No paran de darse vueltas de carnero los representantes de la izquierda radical, a la hora de reformular su destilado de odio, para llegar al poder total.

Revolution 9/11 - Saluth song (11 of september 1973 - Cato's Speech)

"Revolution 9 11" performed by Saluth
Mi General Augusto Pinochet salvó a Chile con el Gobierno Militar.
Esta canción se la dedica un polaco.

It came not with a surprise
A Marxist demagogue
who could have known the outcome?
The Chilean nation on its knees
Its economy subjected to total control

The people are now rising
No more of loot and plunder
The truckers started striking
They'll paralyze the state
The March of empty pots
Thousand children crying
Socialists start to shoot
The carnage has begun

But the saviour is coming!

On the 11th September 1973
They came, bearing the torch of freedom
To overthrow the tyrant
Who starved the nation of his
To kill the communist bigots

Pinochet, Pinochet, Pinochet!

Guerillas came from Cuba
Young boys sent to die
For the Soviet masterplan
But the General is to save his people
There will be no mercy when freedom is at stake!

Bomb the presidential palace
The bastard shot his head
Round up the armed guerillas
Keep them shut at bay
Give back what has been taken
Remove the iron grip
Let every Chilean prosper
And trade for all they need

Freedom is finally here!

*Disclaimer: I do not own any clips or music. All clips and music belong to their respectful owners. I do not earn any money with this video. This video is for enjoyment purposes only.

At the request of a subscriber, here I bring you a compilation of One Hour of Chilean Nationalist Music, first of all I will tell you that there are some songs with a slightly poor audio quality (Take into account that in this compilation I included several songs of protests towards the communist government of Allende, so it´s normal that the audio quality isn´t so good), I made some corrections to some of these so that they would be better, and in general it could be said that all the songs were fine, however, if someone has a decent version of any of the 4nt1-c0mmun1st songs I put in this video, I'd appreciate it if they shared it in the comments.

0:00 ¡Chilenos a la Acción! (Chileans to the Action! - Anthem of the National Socialist Movement of Chile)
2:33 ¡Adelante, los Nacionalistas! (Go ahead, Nationalists! - Anthem of the Fatherland and Liberty Nationalist Front)
4:28 Himno de la Agrupación de Comandos IM n°51 (Anthem of the Group of Commands IM n°51 - HWL in Chilean)
7:16 ¡La Patria No Se Vende! (The Fatherland Isn't Sold! - Song of the Fatherland and Liberty Nationalist Front)
8:50 Himnos Militares de Chile (Chilean Military Anthems)
8:50 Adiós al Séptimo de Línea (Goodbye to the Seventh Line - Anthem of the Chilean Army)
10:00 Camaradas (Comrades - Anthem of the Chilean Area Force)
11:09 Brazas a Ceñir (Fathoms to Gird - Anthem of the Chilean Navy)
12:09 Orden y Patria (Order and Fatherland - Anthem of Carabineros de Chile)
12:46 Lili Marleen [Chilean Version]
15:00 Yo Tenía un Camarada (I Had a Comrade - Ich hatt' einen Kameraden in Chilean)
17:38 Soy Soldado Conscripto (i'm a Conscript Soldier)
20:37 Libre (Free - Version of the Chilean Army)
22:56 ¡Y Dale Federico! (Keep Working, Federico! - Anti-Popular Unity song)
26:09 Y Eso Que Se Llama Salvador (Although His Name Is Salvador - Anti-Allende song)
27:55 Descansa, Mi Cielo (Rest Well, Dear - Anti-Popular Unity song)
31:44 Antes del 70, Don Salvador (Before 1970, Mr. Salvador - Anti-Allende song)
33:34 A lo Sangre Caliente (Hot Blood - Anti-Popular Unity song)
36:17 En los Tiempos de la Unidad Popular (In the Times of the Popular Unity - Anti-Popular Unity song)
39:58 Libres (Free)
41:43 ¡Chile Levantate y Anda! (Chile Get Up and Go! - September 11 Anthem)
43:52 Alborada (Dawn)
45:57 Soldados del 73 (Soldiers of 1973)
49:36 El Sembrador (The Sower)
51:50 ¡Por Chile Siempre! (For Chile Always!)
54:55 Mi Banderita Chilena (My Chilean flag)
57:59 Chile Lindo (Beautiful Chile)
1:00:41 Así Te Quiero, Patria (That's How I Love You, Fatherland)
1:03:50 Chile, Eres Tú (Chile, It's You)

Primavera-División Azul (Chile) :D

Es un ángel que va cabalgando
Cabalgando con brío y valor
Va cantando las tristes histórias
De una guerra que ya terminó

Primavera lejos de mi patria
Primavera lejos de mi amor
Primavera sin flores y sin risas
Primavera a orillas del wolchow

Y sus aguas que van al ladoga
Van cantando esta triste canción
Canción triste de amor y de guerra
Canción triste de guerra y amor

Cuando ebrio avanza el enemigo
Atacando con vodka y sin valor
Rasga el aire más fuerte que la metralla
Las estrofas de mi cara al Sol

Cara al Sol canción antigua y nueva
Cara al Sol es el himno mejor
Cara al Sol y morir peleando
Que mi patria así me lo pidió

Si en la lucha yo quedara roto
Marcharía en la legión de honor
Montaría la guardia de los luceros
Formaría junto al mejor
Montaría la guardia de los luceros
Formaría junto al mejor

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This is a video that has no copyright as the author doesn´t own it. #Grimes is very cool (I just backed it up in case #YouTube deletes it as there is censorship with no reason at all there!). #music #america #news



Polish border patrol has arrived at the Greece/Turkey border to assist Greece in defending Europe from Islamist Erdoğan's migrant invasion.

Forces from Poland, Austria and Portugal now working with Greek forces on the border with Turkey to thwart Islamist Erdoğan's migrant invasion.











Falun Gong's Jennifer Zeng:
— "Somewhere in Northeast #China , small business owners shouting “Refund our rents!” as they didn’t have any revenue due to #COVID19"

🔗 曾錚 Jennifer Zeng (@jenniferatntd)

The Epoch Times | "Systematic Problems with China's Virus Research Labs" - Tim Trevan | 29-01-20
— "As the world sees the number of infections of the #Wuhan #virus skyrocket, Simone Gao interviewed #TimTrevan, founder of CHROME Biosafety and Biosecurity Consulting.

He focuses on management aspects of designing and implementing a culture of safety in organizations whose work involves biological risks.

We touched on his assessment of the Wuhan virus outbreak, how it compares to the SARS epidemic and the Spanish flu, and more importantly, the underlying systematic problems with #China's virus research labs."



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