get to be one gender for eternity?

What about Reincarnation?

Do we only get to experience one single life on Earth?

Question Everything, especially the things that someone else taught you!

Icke once again blaming old white men for the evils of the world. Apparently this also applies to Soros.

Icke isn't that stupid. Traitorous POS

Certainly sounds like we do.

Not to mention NASA tells us we live in a pressurized atmosphere that mysteriously keeps the air contained, while surrounded by the vacuum of space...only space is fake. This is another example that proves that space is fake and we are in a closed system.

Half-Truthers are Controlled Opposition agents – these are the big alternative media personalities. They are creating limited hangouts on purpose. They are purposely not talking about certain subjects and putting out pieces of carefully selected disinfo. The alternative media is pretty much run by these people. You cannot underestimate how many agents are out there.

"Hi baby girl"...BAM! "Need a hand?" "Nope" She was about to need an arm. That thing was headed up her arm and if it got around her neck, she would have been dead real fast.

Why do I feel like this will be in the "What not to do when handling a snake" lecture? That snake was a little piissy about being kept in that cage was he not?

"The number one cause of death in Alberta in 2021 was 'cause unknown,' and that's never happened before," lamented @MakisMD

"We had 3,400 Albertans die of 'cause unknown.' And again, it's because the proper autopsies are not being done. The pathologists are aware of it. The health authorities are aware of it. They're discouraging autopsies from being done."

The governments of the world are killing us by the millions.

Shills do not expose real murderers and pedos

Gates and other pedos
they are all blackmailed and most of them are of that "chosenite" seedline

Terrorists Blowing Up Stuff gives Excuse for Martial Law – Martin Armstrong

Klaus Schwabs MINIONS exposed!!! (Young Global Leaders with Names, Faces and Occupations)

The Real Donald Trump

Dr. David Martin's Explosive Info on Trump and The Bio Weapon

A Verifiable Fact - Trump Works For The Zionists

Trump Knew Something About the Bio-Weapon

Are COVID Vaccines Now Being Put Inside Our Food


The REAL History of Tartaria - Cathay, Cambalu, Cumbalich

George Bush - Other's intrests TRUMP your FREEDOM - They don't care about YOU

Insane mindset of Jews perfectly expressed by this MAD CREATURE!
She wants to bomb hospitals!!!

Breaking! Full Media Blackout! Acapulco Completely Destroyed by a DEW Attack Lik

They knew they were forgetting something, they just could not quite place their finger on what it could be...

This particular POS has been arrested more than 20 times in the past seven years. Snohomish County sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene about eight minutes later and arrested 29-year-old Rhieanna Schindler, who was also wanted on several outstanding drug warrants.
Lock her up and throw away the key.
BTW, that was some brave dog, he was like "I am not going to risk my arse getting beat up, I rather play with the cat".


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