April 2021 speaking to Orange County, CA board of supervisors

interview from Restoring The Faith podcast, in late 2020

Ammon Bundy explains why he is against face masks: "I strongly believe that I am not to wear a mask, I believe that I will offend God if I do, because I believe that it is part of the deception that they are using to control the people and take away the agency of man..."

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"I should defend my license over people dying!? Let TMB [Texas Medical Board] come after me. I should let people die bc I'm scared of TMB? Or...Anthony Fauci or the WHO? I'm not scared of ANY OF THEM. I'm NOT going to let people die, & if they come after me, it's going to be ON!"

This is the Heroic Dr Stella Immanuel of Houston, Texas. She has successfully treated over 300 covid patients with
Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), along with zinc & zithromax, with NO deaths, all full recoveries. Trump took this drug earlier year & praised it , then it became politicized & the FDA then 'cautioned against its use.' Its been on the market 65 years, is safe for pregnant & nursing women, has been typically used for malaria. Dr Stella was in Washington DC a few weeks ago & had a press conference on the steps of the U.S. Supreme court with Dr. Daniel Erickson, Dr. Jeff Barke, Dr. Simone Gold, & many others who have started a great group called 'America's Frontline Doctors.' Trump praised them the next day. Stella called the establishment (Fauci, Gates etc.) 'these diabolic people.' She is quite hilarious, feisty & brave, is smeared by the media as a 'religious extremist.'

8/11/20 Shasta County Board of supervisors meeting

since he was very nice , polite & normal, I'm not going to say where this is, because I wouldn't want him to get into trouble.


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