Here's a vlawg breaking down the FEC complaint against Ilhan Omar, based on allegations of her affair with another man for whom she was apparently paying excessive "travel expenses".

Some thoughts on how a lawyer defends a guilty client

Canada recently amended the criminal code to change the laws relating to impaired driving. They're over-the-top in one meaningful respect.

Title is self-explanatory. lol. YouTube owes its creators some answers to serious questions.

I have published a couple of videos in which I jokingly suggested that I should sue YouTube – on the basis of defamation, and on the basis of deceitful business practices. I noticed from the comments on those videos that people were pointing me in the direction of a PragerU lawsuit against YouTube, a lawsuit which is based on alleged First Amendment violations, among other claims. This is Ep. 1 of which will surely be a multiple-episode vlawg on the lawsuit and the greater issues that are at stake. Enjoy! And be sure yo like, share, comment & subscribe! And if you want a Vlawg Dawg shirt, get one here:

#PragerUvsYouTube #YouTubeisGettingSued #YouTubeLawsuit

It's an orgy of incompetence. Or presumption of fact. Your choice.

Every news outlet reporting the same three paragraphs and no one explaining why Jussie Smollett would want a change of jurisdiction to federal courts. So I looked into it and made this vlawg.

A breakdown of the Mike Ward Human rights Tribunal decision which ordered him to pay $42,000 in damages for comments he made about a 14 year old handicapped child.

A follow-up on my video removal saga.

This has to be the most ridiculous deposition ever. Pure Texas from what people are saying. Here is a breakdown and the history behind it. If you like my content, you can support me on Patreon and Paypal. Enjoy! and Peace!

So YouTube removed one of my vlawgs - the follow-up to the Alex Jones deposition. I uploaded that video here earlier today. These are my thoughts on it.

This video was removed from YouTube. Absolute nonsense - there is nothing remotely offensive in it. Part 2 - clarifications on the breakdown of the Alex Jones deposition.

A vlawg breakdown of Bill C-16 and whether or not is constitutes compelled speech. Enjoy! Hi everyone, I'm having slight issues with my camera - it seems to be auto-focusing on spirits. lol. M'escuse. Let me know what you think of this vid. It's going to be the first in a series on the issue. The more I read, the deeper I go! Thanks to DSLR Dave for the awesome thumbnails. And if you want to support me, become a member on YouTube, support me on Patreon, or on these other platforms. YouTube seems intent on destroying itself (video on that coming soon). Peace! Support me on Patreon:
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Another video I'm backing up just in case it ever gets pulled on YouTube. Breaking down Julian Assange's indictment. #vlawg

I'm backing up some videos on YouTube that have gotten demonetized just in case they get puled altogether. Here is a breakdown of part of Julian Assange's saga.

Backing up some more videos that have been demonetized on YouTube - not for monetization, just in case they are pulled altogether. Here is a breakdown of the Nicholas Sandmann Washington Post lawsuit. And my legal prediction. Enjoy. #vlawg

This "Voxpocalyspe" saga that is paralyzing YouTube brings back some bad memories of one of the worst judgments I had handed down to me in my legal career. And while I totally disagreed with the judgment, I understood how the judge came to that conclusion. Corruption is breaking the law, or unequal application of the law. Injustice is breaking the rules, or unequal application of the rules. Which is why so many people are taking issue with what YouTube is doing now. Enjoy! Peace out! And be sure to like, share, comment & subscribe!


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