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Partial Transcript:

TRUMP: You saw what happened yesterday with Google. Google was totally biased, like you know they talk about Russia, because they have some bloggers. And by the way some of those bloggers were going both ways they were for Clinton and for Trump.

MARIA: Well somebody at Google said they what happened in 2016 to happen in 2020. They don’t want it to happen again.

TRUMP: Let me tell you, they're trying to rig the election. That's what we should be looking at, not the phony witch hunt. This is the greatest political disgrace in history…

TRUMP: They should be sued. What's happening with the bias, and now you see it with that executive yesterday from Google the hatred for Republicans. It's not even like let's lean democrat. The hatred. And actually I heard that all during my election. They were swamping us with negative stuff.

This video was clipped from the June 26th program of Mornings with Maria on the Fox Business Network.

Video obtained via CSPAN.


• Insider: Google "is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again."
• Google Exec Says Don't Break Us Up: "smaller companies don't have the resources" to "prevent next Trump situation"
• Google Head of Responsible Innovation Says Elizabeth Warren "misguided" on "breaking up Google"
• Insider Says PragerU And Dave Rubin Content Suppressed, Targeted As "Right-Wing"
• LEAKED Documents Highlight "Machine Learning Fairness" and Google’s Practices to Make Search Results "fair and equitable"
• Documents Appear to Show "Editorial" Policies That Determine How Google Publishes News
• Insider: Google Violates "letter of the law" and "spirit of the law" on Section 230

This video has been re-uploaded. Due to privacy complaints, some of the investigative journalism in this report has been censored. You can view the full, un-redacted version on our website:

Project Veritas has recently learned that Pinterest insider Eric Cochran has been placed on administrative leave.

You can support Cochran here:

Project Veritas has received and published documents from an insider at Pinterest. The documents, which include product code, Slack messages, and internal policies, reveal terms and websites that Pinterest apparently censors.

Watch Project Veritas' first feature video about the Teter v. Veritas trial.

It seems that the media can't be trusted, they need to be watched. And you can help us watch them. If you've been witness to interviews with the media, deceptively editing your remarks we want to hear from you.

Audio can be sent to Project Veritas here:

This Chase Bank customer came to Project Veritas to tell his #debanking story. We "clicked."

Other insiders (tech/govt/education/banking) can also be brave and make a difference:

In light of an arrest charge made against a double-voter, and a grand jury subpoena inquiring about the operations of Project Veritas, James O'Keefe has a message for the New Hampshire Attorney General.


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