Vigilante Intelligence

Featuring Russian Intelligence's role in Canada's Coastal GasLink Pipeline crisis, & Aleksandr Dugin

Last documentary for reference

Also featuring Caleb Maupin, Whitney Webb, Medea Benjamin, Mnar Muhawesh (MintPress News), & Ben Norton

Part 1. KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov helps us expose Putin's mass disinformation network in the alternative media. Featuring Aleksandr Dugin, Richard Spencer, Matthew Heimbach, Zion Fraudson, Whitney Webb, David Duke, and more.
Part 2 at

Finally exposing Putin's long term strategy, how he supported Bush's war on terror, and sold out Iran. Strong accusations, but the evidence speaks for itself.

Katie Johnson rape allegations, Michael Cohen, JEDI Cloud, and Steve Pieczenik exposed.

Featuring Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, Roy Cohn, Tevfik Arif, The Red Elephants, Owen Benjamin, SGTReport, Qanon, & Stefan Molyneux
Part 2

It's clear now that Ilhan is controlled opposition. Regardless, everything on Ben Shapiro is spot on, enjoy!


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Investigative journalism. Focusing on the intelligence community and Trump's mob ties.