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"In Israel, We Have This Big Surveillance Lab Called The Occupied Territories, Where You Have 2.5M Guinea Pigs To Figure Out How To Completely Monitor & Control A Population With Very Few Soldiers." Yuval Noah Harari
A testing ground for the future
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❗️Palestinians Are A Template For What They Will Do To The Rest Of The World
"The Palestine Laboratory": Antony Loewenstein On How Israel Exports The Technology Of Occupation

MIRRORED from The Muslim Lantern
Check out this interesting encounter of Ex-IDF soldier with a Muslim guy on LIVE ,who exposes Israel and things he used to do while serving in IDF!!!

MIRRORED from SGT Report
February 23rd, 2024.
Dr. Robert Young returns to SGT Report with an interview that will save many lives. The bioweapon masquerading as a vaccine is killing people all over the world, and now studies show that even the unvaxxed are being transfected with Graphene and nanotech through shedding, chemtrails, water and food. Yes, it's in our food too. Don't miss this one, the info shared here may well save the lives of your loved ones.

MIRRORED from The Shannon Joy Show
Streamed on: Oct 3, 2023
In the summer of 1963, a young girl found herself caught up in a clandestine covert operation to eliminate Fidel Castro. This wouldn't be a shot heard around the world, but rather, a silent shot of super cancer causing poison, derived from a monkey simian virus called SV-40.
This tale has everything from murder, espionage, a tragic love story, to bioweapons and the genesis of gain-of-function research, weaponized in covid-19.

A girl freezes in terror after mistaking thunder for an Israeli air strike.
21 Feb 2024

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17 Jan 2024
These are the 2 Reasons I NEVER EVER buy Shredded Cheese!
📌A little Natamycin information: It is used for the treatment of fungal infections in humans. Natamycin is the only antifungal medication approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Natamycin is a macrolide antifungal used to treat fungal infections of the eye. According to the Mayo Clinic Natamycin belongs to the group of medicines called antifungals. It is used to treat some types of fungus infections of the eye and is available only with your doctor's prescription.
Natamycin (a/k/a Natacyn) is used to treat keratitis (cornea infection), blepharitis (eyelid infection), or conjunctivitis (pink eye) that's due to a fungal infection.
The preservative appears on Whole Food’s “Unacceptable Ingredients for Food” list and has been barred from products sold by the grocery chain since 2003.
My All-Purpose Prep Seasoning

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February 2nd, 2024

MIRRORED from Health Ranger Report
10 Feb 2024

Zionism and ethnic supremacy. (0:01)
- Biblical interpretation and identity theft. (3:14)
- The origins of Zionism and its connections to mysticism and infiltration. (4:57)
- Jewish tunnels in NYC and child trafficking allegations. (8:53)
- Secret tunnels and ritual baths in Israel. (11:51)
- Israeli government's control and mass bombing of civilians. (17:35)
- Secret societies, conspiracies, and control. (21:27)
- Holocaust history and free speech. (28:34)
- Hitler, the Holocaust, and extraterrestrial life. (30:46)
- Rituals and end times in Israel. (39:54)
- Ukraine conflict, symbols, and prophecy. (41:54)
- Zionism, Israel, and conspiracy theories. (45:16)
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International law is officially dead
Evil flourishes when good people say and do nothing.
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John Watt has responded to people calling him an anti-vaxxer…

14 Feb 2024
A troupe from the Alicante town of Torrevieja parades with children dressed in garter belts, nipple shields and LGBT flags

MIRRORED from mariazeee
12 Feb 2024
Legal experts and associates of Reiner Fuellmich join Maria Zeee to detail Reiner's kidnapping, imprisonment without due process and potential government operation responsible for his situation.

Feb 10, 2024
'The EU are frightened... they're beginning to realise that people will no longer let them get away with it... people are beginning to realise that [climate change] is a gigantic lie'
Christine Anderson MEP reacts to the EU 'climb down' over farming laws following mass protests.

