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Occurred on June 7, 2022 / Nicholasville, Kentucky, U

Info from Licensor: "Alpacas and llama meet ‘stuffed toy llama’ most hilarious meeting, it’s like who are you invading our pasture.. is it a baby? Is it real? Let’s check it out!"

Occurred on June 29, 2022 / Godley, Texas, U

Info from Licensor: My daughter and our baby Frenchies love to cuddle. This is a daily nap in the house!

Occurred on June 28, 2022 / U

Info from Licensor: "I have a crazy male duck who chases and bites everyone. My sister came to visit me and Angus chased her up the deck but she stared him down and got him to back away."

Occurred on June 24, 2022 / Highland Lakes, New Jersey, U

Info from Licensor: "While driving down my driveway, I noticed a cub dangling over a branch on a tall tree alongside my house. I thought the cub was hurt or worse. I went on my deck only to discover he was positioned this way and fast asleep. Astonishing how he was able to sleep in such a balanced position. He later climbed down and was reunited with his mother."

Occurred on June 20, 2022 / Spring Hill, Tennessee, U

Info from Licensor: "My delivery driver could not care less about my packages or his job. I had to spend an hour cleaning up his mess. The freight company didn't seem interested in hearing my complaint, even after emailing the President and VP."

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Info: Teaching the puppy how to get up on the couch.

Occurred on November 2021 / Fairbanks, Alaska, U

Info from Licensor: "THE SKY IS FALLG! A giant streak of northern lights falling from the heavens! This was recorded in real-time under a full moon north of Fairbanks, Alaska! The amazing scenery really shows thanks to the bright moon and bright aurora as well as the sparkling snow! Welcome to our winter wonderland!"

Occurred on June 9, 2022 / Mallorca

Info from Licensor: Did I do that?

Occurred on June 27, 2022 / Las Cruces, New Mexico, U

Info from Licensor: "Golden Retrievers are presumed guard dogs but are scared of everything. This is is one of the daily antics in the life of Georgia and Lilly."

Occurred on June 12, 2022 / Elcho, Wisconsin, U

Info from Licensor: This raccoon showed off acrobatic skills to chow down on some bird seed.

Occurred on January 30, 2020 / Bahamas

Info from Licensor: All the sharks!

Occurred on May 2021 / New York, U

Info from Licensor: "My dog Louis likes to howl along with the fire truck sirens."

Occurred on August 2020 / Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Info from Licensor: "The video shows an experienced caver exiting a tiny passage in a cave in the Swabian Alps. The caver is on the way out of the cave. The passage is too tight to fit a helmet through it, so it has been left before entering the passage."

Occurred on May 26, 2021 / Tonkawa, Oklahoma, USA

Info from Licensor: The police took me to the side of my house and informed me that I could not have those signs as it was illegal to possess them. I told them I didn’t know that and that a friend had given them to me, but I had no problem giving them to the officers. So I took them into my backyard and ripped the signs out of the ground that had been there for a few years. I took a post-hole digger and buried them 4ft into the ground for yard ornaments. I then handed them to the officers and started recording. They said they wouldn’t fit in the car, so their only option was to walk all the way from my house, down to the police station carrying these huge intersection signs. This happened a while ago; no charges were pressed to my knowledge.

Occurred on June 14, 2022 / U

Info from Licensor: "My friend called me about a bird being stuck in the netting of his garden. I rushed over and my heart shattered when I laid eyes on this bird, just dangling by his leg.
After freeing the bird, they took off hopping around and flew down the hill, happily."

Occurred on June 13, 2022 / Adel, Georgia, U

Info from Licensor: Video of Taz, the Blue Heeler, petting his human. It appears the tables have turned. The tik tok community is now divided. Is he a human inside or is he just a dog asking for attention? You decide.

Occurred on June 22, 2022 / Troy, Michigan, U

Info from Licensor: "Freddie is obsessed with the ice cream truck and they also adore him! The drivers come once a week just to see him!"

Occurred on May 12, 2021 / Vanceboro, North Carolina, U

Info from Licensor: I have a 2-year-old chocolate lab named Boone, who is extremely happy and rambunctious whenever we come home from being for a while. He always greets us by using his spring-like legs and practically jumping over the car. It’s always quite entertaining!

Occurred on June 2022 / Lecco, Italy

Info from Licensor: The twins have always wanted a kitten. We took the kitten from a gentleman who had found her and her sisters abandoned and dying. Taking the opportunity of the promotion to 4th grade, we decided to give little Kiki to the Twins. Knowing how strong their desire was, we decided to surprise them...the reaction was exactly what we expected! They love their kitten madly (like all animals that live with us).

Occurred on April 29, 2022 / Springville, Utah, USA

Info from Licensor: "The tracks run by my backyard. Nettie gets so excited every time a train comes by and runs around the yard, usually in a pattern barking at the train and then looking at me to make sure I'm watching her do it."

Occurred on May 28, 2022 / Brazil

Info from Licensor: "This video was recorded by Esmigo98, a Brazilian YouTuber who saw a monkey cub being chased by 3 dogs, and without thinking saved it and took him to the zoo next door thinking he had fled the zoo but he had not fled because it was not from the zoo he was a wild animal, they made arrangements and took him to a safe pace."

Occurred on June 2022 / Lilburn, Georgia, USA

Info from Licensor: "I walked into a glass door at my home in Georgia while 7 months pregnant and holding my two toy poodles."

Occurred on June 2022 / York

Info from Licensor: Baby bird trapped in the air vent in the bathroom, think they must have been nesting in our attic somehow. The bird had fallen in between the wall cavity. My daughter heard it and called me to get it. My partner Lisa recorded the whole thing. The bird did live.

Occurred on March 2015 / El Paso, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "This is my niece Madison. She cried for weeks when Bluey went missing. Her mom attempted to buy new ones to see if she’d accept them which is why she says in the video, “Did you find him?” With some doubt in her little voice. Her older sister thn points out, “See? Those are stains from you.” Madison then looks for the familiar hole in the tag that she slips her fingers through and says, “He really is my blanket.”"

Occurred on April 30, 2022 / Linz

Info from Licensor: "At home with friends just playing party games. This one turned out especially funny."


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