This was both more fun, and yet more disturbing than most of this series.

This is a very surprising advert from a Socialist party. Highly accurate and entertaining as well

1992 interview with Francis Wurtz, French European Parliament (1979-2009) says "If the Maastricht treaty passes, I tell you that there will be social explosions, when people will realise the trap they've been locked into."

In case any of you think you can believe a damn word from the government media complex that rule us like fucking kings of olde but with less sense of obligation


This is a documentary taken from a German-French public TV station about 10 years ago or so. As my Youtube channel was taken down it seems like a good time to repost it.
Also because of the myth that Muslim congresswoman made about "Palestinians helping the Jews during the Holocaust. The truth is in this documentary.


Rise up rise up. Rise and take power! (Quoting famous song not suggesting revolution)

For those that don't know, the man he refers to a lot, Boerman or something, is a German TV 'Comic', very left wing, but he got in a lot of trouble a year or 3 ago for making a very insulting, and moderately funny poem about Erdogan. It might even be here on this channel at BC but I find it hard to search.

Saargon of Akaad had choice words about this particular Labour (Communist/Fabian Society) MP which got him in some trouble.

Something is bizarrely wrong with the first upload. It starts 1 second from the end.

I wanted a version without all the stuff at the start

For some reason, this video starts at the end. I have no idea why, but I have seen this bug before here.

To see the video try this


Retired NSA Arabist/Arabic translator on Qatar and where it sits in today's middle east mathematics.


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Initially I am going to restore important videos exposing the true nature of Islam, Islam as it is in the West, and the leftist-Islamic alliance to overthrow classical civilization and destroy genuine liberalism. I will begin mostly by uploading clips that have been deleted by conventional social media, as well as the odd new clip as they are made.

Overtime, if this technology proves to be robust, all my materials may be moved to this channel. But for the moment, this would be a good place to see and download some of the older clips that the large internet giants are making difficult to access.