MIRRORED from Al Jazeera English
Pro-Palestinian activists have been sharing a video in response to an Zionist advert for the Super Bowl pledging to bring home captives held in Gaza.

In the memory of Sidra and Suzan Hassouna who were killed by Israeli terrorist airstrikes in Rafah while they were sleeping.
The last video of them alive.
X keeps deleting the video showing the two girls playing before being killed by Israeli army missiles,along with their families!
Does Palestinian narrative violate the standards to this extent?
Does video of the two girls running arouse terrorism OR what?
Sidra, as reported by various people from Gaza, is the girl in that horrific image from the massacre, with legless body hanging from a bombed building in Rafah.
Suzan was killed in the same attack.
Children are not just killed in this genocide; they are torn, suspended, abandoned, and abruptly killed! While the world remains silent and watching!
“Husam Zomlot
This is 7 year old Sidra, the cousin of my wife. The impact of the Israeli missile was so powerful it flung her out, leaving her mutilated body dangling from the ruins of the destroyed building in Rafah 48 hours ago. My wife’s aunt Suzan, her husband Fouzy Hassouna, two of their sons, Muhammad and Karam, Karam's wife Amouna and her three children (7-year-old twins Sidra and Suzan, and 15-month-old Malik) were all killed. The family had been displaced from the north of Gaza and took shelter in Rafah. We will be relentless until those responsible brought to justice.”
Evil flourishes when good people say and do nothing!!!

It may be difficult to understand this kind of evil. But we are going to try.
MIRRORED from Owen Jones
Middle East Eye And other various sources.

MIRRORED from The Jimmy Dore Show
Jan 26, 2024
Lawyers are drawing up and filing an increasing number of lawsuits against employers for firing or otherwise punishing employees for failing to get the COVID vaccine. These lawsuits could result in BILLIONS in damages and represent one of the few ways critics can push back against the rabidly pro-vaxx establishment.
Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger speak with Dr. Kory about how even the Biden administration is running away from defending mandates.

MIRRORED from The Real News Network
17 Jan 2024 The Real News Network Podcasts
Israel's genocide in Gaza has undoubtedly become the most broadcasted atrocity in history. With massacre after massacre streamed daily to audiences in the billions, Israel's crimes have now been witnessed firsthand by a huge portion of humanity. In spite of this, corporate news outlets have trafficked in coverage that all-too-often flouts a reality we can see before our eyes. This sort of unreliability evinces far more than a crisis of integrity in legacy media—it's a sign of a deep political crisis that runs to the upper echelons of our system. Millions of US voters are turning against the Democrats over the carnage in Gaza, and rather than changing course, the powers that be are simply attempting to distort and pollute the narrative. Adam Johnson and Dan Boguslaw join The Real News to discuss the media's blatant bias in reporting on Gaza.

Production: Maximillian Alvarez
Post-Production: Alina Nehlich

How can these guys sleep? He said the blatant massacre “breaks his heart”. But questions is - does he have one?!
MIRRORED from The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder

19 Jan 2024

MIRRORED from Dr. John Campbell
10 Feb 2024
Thank you to Mr. John O’Looney of Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services,

MIRRORED from David Icke
Jan 16, 2024
What David Icke has been saying has been backed up by a group of Spanish scientists (the team that identified graphene in the fake vaccine). Here is their website La Quinta Columna

MIRRORED from PBD Podcast
Jan 17, 2024
John David Abramson is an American physician and the author of the book "Sickening: How Big Pharma Broke American Health Care and How We Can Repair It."
Dr. Abramson has worked as a family doctor in Appalachia and in Hamilton, Massachusetts, and has served as chairman of the Department of Family Practice at Lahey Clinic.

Dr. Abramson is a Robert Wood Johnson Fellow and is on the clinical faculty of Harvard Medical School, where he teaches primary care and public health policy.


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