Men are in a state of crisis for reasons that have nothing to do with "misogyny" or "patriarchy", and have everything to do with the false narrative that those concepts perpetuate.

Derrick Jensen, an environmental activist with the DGR who has been deplatformed because of his critique of queer theory and post modernity's love affair with pedophilia, joins us to talk about the implosion of left-wing activism under the crushing weight of fringe critical theories rooted in incomprehensible nonsense. (Originally interviewed on September 23rd, 2019)

Check out his website. You can purchase his new book here-------->

I did a sit-down interview with Ricky Adames of the Dollhouse San Antonio, retailer of high-quality sex dolls. Pull up a seat, grab a plate, and let's talk inanimate fuck-sacks! It's a shame she won't live, but then again who does!

Whether it comes down to the elimination of meat or paper straws, poor people don't care about the climate change debate, and I don't blame them. The climate change activists are informed by corporate phonies who are anti-science and use propaganda to influence global politics.

It would seem that the hardest pill for people to swallow is that the whole red pill/blue pill thing was from a script. They're actually both placebos, here's why...

A list of what, to me, are the best reasons for owning a firearm. Come and fucking take it!

This is a summation of the circumstances which led to my separation with left-wing politics.

hard times make strong men
strong men make good times
good times make weak men<--------(we are here)
weak men make bad times

There's a lot more to the internet than memes and porn. In fact, we may have inadvertently screwed ourselves with it. Here's just one (of many) reason why fb and google eat fat donkeymeat.

"Pentagon Kills Lifelog Project"
"Total Information Awareness"
NSA Files:Decoded
Smartphone Addiction: They Know It's A Massive Problem
Ex-Facebook President Sean Parker "God Only Knows What It's Doing To Our Children's Brains"

Don't bother...

This probably doesn't apply as much to you Bitchute users, but in case you're wondering why I'm devoting my time to alternative (to shit) platforms. ...
This article by Brian D. Earp explains how FGM and MGM are not that different.
This paper by Peter W. Adler explains why MGM (circumcision) is already unlawful.
Attorneys for the Rights of the Child
Doctors Opposing Circumcision

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*In the introduction I credited Mr. Elam as a psychologist. That was incorrect and an oversight on my part. I apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced by this, which I assume is no one, but still, my bad.

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