Salt Lake City, Utah ---
Officer Involved Critical Incident (OICI)
731 S. 300 E.

The Salt Lake City Police Department released 3 body cameras of an officers involved in fatal shooting occurred on August 5, 2019 around 7:20 p.m

Officers responded on a 911 hang up call at the Park Place at City Centre 731 S 300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, USA address. An officer tracked a car there that had been involved in a previous shots fired incident. The officer found that the car was uninsured. A passenger in the back seat 29-year-old Riche Antonio Santiago, then gives the officer his name and birthdate and the officer runs a background check on him. The officer learned Santiago had outstanding warrants. The Officers told Santiago that he was under arrest than Santiago produced a gun and fired at officers. Officers returned fire. Medical treatment was given but Santiago was declared deceased at the scene. The OICI protocol was invoked with the West Valley Police lead OICI protocol team handling the investigation. No officers were injured.

More details in the video with SLCPD Captain Lance VanDongen news conference.

Incident location:
Salt Lake City, UT 84111.
731 S. 300 E.

Two Palestinian assailants, both minors, stabbed a policeman near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City on Thursday, wounding him moderately before being shot by security forces, police said. One of the two suspects, 17-year-old Nassim Abu Rumi, was killed. The other, 14-year-old Hamoudeh Al-Sheikh, was critically wounded.

Authorities said the policeman, 40, was stabbed during operational activity. Other policemen who were present at the scene shot at the two suspected assailants.
Rescue services organization United Hatzalah said that the man was stabbed in his upper body and was evacuated to receive medical attention.

Footage of the incident showed the suspects holding knives and suddenly stabbing the victim. Police officers at the scene pulled out their guns and shot at the suspects several times. Police temporarily shut the gates to the Temple Mount following the incident.

A security guard employed by the Waqf - the Muslim religious trust - was also lightly wounded in the incident. According to Palestinian sources, the guard, Imran Rajabi, was not involved in the stabbing.

On Sunday, security forces clashed with Palestinians marking the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha at the Temple Mount compound. Four police officers and 61 Palestinians were wounded int he clashes. Police initially didn't allow Jewish worshipers to enter the site to pray on the holy day of Tu B'av, which coincided with Eid al-Adha this year. After the clashes subsided, a few hundred Jews were allowed in.

Last Thursday, soldier Dvir Sorek was stabbed to death near the settlement of Migdal Oz in the West Bank. Two days later, security forces arrested two suspects from a town in the Hebron area.

Vallejo, CA - On August 14, 2019. The Vallejo Police Department is releasing an informational video concerning the officer involved shooting that occurred on January 6, 2019. The
investigation into the incident has been conducted in accordance with the Solano County
Fatal Incident Protocol.
The material released today contains audio from the 9-1-1 call, as well as video from the
responding officers' body worn cameras, one of which depicts the shooting.

On January 6, 2019, at approximately 8:31 am, Vallejo Police Officers were detailed to
410 Nebraska Street reference a trespassing call. The trespassing suspect was on scene, as
was the property owner who called the police.
Officers located the trespass suspect and attempted to detain him. The suspect 49-year-old Edward Gonzales was
belligerent towards the officers and produced a knife, to thwart their attempts to detain him.
Officers gave him numerous commands to drop the knife and Gonzales would not comply.
Gonzales fled onto the neighboring property as officers chased him.
The officers continued to follow Gonzales until he reached a locked gate and he could not flee anymore in that direction. Gonzales turned and advanced on officer Christopher Hendrix
brandishing the knife in a threatening manner. Due to the immediate threat to the officer's safety, officer Hendrix discharged his firearm at Gonzales.
Medical aid was administered to Gonzales at the scene and he was later transported to an area hospital and is undergoing treatment.

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COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO--- The Colorado Springs police Department released 911 calls, radio communications and body cameras footage of an officer-involved shooting of 19-year-old De'Von Bailey occurred on 2100 block of Preuss Road, on August 3, 2019.

It all begging with a report of a personal robbery in the 2400 block of East Fountain Boulevard" in the Springs.

