Salim Mansur, Ottawa Canada on July 13, 2019
It is a 30 minute monologue and there is much to agree and disagree with, as well as much to learn.
Most certainly should he become a member of Parliament, he would be the best we have on our issues probably by a good margin.

The Conservative party of Canada denied him candidacy because the felt he would make the party seem 'Islamophobic.'

...brings migrant count down to ZERO

WTF is it with muslims and public pools?

Allah was Mohammad's socki puppet and cared a great deal about getting Mohammad whatever bit of crumpet he fancied at the moment.

This is a very important video. If this is how it is in Germany, this is how it is everywhere that is enjoying the invasion of the Islamic 3rd world.

This is a must see.

They will accuse him of something. Anything,. For a kitten video even. And use that as an excuse to kick him off. That is how the commie media rolls.

This is a very important story that will never be reported on MSM. The Merkel government has been caught using faked ANTIFA footage to demonize a whole city in Germany to ver up migrant rape-murders.

Video 1 of the AfD explaining this in the German Parliament, is here:



This clip is being removed from the internet like most things exposing the evils of Islam and communism.

More proof that there is no such thing as multiculturalism. This would be illegal in oh-so-many ways, if non muslims did this.

This is another excerpt from June 4, 2019, morning session on the reinstitution of Section 13 of the hate speech act into the criminal code.


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Initially I am going to restore important videos exposing the true nature of Islam, Islam as it is in the West, and the leftist-Islamic alliance to overthrow classical civilization and destroy genuine liberalism. I will begin mostly by uploading clips that have been deleted by conventional social media, as well as the odd new clip as they are made.

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