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Occurred on September 24, 2018 / Zarechny, Russia

Info from Licensor: "Two huge aggressive moose fight for a female."

Occurred on September 13, 2018 / Cedar Creek, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "Wyatt and Jax, the parrot, are besties. Jax likes to fly alongside or hitch a ride on Wyatt’s head."

Occurred on September 13, 2018 / Homestead, Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: "Shortly after this vehicle had been taken away from the registered owner, that person chased our employee a couple of miles and then hopped in his pick up truck to supposedly grab some personal belongings. The rest is what you see on video. Due to a chain being attached to the truck he was not able to drive off. The police showed up and arrested the guy."

Occurred on September 19, 2018 / Windsor, England

Info from Licensor: "I took my 18-month-old son, Ronnie, to a local park near us in Windsor. He ignored the swings and the slides, picked up a rubber band and didn't wanna play with anything else, laughing every time he stretched it and let go."

Occurred on September 15, 2018 / Udon Thani, Thailand

Info from Licensor: "Mother hen protects her baby chicks from playful pet dog."

Occurred on May 2018 / Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Info from Licensor: "A spontaneous prank made by me and my son's uncle. We used an eye-shaped chewing gum to make the prank."

Occurred on September 21, 2018 / Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Info from Licensor: "I filmed the tornado from inside my car. I'm okay but I had a lot of cuts and bruises."

Occurred on August 31, 2018 / Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Info from Licensor: "This is something I do every day at my job. If I make a kid fall or do something funny, when it happens I'll look up at the clock, remember it and then go to our security camera and record it."

Occurred on September 19, 2018 / Selby, North Yorkshire, UK

Info from Licensor: "Around 10:45 AM, I was driving down Abbots Road in Selby on my way to a job in which I own and run The Prestige Valet Company. I noticed the Asda Van to my right, so I slowed down to give way to them. As he turned at the roundabout, his side door came open and approximately 10 crates with grocery items fell out all over the road. I stopped, put my hazard lights on, got out of my van and collected what I could to put back in the crates. I put the crates on the grass verge. I asked the Asda driver if he would like a hand carrying to his van, he so no thank but thank you for your help."

Occurred on August 9, 2018 / Rohnert Park, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "Leo and Monkey are best friends. Leo is trying to wake up his brother Monkey but Monkey would rather sleep, as always!"

Occurred on November 24, 2017 / Indonesia

Info from Licensor: "This is called a Boeleni Snake. So incredibly beautiful."

Occurred on September 15, 2018 / Southport, North Carolina, USA

Info from Licensor: "During the height of Hurricane Florence, residents living on the Big Lake in Boiling Spring Lakes were beginning to flood due to the extensive amount of rainfall over such a short period of time. Prior to the storm, the town had drained the lake to avoid potential flooding and since there had never been been substantial flooding issues, homeowners felt confident in staying in their homes. When it was evident that homes were in danger, the town issued a statement that residents on the Big Lake should evacuate because of the flooding, but many had nowhere to go. When the dam breached, water gushed out of the lake and within minutes, the Big Lake was almost empty and the homes on the lake were out of danger."

Occurred on September 4, 2018 / Bountiful, Utah, USA

Info from Licensor: "Around 11:30pm, a man either having a mental episode, or drugs, or alcohol repeatedly dings on doorbell and knocks while whispering to himself about what he's going to do, and also asking questions to himself all while acting like something straight out of a horror movie. He makes up a story about looking for his dog 'Fido'. After we tell him we've called the police, he left. The police never found him, despite driving the neighborhood with spotlights for about an hour. After a follow up with police, I've learned that he indeed has mental issues, they know who he is, but from the video there is nothing illegal about his actions apparently, so no case can be opened."

Occurred on June 30, 2018 / Moscow, Russia

Info from Licensor: "I saw a bird was entangled in the trash and could not get out. I decided that I needed to help it. It was more difficult than I thought, but I did it."

Occurred on September 20, 2018 / Lancashire, England, UK

Info from Licensor: "Two trains had passed at the crossing and the barriers were still down as a 3rd train was coming. The car in the video drove in front of me and started nudging the barriers 5 or 6 times before actually nudging far enough under to lift the nearest one over the bonnet of their car. Then they drove over the tracks and nudged under the barriers to exit the train track. The 3rd train passed approx 10 seconds after I stopped filming. The guy driving was allegedly arrested later for a string of offenses."

Occurred on August 25, 2018 / Sokolniki Park, Moscow, Russia

Info from Licensor: "This is a Pedal car race. My son is the one in the green car. The kids are such tough drivers, no one wants to lose, only win. Making difficult maneuvers, so proud."

Occurred on August 13, 2018 / Williamson, West Virginia, USA

Info from Licensor: "A car pulled out onto the highway and stopped in the right lane, causing a car and truck to take evasive action. The end result was nothing other than a few shaken up and scared drivers, everyone walked away unscathed."

Occurred September 18, 2018 / Yaroslavl, Russia

Info: "An unusual accident caught on a dashcam installed in a car that collided with a horse. The car was damaged, the video shows that the windshield was covered with a network of cracks. The animal, it seems, did not seriously suffer and got away with only a mild fright."

Occurred on September 22, 2018 / Singapore

Info from Licensor: "Two lovely caiques, Kaya and Butter, giving a free massage to the dog, Milo, but they ended up getting a powerful kick from Milo!"

Occurred on September 22, 2018 / Saratov, Russia

Info from Licensor: "The Kamaz truck drove into this father and daughter at a pedestrian crossing near the shopping center Astera on Prospect Stroiteley."

Occurred on September 19, 2018 / Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Info from Licensor: "We just went to visit one of the famous beaches of the Sunshine Coast, Coolum Beach. My two kids were playing on the playground, and many kids and locals were there. My husband spotted the big python coming from the nearest bush, crossing the footpath and climbing the tree."

Occurred on September 22, 2018 / Sochi, Russia

Info from Licensor: "Two vacationers wanted thrills. For an entertainment, they chose to parasail. At some point, they were thrown into the high-voltage wires by a gust of wind. After being hooked on the powerlines. The guy and the girl were electrocuted, they then fell to the ground."

Occurred on September 8, 2018 / Taichung City, Taiwan

Info from Licensor: "My cats giving massages to each other after playtime. Maybe they think that doing this will help each other relax."

Occurred on April 29, 2017 / Fort Benning, Georgia, USA

Info from Licensor: "A yellow garden spider wraps grasshopper in slow motion."

Occurred on September 21, 2018 / London, Kentucky, USA

Info from Licensor: "A tractor trailer carrying hives of honeybee's rear ended another tractor trailer. Resulting in a huge amount of bees being released into the area. The truck driver stated that the bee's would return to the hives at dark. The interstate remained shutdown for hours due to the bee issue."


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