As if the CNN / Elizabeth Warren / Bernie Sanders debacle wasn't enough, MSNBC and Joy Reid have jumped into the fray with their body language "expert" analysis on the exchange. The expert illustrates fundamental flaws is reasoning, and perfectly illustrates what I refer to as "confirmation political bias".

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I am prepping for a trial that was schedule 2 years ago. Proceedings were filed 5 years ago. There is a reason why they say justice delayed is justice denied. It also makes justice much more costly. Here is a vlawg breaking it down. Enjoy! And please, be sure to like, share, comment & subscribe!

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Live Stream addressing comments, questions on the B.C. Appeals decision on the transgender teen. Vlawg here:

The fight between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders is the stuff of vlawg dreams. We can learn legal strategy. Body language. Ethics of battle. And basic common sense. Here is a breakdown and my insights into the situation. And why no one trusts CNN.

#NoOneTrustsCNN #WarrenVsSanders #DemDebate

The British Columbia Court of Appeal just rendered a ruling confirming that a transgender teenager can consent to transition therapy under the Infants Act, notwithstanding the father's opposition. The issue is complicated, in substance and procedure. Here is a breakdown explanation of the judgment. I hope it helps people understand the issue better so they can form a more educated opinion on the matter.

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I love the internet. Most of the time. But expecially when the comments bring up good points for further clarification. Responding to issues raised in the comment section of my most recent vlawg on the MXR Plays vs. Jukin Media “Extortion” scandal. It can be a good learning experience for the rest of us.

#MXRPlays #JukinMedia #MXRPlaysJukin

The cool thing about benig known as the “YouTube Lawyer” is that when the proverbial poopoo hits the fan on trending issues, my inbox explodes Metaphorically speaking. A lot of people have been messaging me about the MXR Plays vs/ Jukin Media “extortion” scandal, asking me what I think of it. I’ve looked into it. Here is my assessment. THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE! Peace!

#MXRPlaysJukin #JukinExtortion #MXRJukinMedia

A court just “ordered” Google to hand over a year of data on Jussie Smollett to the Special Prosecutor investigating his case. What to make of this recent development? Watch my vlawg to find out. And updates on the parallel never-ending legal sagas.

#SmollettUpdate #SmollettData #BigBrother

As predicted, the aggregate wisdom of the internet is greater than any one person. We've talked about it in previous vlawgs, but I should have gone over the notion that CNN's would have an incentive to settle to avoid discoveries. Here it is! Let me know what you think! Peace!

#CNNSettlement #CNNSkeletons #SandmannSettlement

BREAKING NEWS: CNN Settles the Sandmann defamation lawsuit. But the big question is what to make of the settlement. Here's my breakdown. Share away! And peace out!

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Was Trump's airstrike on Solemani unconstitutional? I heard quite a few people saying this in the news, and I had questions. And if I had questions, chances are others have the same question. So here is my best effort at an answer. Enjoy!

#TrumpAirStrike #TrumpStrike #CommanderinChief

It's not the first time I have been on the receiving end of abusive copyright claims on YouTube. But like with the baseless claim by Warner Bros., I contested Univision claiming copyright over the impeachment hearings. Here is the 101 on copyright law, fair use, and contesting a copyright claim on the basis of "public domain". Enjoy! And be sure to share away! YouTube and I don't seem to be exactly sympatico these days, to quote Flynn Ryder. Peace!

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This is a re-edit of the original vlawg. Apparently I should not have read so directly from the court pleadings, as the video was "confirmed" unsuitable for advertisers after manual review. So here is the "YouTube friendly" monetizable version. All "bad words" have been replaced with the most annoying sound on earth. Enjoy! And please share and tweet this away to everyone. The rogue Canadian lawyer doing his vlawgs would love some word-of-mouth growth. Booya! And Peace!

#ElonMuskDefamation #ElonMuskTweet #ElonMuskLawsuit

Elon Musk got sued for the infamous "Pedro Guy" tweet (typo intended). The lawsuit was dismissed. This is the breakdown. Enjoy!

#ElonMuskTweet #ElonMuskLawsuit #ElonMuskDefamation

It looks like the Hunter Biden legal saga is going to be the 2020 "vlawg that keeps on vlawing"! Apparently the judge in the paternity / child support file recused himself without warning or explanation. He recused himself after refusing to allow an intervening party's "Notice of Fraud" but before adjudicating on the "Motion to Intervene". Here is the law so you can come to your own conclusions. To be continued for sure. #vlawgon

#HunterBiden #MotionToIntervene #Vlawg

Here's another inslament of "Read Like a Lawyer" - Troll Comment Edition! A fun breakdown of reading a comment, and how to distinguish genuine constructive critique from "troll" comments. Enjoy! Peace out! And be sure to like, share, comment & subscribe! And be nice to each other.

#TrollComment #ReadLikeaLawyer #HowToIdentifyaTroll

Fellow YouTube lawyer Nate Broady messaged me potentially interesting material for a vlawg - Biden suggesting he'd nominate Obama for SCOTUS. Headlines are always misleading, but the story caused me to ask myself some questions. And if I have questions, I suspect others have the same question. Here's the vlawg. Peace!
#POTUS2SCOTUS #JusticePresident #JusticeTaft

News being a fluid entity, the CBC has now stated that the Donald Trump edit (removing his 8-second cameo from Home Alone 2) was in fact done in 2014. Or did they? Good time for a follow-up vlawg. Enjoy! Peace out! And be sure to like, share, comment & subscribe!

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This is going to be fuel tot he fodder of the "defund the CBC" movement that has been trending. CBC de-persons Donal Trump from Home Alone 2.

#DefundtheCBC #TrumpDeleted #HomeAlone2

One of my favourite expressions - for all it says in its simplicity. Short video for Christmas day. Enjoy! Peace out! And all the best!

#HoniSoiQuiMalYPense #Vlawg #ChristmasDay

Too many people are asking, hypothesizing, coming to conclusions... Here is my breakdown of the question that is on everyone's mind: HAS DONALD TRUMP ACTUALLY BEEN IMPEACHED?

#TrumpImpeached #ImpeachmentUpdate #ImpeachmentExplained

Donald Trump became the 3rd President in American history to be impeached. Here we break down and explain the articles of impeachment in their entirety. Enjoy! Peace out!

#ArticlesofImpeachentExplained #ImpeachmentUpdate #ImpeachmentExplained

My wonderful wife made a joke, which I knew I had to turn into reality. A YouTube Rewind 2019 - LAW VERSION. Here it is. Some of the top law stories from 2019 that turned into vlawgs. Enjoy! And please like, share, comment and subscribe. And get some merch if you are so inclined. Links to vids velow. Peace!
Nate Broady:
Partisan Law:
Impeachment Explained:
Redemption (Smollett)
Alex Jones Deposition:
Swalwell Fart:

How do you define "hate speech" - Justin Trudeau's Mandate Letter to the Minister of Canadian Heritage Explained.

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