In the video you will find, in order:

911 Call Audio with Transcription
The initial portion of the 911 call from the reporting party describing what occurred and providing suspect descriptions
Radio Communications Audio with Transcription
This audio is compressed to remove empty airtime when no one is speaking
Sergeant Van’t Land’s Body Worn Camera Video
Officer Evenson’s Body Worn Camera Video
Sergeant Van’t Land’s Body Worn Camera Video with Enhanced Audio, Transcription, and Slowed Down
Officer Evenson’s Body Worn Camera Video with Enhanced Audio, Transcription, and Slowed Down
Copy of Colorado Revised Statue 16-3-103 “Stopping a Suspect”
Copy of relevant portion of Colorado Revised Statue 18-1-707 “Use of Physical Force in Making an Arrest or in Preventing an Escape Definitions”
Slow replay of the shooting.
Screen shots of the of the gun.

The officers whom discharged their weapons in this incident are Sergeant Alan Van’t Land and Officer Blake Evenson. Sergeant Van’t Land has been employed with the Colorado Springs Police Department since January 30, 2008. Officer Evenson has been employed with the Colorado Springs Police Department since October 31, 2012. Both Officers were assigned to the Sand Creek Division, Shift II, when this event occurred.
Here is a camera surveillance video of this incident:

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Louisville, Kentucky --- Louisville Metro Police Department released 2 Body Camera footage from two officers involved in a fatal shooting yesterday 8/13/19.

Louisville Metro Police Officers Carlyn Alexander and officer Lenert Elzy responded to a report of a domestic assault yesterday Tuesday 8/13/19 around 9:30 p.m. Anthony Wane French Senior 49 years old was shot and killed after he pointed a gun at one of the officer saying "I have gun, back up". The critical incident occurred at a home in the 2600 block of Greenwood Avenue, Police Chief Steve Conrad said in briefing about the incident.

More details and information in a LMPD briefing in the video.

Santa Rosa, City in California --- This is the Critical Incident Community Briefing about the officer involved shooting on August 1, 2019.
A man was shot by a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy after he attempted to stab a mall security officer and brandished a knife on the deputy. The call came in from the security department at the Santa Rosa Plaza at about 5:38 PM. Security officers told the Santa Rosa Police Department that a man, 42-year-old suspect, Brad Baymon of Minnesota, stole items from a store and when a security officer attempted to stop him, Baymon pulled a knife and attempted to stab his face. Baymon fled the mall north on Morgan Street.

A nearby Sheriff’s deputy received the “be on the lookout” announcement and contacted a Baymon who matched the description of the suspect on 9th St at Morgan St near the mall. The deputy stopped his patrol car and Baymon walked by the deputy, refusing commands to stop. The deputy gave warnings and deployed his Taser which had no effect on Baymon. As the deputy tried to get in front of Baymon to stop him from walking away,Baymon retreated backwards and ran to the deputy’s patrol car and entered the driver’s seat.

An altercation ensued as the Baymon pulled the door shut while brandishing a knife towards the deputy as the deputy tried to open the door. The deputy shot his service weapon towards Baymon which struck him at least three times. Baymon was treated for his injuries at the scene. He was transported to a local hospital by ambulance and remains there with significant but what is reported to be non-life threatening injuries.

Based on the countywide policy governing police shootings, the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office invoked the protocol and the Santa Rosa Police Department and the Sonoma County DA’s Office will be investigating the shooting. All future press releases will be issued by the SRPD.

Dayton, Ohio --- The Dayton Police Department released new New Surveillance Videos footage, pictures, maps, timeline and update details all in a presentation of the august 4th 2019 shooting.

A lieutenant with the Franklin County sheriff’s office pursues a speeding stolen car driven by a 16-year-old from Michigan. During the pursuit, a 61-year-old man walking across a busy street is struck by the stolen car.

Arthur L. Smith III was a familiar figure around his Madison Township neighborhood.

An auto mechanic for 30 years before health issues sidelined him, Smith often could be found walking with his personal cart, full of groceries or sometimes scrap metal. He would walk through his neighborhood off Noe-Bixby Road or to the nearby commercial strip along Hamilton Road, where the city of Columbus cuts into the township along Route 33 in southeastern Franklin County.

