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Police Stop - No License, No Registration, No Insurance, No Tags - Right to Travel Success

The MSM, deep state, Cabal, Khazarian Jews, etc. have all tried to debunk the validity of this interview. Unfortunately, it is genuine. And yet, unfortunately, the world believes the naysayers.

Lypid fat encases the delivery of the zombie virus and is activated through the tri-pulsing of 18ghz signal. The weapon has already been instilled in those who have had the vaccines.

Biden allegedly lands at PDX at the Air National Guard Base to discuss infrastructure initiatives for the Pacific Northwest.

The most valuable perspective is no longer a secret. These are the stakeholders in the schools that matter most. Let them be heard.

The science and the sorcery.

The system is rigged against us from top to bottom. Get out from underneath the tyranny of evil.

Kick Off Gala Promo in Washougal


From the Cyber Symposium

Someone got invited to the secret round table...

From L.A. Marzulli - Share Far And Wide

Another common sense child of God wakes up and tries to get the message worldwide.

Please help us share this video all over. The truth is being hidden by the media, our government and the health authorities.

I think it's time to start suing our health care providers for malpractice.

It's illegal to discriminate against those with medical exemptions by denying a customer access to a public business/service period. This guy knows his rights better than the police who were called to help the store owner deny him his civil rights.

C-SPAN has had the story for years. 2020 was premeditated and we were warned.

Did we really set foot on the moon? By then Adm. Byrd had already visited Antarctica and let's face it, something they found there scared them from further exploration of any frontier.... as the world signed a treaty not to go back until the year 2050.

Object Lesson: A young gentleman explains the numbers re: COVID-19 with pennies.

We are ready for the winds of change! From Dan Scavino on Telegram.

It's not like they say on TV. Watch and draw your own conclusions.

Greg Reese from - Weather Manipulation

This guys is so candid you gotta love him for sharing some pretty hard truths.

Adrenachrome is a drug manufactured using blood and adrenaline (often from fearful children) sold and purchased by the elite few who can afford it. It and organ harvesting drive the majority of human trafficking in the world.

Good chat coach - let's win!


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