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Re-Upload for considerably better quality.

Well, I finally beat Doom Eternal on both Ultra Violence, then Nightmare mode. Put together a quick montage of one of my favorite levels in the game. Mars Core. ON NIGHTMARE. Featuring some of my favorite songs in the game as well. Mick Gordon is a GOD

Not sure why but it looks like my Nvidia captures have some lag in them, it never ran any lower than a smooth 60fps for me (Would be higher, but I was playing with Vsync enabled).

Doom Eternal is an easy 10/10 for me. Such a lovingly crafted game. Every bit of it gushes with reverence for the titles in the series before it. GO BUY THIS GAME NOW

Track listing is as follows:
1- BFG 10000 - Mick Gordon - Doom Eternal OST
2 - Slayer Gate - Mick Gordon - Doom Eternal OST
3 - Super Gore Nest - Mick Gordon - Doom Eternal OST
4 - Nooks Cranny Upgraded - Animal Crossing New Horizons OST

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In order to get better you have to get your ass kicked. A lot

Probably the worst MK11 montage that exists so far. I tried my best. I don't even understand some of my editing choices.

Songs used:
6IX9INE Goes to the Krusty Krab (GUMMO MASHUP)

Tekashi's Island - 6ix9ine Vs. Flower Garden (Yoshi's Island)

Crab Rave Tati Remix (Remix by Fisheee123)

Brought the Cum Boys in on this one. Had a great time editing it tbh

Just a quick montage. This is easily the most fun MK since MK9. There's some really stupid stuff in this game, but god DAMN if they didn't nail the gameplay.

Music Used:

Through the Treasure and Flames - Madder Blue:

Dusk - Home:

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