It’s a route that Smith, 61, was walking on Feb. 26, a sunny, 40-degree afternoon and a welcome respite from a cold winter.A few miles away, a 2001 Chevrolet Cruze blew by Lt. Edward Schillig of the Franklin County sheriff’s office on Route 33 just west of the Fairfield County line, initially clocked at 88 mph. The lieutenant pulled out to pursue the eastbound car, intending to cite the driver for excessive speed. He soon would learn that driver Ramadhan H. Muridi and four other Michigan youths — all of them 12 to 16 years old — had been on their way to Florida in the car, which was reported stolen five days earlier. Inside were about a dozen stolen credit cards to help fund their trip, plus a credit-card skimmer.

The pursuit lasted 10 minutes, but by the end, it would be tragically intertwined with Smith’s daily routine, and it would change the lives of all involved.

The details of the high-pressure, high-speed chase are documented in the dash-cam video from Schillig’s cruiser, radio communications and investigative records.
There is too much information to fit, read a lot more here:

Occurred on Saturday August 10-2019 at around 4:30 p.m.
WAYNESBORO, GA - Authorities say they've cleared a Georgia sheriff's deputy of wrongdoing in a weekend shooting that left a man dead.

Burke County Natalie Pane says Deputy Eric Madison was justified in fatally shooting 45-year-old Fredrick Andrews Hadden Jr., and the sheriff's office says likely saved the life of another person.

News outlets report that Hadden had abducted his ex-wife at gunpoint and forced her into a car. The deputy stopped the vehicle on Saturday, and Hadden allegedly shot her twice as she ran away.

The deputy then opened fire, shooting 18 times as he fatally wounded Hadden.

Madison wasn't injured, and a sheriff's statement praised his actions as "heroic."

The woman is hospitalized in stable condition.

Burke County is on the Georgia-South Carolina line near Augusta.

"Dear Bad Guys,

This is the wrong county to pick to steal from. It’s just not going to end well for you. We do pursue, our K9 does bite, we have great partnerships with police in our neighboring areas, and we DON’T catch and release.

The Forsyth County Sheriff's Office"
Early Friday morning, Deputies were alerted by our citizens of multiple suspects entering cars in the Evans Farms Subdivision. Deputies were able to obtain surveillance video from our great citizens and put out a lookout to surrounding agencies. Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office units near our county line attempted to stop the two vehicles and, yes again, both fled and of course FCSO pursued both vehicles, which were… you guessed it, stolen.

Sgt. Nelson, a PIT instructor for FCSO, successfully preformed a PIT maneuver on one of the vehicles, quickly resulting in two suspects being taken into custody. The second stolen vehicle was stopped by the use of tire deflation spike strips carried by FCSO Deputies on Ga 400 and three suspects fled into an Alpharetta apartment complex. After a massive manhunt, with K9 and air support. Three additional suspects are in custody, one left with a K9 bite to remember #youcantoutrunK9.

We now have three suspects who tried to steal from our Forsyth County Citizens in our Jail, two additional in the custody of the Youth Detention Center. Our FCSO Detectives are continuing the investigation, including possible gang ties by one or more of the suspects arrested.

Wise, Jobari. 17-year-old from Forrest Park, GA.
38 Counts of Entering Auto’s – Felonies
2 Counts of theft by Receiving Stolen Property
Possession of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime
2 Counts of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor
Theft by Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle
2 Counts of Theft by Taking a Motor Vehicle
Fleeing or Attempting to Elude
Reckless Driving
Failure to Maintain Lane
Traffic control Device
Driving without a Valid Driver’s License
Improper Passing
Hold for Another Jurisdiction
No bond.

Avery, Christopher Alexander. 18-year-old from Atlanta, GA.
38 Counts of Entering Auto’s – Felonies
2 Counts of theft by Receiving Stolen Property
Possession of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime
2 Counts of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor
Theft by Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle
2 Counts of Theft by Taking a Motor Vehicle
Theft by Taking – Felony
Two holds from other jurisdictions.
No bond.

Ooten, Rodney Bernard. 18-year-old from Atlanta, Ga.
38 Counts of Entering Auto’s – Felonies
2 Counts of theft by Receiving Stolen Property
Possession of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime
2 Counts of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor
Theft by Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle
2 Counts of Theft by Taking a Motor Vehicle
No bond

Two Juveniles, ages 13 and 15, are in the custody of YDC.

