The New York Attorney General has filed a lawsuit to dissolve the NRA. Robert Barnes breaks down the lawsuit and explains the civil rights aspect of the claim.

#NYvsNRA #NRALawsuitExplained #NRALawsuit

Amazing developments in the Michael Flynn judicial saga. The Court of Appeal issued a second court order in which they ask arguments to be presented on the disqualification of Judge Sullivan. Here is some discussion on it.

#FlynnJustice #FlynnUpdate #DisqualifySullivan

More amazing developments in the McCloskey case: a police officer confirming evidence being fabricated, and false statements being made in the charging documents. A MUST WATCH.

#McCloskeysUpdate #KimberlyGardner #McCloskeysArrested

The Trump v. Nevada mail-in ballot lawsuit explained. What are the constitutional issues? What are the problems with the mail-in voting procedure as drafted.

#MailInVoting #NevadaMailInBallots #MailInBallots

Viva & Barnes highlight - explaining the latest developments in the Akilah, Obviously vs. Sargon of Akkad. She was ordered to pay his legal fees. Obviously (cough).

#AkilahObviouslyUpdate #AkliagvsSargon #CarlBenjaminUpdate

The next chapter in the never ending story that is the Michael Flynn judicial saga. This time, the court of appeal seems to be turning on Judge Sullivan.

#flynnjustice #flynnupdate #partisanlaw

The latest updates in the Owen Benjamin versus Patreon lawsuit. Patreon loses the injunction, and in losing the injunction, files as an exhibit, one of the arbitration claims. It is a doozy to read!

#patreonlawsuit #owenbenjamin #patreonupdate

Carl Benjamin - a.k.a. Sargon of Akkad - has won his claim for legal fees against Akilah Obviously. It's a very well-drafted judgment.

#Sargon #AkilahLoses #AkilahObviously

It's the never ending story... One spin after another. And in there latest spin, the Court of Appeal has decided to grant the rehearing en banc - before a bench of 7 democrac-appointed judges, and 3 republican-appointed judges. This has been political theatre from day one. And it just continues to the present day.

#FlynnJustice #MichaelFlynnUpdate #EmmetSullivan

It's not a political statement, it's an objective one. I don't understand how Trudeau got reelected in the first place. This is a breakdown of his most recent scandal. And it's as bad as the previous 2.

#TrudeauScandal #TrudeauWeCharity #TrudeauCorruption

Sometimes the only times liars tell the truth is by accident.

This would make a great name for a book of on the times in which we are living: Of churches & casinos! A highlight from our most recent stream - talking Gorsuch dissent in the Casino vs. Church lawsuit. Bizarre time indeed which will set bad precedent for years to come.

#GorsuchDissent #VivaBarnes #CoronaLogic

Here is a highlight where Robert and I discuss the Breonna Taylor shooting, no-knock warrants, and other legalities of the incident.

#VivaBarnes #BreonnaTaylor #BreonnaTaylorUpdate

Breonna Taylor's story is tragic and really highlights the inevitable risks of an over-militarized police force. The incident reminds me of Waco. People are talking about "defunding" the police - a message that most people will not get behind. But demilitarize the people is definitely something that more people would support. A militarized police force tends to use their military power, and it all to often doesn't end well.

#BreonnaTaylor #BreonnaTaylorUpdate #BreonnaTaylorLawsuit

Live with Robert Barnes and we will be dealing with the Breonna Taylor shooting, Trump immigration order, Casinos and churches, Riot lawsuits, and the Sandmann settlement. Be there and bring questions!

#VivaBarnes #LawForThePeople #VivaAndBarnes

It's the never ending story - Law & Order version. The next chapter in the Michael Flynn judicial saga - Flynn's response to Sullivan's petition for re-hearing en banc. Enjoy and share!

#FlynnJustice #FlynnUpdate #JudgeEmmetSullivan

Patricia and Mark McCloskey were indicted for "exhibiting" firearms in an "angry or threatening manner" at a group of protesters that made their way into their gated community. Is this justice of malicious prosecution? And is the law constitutional? The legal breakdown and the latest developments.

#McCloskey #McCloskeyUpdate #KimGardner

Ghislaine Maxwell was denied bail. Here is a breakdown and an explanation of the raison d'être of bail, which might be of interest to some.

#GhislaineMaxwell #MaxwellDeniedBail #GhislaineMaxwellUpdate

A highlight from our most recent stream where Robert Barnes and I discuss and break down the indictment against the Missouri couple who "brandished" firearms as a group of protesters apparently broke through the fences of their gated community in search of the Mayor's house for protest. Enjoy!

#MissouriCoupleindicted #McCloskey #McCloskeysIndicted

We're living through some bizarre times, to say the least.

#MoreLawsLessJustice #TimHortonsArrest #FaceMaskLaws

I FREAKIN' DID IT AGAIN! I can't believe it did it again. And I can't believe how well the visual came out. And I didn't lose the drone! lol #dronefishing #dronepikefishing #dronesareawesome

Some interviews are so bad they are worthy of a Vlawg episode of Fake News Friday. ON A SATURDAY! Rachel Maddow is a terrible journalist. Call e bias, but it's based on observation not opinion. Mary Trump is suspect. Same justification. Here's the breakdown!

#MaryTrumpSlanders #RachelMaddowFakeNews #FakeNewsFridays

Patreon is getting sued, and this far, they are making BIG MISTAKES. Here's the breakdown.

#PatreonLawsuit #PatreonSued #PatreonUpdate

Breaking down a Q&A from the House Energy & Commerce Committee hearing where in response to a question from David McKinley, Dr. Fauci makes an scandalous admission that exemplifies why people have lost faith in government and authority.

#FauciAdmission #PoliticsRuinsEverything #PoliticizingScience


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