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Greenweaver Architecture


The Smith and Wesson Model 10 .38 Special

The NRA is ass, consider joining the Second Amendment Foundation
or perhaps Gun Owners of America

dr fauci, you fraudulent dick
these poison vaccines are making us sick
ethical standards get lower and lower
damaging brains making our children slower

dr fauci, you are a quack
who is supported by media hacks
peddling snakeoil to illiterate losers
you want to mask our kids you child abuser

dr fauci, you retarded shill
the things you recommend are making us ill
you should be swinging from a tree
dr fauci gag on my cream.

Right-leaning music hour hosted by Tommy del Norte of WKEK1984AM.

They've been fucking things up bad for a while now, but shit's starting to fly off the rails and they still have the nerve to be shitty about it. The vaccine skeptical community has been so desperate for institutional legitimacy that we just let these smooth-brained karens shit on everything and everyone who doesn't agree with big pharma/corporate media narrative. Well, I'm done playing make-believe with these ass-clowns.

the ride never ends

what the country needs is unity, bigot! or else...

Life goes on. Don't feel down if you are disavowed by friends over political differences. Less shitty people in your life is ultimately a positive thing.

A post 500-round review of the Rock Island Armory 1911FS Tactical.

The NRA is ass, consider joining the Second Amendment Foundation
or perhaps Gun Owners of America

A conversation with lecturer, philosopher, filmmaker, and social-critic Max Igan, host of The Crowhouse. Here we discuss the great reset, the coordinated worldwide push toward feudal technocracy, and the human farming of the control grid.


Today I have the pleasure of Speaking with attorney, Doctor of Jurisprudence, and former Superior Court Judge Pro Tem Michael W. Hall, known to some as "The Paranormal Lawyer" due to his extensive work as the attorney for national UFO reporting center since 1995, and his representation of various other UFologists and researchers. Today I'm going to be picking his brain about some issues regarding the legality of the Covid Lockdown restrictions.

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A disturbing trend has emerged where anyone who stands up and defends themselves from thugs and looters get demonized in the press. Sad considering that the police and politicians are too spineless to defend the rights of the citizenry. When your elected representatives and the police won't protect you, who will?

You don't seriously believe that these people making policy are actually doing so in your interest do you? Seriously dude?! Well, if that's the case I've got a bridge to sell you lol.

The worst thing about covid19 is the mass of idiots out in the world who are using it as an excuse to power grab, live off government cheese, and shame others for not being hopelessly retarded.

Todays guest is geophysicist J Marvin Herndon. Known for his theory that the Earth's core is itself something of a nuclear reactor, he has pioneered some of the leading research regarding the structure of Earth's interior and its relation to the planet's magnetic fields. He joins us to talk about geoengineering and stratospheric aerosol injections known by the initiated as "chemtrails".

blm is an opportunistic race-baiting organization of anti-white reeeeetards who are only barely fit to suck my balls. This video is dedicated to David Dorn and Jessica Whitaker.

The illusion that Hollywood celebrities matter is starting to wear off for several reasons...

Los Angeles street artist Sabo swings in for a little chat about the philosophy behind his work, the lamestream's attempts at censorship, and the convergence of art and conservatism.

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Today we're gonna be talking to author, teacher, and founder of Lloyd Burrell, a man who has dedicated his life to spreading awareness regarding the dangers of dirty electricity, 5g, and EMFs, after he himself became a victim of said dangers.

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A discussion with Louise Reilly Sacco from the Museum of Bad Art. (originally aired September 13th, 2017)

My first interview with Benjamin Boyce right around the time when the fiasco at Evergreen College was beginning. (originally aired August 7th 2017)

In this installment I'm joined by renowned author and scholar Norman Finkelstein to talk about jew stuff. (originally aired July 17th 2017)

Shahrazad Ali joins me for a brief talk about feminism in the black community and the overall impact of it's negative effects...and Bill Cosby. (originally aired July 17th, 2017)


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