A Gilbert woman has filed a federal complaint against a police officer from her east Valley town, alleging that she suffers ongoing brain damage from his excessive use of force during her arrest.

Bodycam video of the arrest obtained by Phoenix New Times shows the 36-year-old woman, Samantha Glass, inebriated and resisting arrest after the officer told her she was being detained at an apartment complex. She was later convicted on related charges. But whether the officer's violent take-down of Glass could have been avoided is a question that will now play out in Arizona U.S. District Court.

According to the complaint field last week, Officer Christopher Robinson of the Town of Gilbert Police Department used "unnecessary and unreasonable force" in throwing Glass to the floor after asking about an alleged vehicle burglary.

Glass "panicked and attempted to free her arm," when Robinson tried to handcuff her, the complaint states. "The Officer, while still holding Plaintiff’s right arm, put his left hand on her back, pushed her down face-first, causing her face to violently slam onto concrete."

In May of last year, a police report of the incident relates, Glass drove to the apartment complex at 230 East Civic Center Drive, where her "ex-boyfriend" lives, because he had agreed to help repair a flat tire. The complaint, written by a local attorney Glass hired, states the ex-boyfriend is actually her ex-husband, and that she drove there to meet with him to discuss issues regarding their minor daughter.

Glass was drunk, by all accounts. The two met in the parking lot, and an argument ensued. Her ex-husband walked away, taking their daughter with him to a nearby park.

In Glass' version of the incident, documents show, she decided to sit in his car and wait for him, but it was locked. The alarm went off. She instead took the stairs to his apartment and sat down outside the door, intending to speak to him when he returned.

But other residents had seen her in the parking lot and believed she was trying to break into her ex-husband’s vehicle. They called 911, which brought Officer Robinson to her ex-husband’s apartment door.

WESTWOOD, Ohio --- On August 9 Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announced that no charges will be filed against the officers in the July 31st officer- involved shooting on Geyer Woods Lane in Westwood.

On July 31st at approximately 10:30 a.m. Robert Schneider 46 (DOB 10/21/72) robbed the Marathon Station located at 6050 Cheviot Road at gunpoint. A car chase ensued with numerous police agencies, including the Hamilton County Sheriff’s department helicopter, attempting to stop Schneider’s vehicle. Schneider eventually stopped his car and fled from the police on foot.

Schneider ran through a residential neighborhood brandishing a handgun and pointing it directly at police officers. He tried unsuccessfully to enter a residence. He then ran across the street and tried to gain entrance, again unsuccessfully, to another home located at the end of Geyer Woods Lane. The female homeowner struggled with Schneider at the door but was able to keep her door closed and prevent him from gaining entry.

P.O. Timothy Bittner, Cheviot Police Department, ordered him to drop his gun. Schneider refused his commands and Office Bittner fired one shot at the suspect.

P.O. Barbara Aylward, Green Township Police Department, joined the pursuit as Schneider was attempting to gain entrance to the second residence. Aylward fired three shots and Bittner fired one additional shot for a total of five shots fired at Schneider.

Schneider was struck in the head and torso. Schneider’s gun was still in his hand when the officers approached him after he had been shot.

Schneider was transported to University Hospital where he stayed until he died early this morning.(August 9)

More details in the video.

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GARDEN GROVE, Calif. Earlier today the Garden Grove Police Department held a press conference to provide the public with more information on the stabbing crime spree that occurred yesterday that left four people dead and two others wounded.

The attached is the suspect's booking photos, as well as the video surveillance of one of his attacks. We show this video so that you may see the speed and viciousness his actions.All the details on the press released here:

Modesto, CA --- The Modesto Police Department is released body cameras of an officer involved shooting critical incident involving the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office that occurred on July 17th, 2019.
In this critical incident, members of the Stanislaus County SWAT team rescued the victim of a hostage taking crime. The critical incident unfolded rapidly and was over in mere seconds.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office had been actively investigating a reported false imprisonment and suspected kidnapping , and had identified 52 year old Stephen Murray as the suspect in their case. The victim of the kidnapping, an adult female known to Stephen, had been held against her will and the Sheriff’s Office was able to confirm this. The Sheriff’s Office was able to obtain a Ramey warrant for the arrest of Stephen for false imprisonment, and weapons violations. Stephen also had an active warrant for his arrest for auto theft. Investigators were able to make contact with both Stephen, and the victim, and attempted multiple times to resolve the situation peacefully but were unsuccessful in their attempts.

