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It was pretty powerful for what it was, really. Around 35 watts per channel!

been a while, so I figured I'd cue up some tunes and just go haaam! about 1/4 the system power was used at max in the video, and my ears are ringing!

Random fun with my big sound system and the like!

Keep in mind you have to double the total value the power meters indicate together when the amplifier is running bridged, so maximum here we used around 160 watts! The sound which sounds like distortion is actually the shitty box it's in flexing. The woofer itself performs surprisingly good! But the box is junk to say the very least!

Just a old clip. Hope you enjoy the bass!


modification to power stage, continuous 4x30w no overheating

sound quality astonished me! This sounds really good! We are running off grid far away from interference from grid power etc

This hurts my ears. Cx But they also sound really good for what they are, and are more than adequate enough for a small Party etc. Together with a couple of subs they create a pretty impressive sound stage!

Testing off grid! It also has the ability to use parallell input, so you only need to feed it one input signal, but still be able to use both amplifier channels. Distortion is actually not the amp, it is actually overloading my camera microphone. Told ya it had decent power ;3 It can also be configured with the outputs in parallell, to drive lower impedance loads with greater power.

To make motors run quieter, and to make the inverter nicer for things such as chargers etc.

Free Electricity for life :) Put together for free using old batteries that needed some fixing, some old cheap amorphous solar cells, and a homemade 12v - 220v inverter made from scrap using old 12-0-12 transformer, IC4047 from old television set, 2 N MOSFET from broken PC Psu, and also reused the casing from the PSU for the inverter :) Works very very well!

Those signal meters...~ Yummy~

Same as prev clip, just some fun! And almost melting the poor coils in those little yellow speakers haha

This was just an old amplifier project of mine, one of my earlier ones from back in the day. It ended up exploding the IC during a mic check once, I still don't understand why to this day, but I guess it was just a quality issue from the factory.

Just had a bit of fun with a crappy damaged car audio subwoofer.

I'm extremely proud of this amp even to this day! C: This was a clip I recorded right after I finished building it! Here we test it with some reggae and a pair of fullrange speakers. It sounds really good and is very very powerful!

My original homebuilt gainclone, before it exploded and became a monoblock.

Playing King of bass by bass mekanik on the big PA system. The bass is absolutely insane IRL, the camera doesn't do justice in showing how powerful the bass really is. It feels like my internal organs will get pushed out of my body when standing in front of these speakers!

Maxing out my old crappy T-line box from way back when to see just how loud it can get. It got way louder than I expected.

12v amplifier test :)

I was bored one day and decided to try loading my old worn out 18 inch subwoofer into my corner of my room. But the bass didn't satisfy me because I had a cancellation issue. so I placed it firing in to my closet. Now the bass got absolutely immense. I'm not using much power either, my homemade amplifier was pushing about 100 watts at most. I still have lots of headroom left to use, because the amplifier can easily output over 200 watts without clipping. I got quite surprised by how loud this was!

I'm changing back to the original MGR drivers in my folded horns, because they are designed for the horns while the Kappa's are not. I loaded the Kappa's in my ported boxes tuned to 36 Hz and this is banging!


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Hi there! I am Vinyl's Electrovaganza from Youtube, and I am slowly transistioning over to Bitchute!

My name is Mathilda, and yes, that is my actual legal name. I am a trans girl who plays around with audio gear, electronics, and electricity in general. I also like vehicles, and other fun stuff. Stick around, because I think you will like my channel! I don't talk a lot, though. X3