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Remix of the previous vid, with added audio clips and a special guest photo of my biggest fan Kasthegikes in his bath tub.

Kasthegikes show me on this doll where Flat Earth hurt you. Sometimes, I enjoy seeing what FE info does to programmed lunatics. They melt from hatred and insecurities, and they're not ashamed to show it in the comments they leave. Please keep exposing your kind Kasthegikes and thank you for watching all my vids. Please express all your emotions with thumb button and more comments like the last one. I know you're hurt, and you know it too.... just show me on the doll...where?

Sky is NOT a "vacuum of outer space". You are breathing air on motionless Earth, therefore Earth can NOT be a "spinning, wobbling, flying ball in vacuum" - Sun, Moon and Stars circle above Earth East to West around Polaris, just the way you see it in the sky every day and night.

"Vacuum of outer space" is a heliocentric fantasy and has no relation with the reality we experience. You can NOT have PRESSure without a container - Entropy, a Natural Law. Earth is an enclosed, dynamic, pressurized system and "vacuum of outer space" is NOT possible.

Luminaries (Sun, Moon and Stars) cycle East to West around Polaris in the True North - Earth is Flat and Stationary

Earth is NOT a "spinning, wobbling, flying ball in vacuum" - Earth is NOT moving at all, and LEVEL is a Natural Law. Simple as that. This video is dedicated to my troll stalker and his phantom accounts, who is always the first one to watch all my vids - my biggest fan - I love to give it to you and I know you love it too..."Globe earth" is not only a cultish, religious belief and a pseudo-science but, an insane and ridiculous fantasy that has no relation with the reality we experience. People who fight for their religious globe earth beliefs are heliocentric religious fundamentalist fanatics. Thanks for watching!

Jan, 19 2021 footage of the Moon, plus other moon photos, star in transit, some constellation photos and stars rotation around Polaris (True North) Earth is Flat and Stationary - Sun, Moon and Stars ( heavenly luminaries) rotate above in the sky East to West around Polaris in the True North

Globeheads with masks

"Outer space" does NOT exist, therefore anything claimed to exist in "space" is a LIE as well.

There are no flat earthers who believe in corona hoax, none. At least I don't know of any. All the people who believe in "airborne boogey virus killer" (corona hoax) are the same people who believe they have evolved from monkeys and "spinning on the globe in vacuum" - these poor people can not use their own minds and they obey the orders from their government and television. What do corona hoax and outer space have in common? They are both used to control the minds of gullible, dumb sheeple.

This video is dedicated to my 2 stalkers. 2 globehead clowns who are obsessed with stalking me and who watch all my vids, and who get emotional and nervous break downs after each one of my uploads. A guy who calls himself liberty.research is my bitchute stalker, a clown who is always the first one to watch my vids - he always leaves the same story long, copy and paste comment and expresses his hurt feelings with "thumb button". >LOL Well, some people are really fucking stupid and he's one of those -emotionally and intellectually insecure coward - and the previous video was just for him too. This poor guy has two accounts and he immediately switches accounts after his comment and comments again pretending to be different person. Only globe believers can be this hostile, desperate and pathetic. How many of you are out there? There has to be more than just one or two.....How many accounts can you handle and how many "thumbs" can you vote? The truth is; there are less and less globehead fanatics like this lost soul. Only few years ago the numbers were on their side. Today, even with all their fake phantom troll accounts they are the minority - it's because most people havre realized that the Earth is Flat and Stationary. ...liberty.research I know you're upset and in cognitive pain but, you deserve it buddy....

Music & meme

Earth is Flat and Stationary


Kary Mullis a Nobel Prize winner and a true scientist who said that the PCR test he developed is not for finding "virus" or any type of infection. In fact, "virus" as a "airborne bug" that can multiply in your body does NOT exist in reality and has NEVER even been isolated. In other words it does NOT exist. You can NOT test for something that does not exist

So, Bitchute is also censoring content. Pathetic clowns! I have a "conjunction" video of Jupiter and Saturn that's been "processing" for days now with no success. Oh well, censoring bodies know what they're doing and they know what you can and can't see. Not sure if this one will ever upload but, let's see. For the miserable coward clown who had a nervous break down on my last video and who is stalking me, and left 8 comments telling me how much he hates me...this one is for you. Learn something, little miserable monkey on the spinning ball in vacuum. To the rest of you and all honest people much love and respect! Heavenly luminaries (Sun, Moon and Stars) rotate East to West around Polaris and above Flat and Stationary Earth

Why do envious trolls and truth haters watch all Flat Earth videos? Why does it matter? LOL ..oblate "spheroid" or a "ball" flying through "vacuum" at 67000 mph"???..why does it matter? LOL Dumb people get triggered and angry so easily.

Music/meme vid. Cartoon vs Reality. Your eyes - your mind

Stars, Sun and the Moon move in the sky from East to West, above and around Stationary Earth, obviously.

"Theoretical" physics is NOT science. Neither is "history", as much as Kaku's "detective" investigations of "big bang" are based on. At the same time Kaku admits that it's NOT science. "Big bang" is a theory made up by Jesuit priest and it's a direct violation of the Natural Law (1st law of thermodynamics) Astronomy and astro physics aren't science either. They are theoretical and theatrical pseudo-science religion. They require blind believers' faith. Kaku has a problem with religious people - a hypocrite that he is. He's a religious cult priest. Heliocentric fundamentalist fanatics (globe earth high priests and their emotionally and mentally programmed minions) are a religious cult. Michio Kaku tells you the truth in simple words. He just makes you put the pieces together for yourself. "Gravity" is a theory that has never been proven and it will forever remain a theory, just like "relativity". Meanwhile, "Level" is a Natural Law and it will forever remain a Natural Law. You get the point? No one in the field of "theoretical physics" uses the scientific method, therefore Einstein, Kaku, Neil de grass Tyson and other heliocentric high priests are just science fiction story tellers that never use scientific method. How simple is that?!

Mirroring this video got me strike on youtube. They know that their time is short.



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This channel's only purpose is to spread the truth about the reality of the Earth we live on. "Spinning, wobbling, flying ball" in "vacuum of infinite space" is the most wicked religion, called Heliocentrism, and a pseudo science which has no relation to the reality we experience. It's evil lies are emotionally programmed into the children (during young age) before critical thinking develops. All of our senses, including the common one, tell us that the Earth we live on is Flat and Stationary. Every scientific experiment ever conducted and every natural law that exists supports the fact that the Earth is horizontally extended plane and NOT moving at all. Love and respect to all honest people who care about truth and are sick of being lied to and robed.