At approximately 10:02pm Wednesday night, Deputies with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office located Stephen, on foot in the area of Vine St and Madison St. Stephen was walking with the adult female victim when he was contacted by the Deputies. When the Deputies contacted Stephen, he was non-compliant with orders and held the adult female victim hostage. Stephen placed the adult female between himself and the Deputies, while armed with a weapon that was later deemed to be a replica firearm. Deputies attempted to resolve the situation peacefully, however Stephen was not compliant and shots were fired by the responding Deputies.

After shots had been fired by the responding Deputies, the adult female victim was safely rescued and was not injured. The adult female victim is cooperating with investigators.

Stephen succumbed to his injuries at scene.

The Deputies involved in this incident have been placed on paid administrative leave as this is standard in any officer involved shooting investigation. A joint, collaborative investigation into this incident has been launched by the Modesto Police Department, Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office, and Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office. The Modesto Police Department is handling the criminal investigation because the shooting occurred within the City of Modesto.

Dayton, Ohio --- The City of Dayton's Department of Police released surveillance camera videos of a shooting on Sunday Aug. 4 where Connor Betts, 24, open fire on a packed street lined with bars and restaurants around 1 a.m and cause 9 fatalities and 27 injured.

City officials will provide an information update on the Aug. 4 shootings. The presentation given by Chief Biehl regarding the shooting in the Oregon District. Chief Biehl: there are 9 fatalities and 27 injured.
Of the fatalities, 4 are female and 5 are male.
Chief Biehl: Five officers and 1 Sergeant who were involved in the shooting are on administrative leave, as is standard protocol.

Chief Biehl: We don't have the answer as to "why" and probably won't for some time. This will be long and tedious investigation.

Chief Biehl: If the magazines the suspect had were completely full he would have had a max of 250 rounds on him at the time. There were at least 41 spent casings belonging to the suspect.

There were at least 14 of the wounded who suffered gunshot wounds. The rest had other various injuries.
Chief Payne: As of 11am there are 11 victims still hospitalized.

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Dunwoody, Georgia --- DUNWOODY POLICE
DEPARTMENT --- On Thursday, August 01, 2019, at 11:35 AM, Dunwoody Police officers observed a driver violating the Georgia hands-free law on Ashford Dunwoody Road near Interstate 285 west. Officers initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, 35-year-old Derric Alexander Simpson of Decatur, GA.

While speaking with Mr. Simpson during the traffic stop, Mr. Simpson began to put the vehicle in gear. Dunwoody Police Officer Nathan Daley reached into the vehicle in an attempt to stop Mr. Simpson from fleeing. Mr. Simpson accelerated with Officer Daley still partially inside the vehicle. Officer Daley held on to the vehicle as Mr. Simpson sped away.

While holding on to the vehicle, Officer Daley told Mr. Simpson to stop the car multiple times, but Mr. Simpson would not stop. Once on I-285 west, Mr. Simpson struck a white Ford van, knocking Officer Daley to the ground.

Another Dunwoody Police officer pursued Mr. Simpson west on I-285. Mr. Simpson was involved in a multi-vehicle crash just before Roswell Road. The Dunwoody Police officer pursuing Mr. Simpson pulled up as Mr. Simpson was fleeing on foot from the wrecked vehicle. The officer gave chase and took Mr. Simpson into custody moments later.

Mr. Derric Simpson has been charged with:

• Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer
• Aggravated Battery
• Fleeing or Attempting to Elude a Police Officer
• Trafficking in Ecstasy
• Possession of Marijuana with the Intent to Distribute
• Hit and Run
• Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon
• Interference with Government Property
• Violation of the Georgia Hands-Free Law
• Possession of a Controlled Substance with the Intent to Distribute

ARLINGTON, Texas ---
By Jesse Minton
Posted on Thursday, August 01, 2019
Arlington Police Department ---
On Thursday, August 1, 2019, at approximately 5:17 p.m., Arlington police officers, the Arlington Fire Department and EMS were dispatched to a welfare check in which the caller reported that a woman was passed out in a grassy area near Cantor Drive and N. Collins Street.

