My hoomans hide snacks once a day! It's a super fun way to eat and stay active :3

I can even hunt my prey in the air! Sometimes I become reckless and crash into things but I'm ok :3

I love hunting my new feather toy! I want to capture it, bite it and carry it to my nest as a prey :3

I like feathers. I will chomp and I will rip. I love playtime :3

Sometimes I just want to bite the leash, not wear it. :3

There's one word I know very well, "ruokaa"! It means feeding time. The hoomans work faster if I talk to them :3

The hoomans sometimes give me a little bit of their food when they are cooking. All I need is one pinch of tuna and I'm happy :3

"'Will Vilma Cat go Outside' is a series where Vilma cat tests her courage and tries to go outside. Will she make it this time?"

I want to explore the outside but it's really scary! I sometimes get confused about the floors and sometimes other scary creatures enter the building. I'm glad that the hooman is with me but I don't allow them to wear shoes. That's scary, too!

One of these days I will have the courage to make it through the front door!

I sometimes give massages to hoomans that I like :3

I love sushi fish and turkey bits!

I will steal pizza leftovers if left unattended :3

My sister Jade cat waking up purring because she enjoys hooman company so much :3

My sister Jade cat had such a great day! She played with her butterfly toy and fell sound asleep :3

Me reacting to cat feeder :3

Hooman gives me snaccs for high fives. This is easy :3

These are my favourite snaccs! I can solve any puzzle to get them :3

My sister Jade kneading in front of a nice human and audible tv :3

My hooman is being slow. I need snacks fast!

I was a bit chonky back then but now I'm good :3

This is my sister Jade. She likes to talk to birds. She lives in the countryside and hunts mice :3

I'm learning how to do video editing. It's hard without thumbs.


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I'm Vilma the kitty and I purr in Finland. I like chimken snacks and pat pat pats. I share pretty videos and pictures of me and my daily life.

Nice to meowt you :3

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