The first officer arrived around 5:20 p.m. along with EMS and fire department personnel, and they were unable to locate the female. The caller contacted the officer and was able to direct emergency personnel to the location where this woman was last seen. As the officer began to approach what appeared to be a woman lying in the grass, he noticed there was also an unrestrained dog. This location was near a fence line containing a heavily wooded area behind a commercial business that includes a sidewalk area. As the officer called out to the woman, Maggie Brooks 30 years old repeatedly concerning her welfare, the dog began to run towards the officer while barking. The officer retreated backwards from the running dog while drawing his duty firearm. The officer discharged his firearm multiple times towards the dog. After the shots were fired, the woman yelled out and it was apparent she was injured shot to the torso.

The woman was transported to a local hospital where she was later pronounced deceased. Preliminary information leads investigators to believe the woman was struck by gunfire from the officer. The officer is assigned to the North District as a patrol officer.

"Larry Hamilton, a 64-year-old who often tries to find work outside this Arlington Walmart, said he knew the homeless woman killed Maggie Brooks 30 years old by an officer as well as her boyfriend. He said they had a small brown dog and “she was real loving to the dog.” The dog “was her soul,” he said."

The officer, whose name has not been released, is 25 and has been with the department seven years, police said. He started as a detention officer, graduated from the police academy in February and was cleared for field work July 21, police said.

The incident was captured by body-worn camera which will be included in the investigation. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office will release the identity of the deceased once next of kin have been identified. This is an ongoing investigation to determine what happened. The department will release additional details and facts as they become more known.

Report #2019-02130756

Watch interviews and pictures here on this incident:

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico - The district attorney has released the surveillance video showing inmates attacking two correctional officers.

A multi-agency news conference held at 2 p.m. Thursday provided key updates on the attack that left two correctional officers seriously injured at the Southern New Mexico Correctional facility.

A total of 7 inmates have been charged in the attack that happened on July 16 against two correctional officers. The most serious charges are against Gabriel Sedillo and Rico Sena. Both men have been charged with attempted murder in the first degree, attempted kidnapping, inflicting bodily harm against a peace officer, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Three of the prisoners, Robert Dyment, Martin Cuevas, and Irvin Ramirez, have been charged with first-degree kidnapping, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, aggravated battery, and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery.

The other two inmates, George Cervantes and Daniel Aragon, have been charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping and conspiracy to commit battery.

The attack was reported to have happened during a nurse visit around 7:30 p.m. that Tuesday night.

"The nurse finished passing out medication and left the pod. The officer and sergeant returned to the pod to place the inmates in lockdown. As the sergeant spoke to the inmates, other inmates congregated around the pod door" and then attacked the pair, according to a statement from corrections officials.

The two officers were taken to El Paso area hospitals, including University Medical Center. Both have been released from the hospital.

The correctional facility, which is near Las Cruces, remained on lockdown for several days but has resumed normal function.

Greenville County Sheriff's Office
Officer Involved Shooting - June 14, 2019

Los Angeles Police Department --- Dash Cam and Body Cameras of
On June 5, 2019, around 4:50 p.m., in the area of 150 N. Myers Street, officers assigned to Hollenbeck Area Gang Enforcement Detail conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with tinted windows, a violation of 26708(a) of the Vehicle Code. A male passenger ran from the vehicle and the officers chased him on foot. The male, later identified as 27-year-old Jose Abel Iribe, was armed with a handgun. Iribe did not comply with the officers' commands, resulting in an officer-involved shooting. After being shot, Iribe threw the handgun over a fence, where detectives later recovered it.

While the officers were attempting to take Iribe into custody, he continued to refuse to follow the officers' commands. A TASER was used and Iribe was taken into custody. He was transported to a local hospital where he received medical treatment for a gunshot wound. No officers were injured.

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The Milwaukee Police Department Released 911 call and body Camera of an officer involved shooting of June 8th, 2019, All details are related in the video.

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San Leandro,Alameda County, California --- Thursday July 18, 2019

The San Leandro Police Department released Body cameras footage, 911 call, and details and a community briefing video on June 11, 2019 officer-involved in fatal shooting incident involving 56 year-old San Leandro resident, Anthony Gomez.

The incident occurred on June 11, 2019, when San Leandro Police officers were dispatched to the 600 block of Martin Drive on the report of a man wielding a machete (large knife). One San Leandro Police officer fired one shot at the subject after the man challenged officers and brandished what officers thought was a handgun.

Watch a Playlist of Videos Only Published on VLP BitChute:
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Streetsboro, Ohio --- The Streetsboro Police Department released bocam and surveillance footage of robbery in progress of 4 juviniles On Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 10:27am, the Streetsboro Police Department received a call reporting a possible robbery in progress at the Verizon store located at 9760 SR 14. As officers arrived at the Verizon store, the male clerk was running out of the back room toward the front door with his hands bound behind his back. Once he was allowed to leave the building, officers began ordering the suspects out. Two suspects walked out of the back room and surrendered to officers. Once they were secure, officers began to search the store and located two more suspects hiding in the back room who surrendered as well. Overall four individuals were taken into custody and one loaded firearm was recovered. The clerk indicated that the four males entered the store and ordered him to the back room where they bound his hands with tape. They assaulted him and threatened to shoot him if he did not open the safe. Eventually the clerk heard the police officer at the door and he saw the four suspects run to hide. He took that opportunity to run from the store. The person that called 911 noticed the suspicious males in the parking lot and then saw them run into Verizon with their faces covered and a possible gun. The four males arrested at the store are all juveniles. They are being charged with Aggravated Robbery with a gun and Kidnapping. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt in this incident and all four suspects were arrested.

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A military police officer was killed after reacting to a robbery in the bar where he was on Tuesday night (16) in Capão Redondo, South Zone of São Paulo. Fábio Júnior Lisbon was 33 years old, soldier and hit by two shots in the back.

The case happened around 10 pm, when four criminals entered the bar and approached who was on the scene, as shown in the video above . The policeman, who was in front of the establishment, shot the criminals, who reacted and also fired at the officer.

The man came to be rescued in an emergency room of the M'Boi Mirim, also in the South Zone of the capital of SĂŁo Paulo, but did not survive his injuries and ended up dying.

Cameras caught action
The local security cameras caught the whole assault In the video, it is possible to see the balcony of the establishment and the moment in which one of the robbers approaches.

"Come back, you rascal, are you kidding me?" "I'm going to make your coffin sealed, you ***," says one of the criminals.

A person who was coming out of the bathroom, right next to where the assailant was, notices the robbery and goes back inside. At this point, criminals start asking for wallets, cell phones and jewelery from clients, who even put their hands up.

"Go, pull, turn ... Go, everyone there, take off your watch. Go, take the cord there, you all (sic)," shouted one of the robbers.

Then the assailant takes the wallet from a man who was on the counter, removes what interests and throws the rest on the floor. Then push the bar girls on the ground. "You can throw them out of the bar on the floor," he says.

Meanwhile, other thieves approach customers at the tables outside the bar. The PM, who was also outside, performs the shots and runs towards the criminals at the back of the facility. From is position the security camera tdo not cover this area so it doesn't t show the moment the PM is shot.

Criminals fled
The assailants managed to escape with cell phones, money and watches from the victims. Until the last update of this report, no one had been arrested.

The detective who investigate the case questioned the bar staff, customers and witnesses around 5:45 am. The case was registered as robbery and murder.

DeFuniak Springs, Walton County, Florida --- On May 1, 2019, Walton County Deputy David Sanders was dispatched to a call of an aggravated battery which had occurred at 4156 State Highway 20 East, in Freeport, Florida. Deputy Sanders made contact with the suspect, Travis Leon Hayes, of Freeport, Florida. Hayes was armed with a knife and refused lawful commands to drop the knife. Hayes advanced on Deputy Sanders, threatening him with the knife and telling him to shoot him. Deputy Sanders shot Hayes several times as Hayes approached him. Hayes died as a result of his wounds.

Bill Eddins, State Attorney for the First Judicial Circuit, announced today that a review of a Walton County Deputy officer-related shooting death has been determined to be a justifiable use of deadly force.
Read the full report:

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