This is quite fascinating. Watch a Christian and Jewish woman get thrown out of a brutally racist and supremacist event despite the fact that they advertised that today, Sunday Oct. 7, was FREE FOR ALL to attend.

Classic CNN dishonesty.

A German busts them for pasting campaign posters over AfD and other party's materials. Childish, possibly illegal, but certainly desperate.

When you add the take a knee thing, you really see that the US and the West has become a communist/Islamic place and not classical civilization.

Is bringing in muslim migrants also bringing in their wars?


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Initially I am going to restore important videos exposing the true nature of Islam, Islam as it is in the West, and the leftist-Islamic alliance to overthrow classical civilization and destroy genuine liberalism. I will begin mostly by uploading clips that have been deleted by conventional social media, as well as the odd new clip as they are made.

Overtime, if this technology proves to be robust, all my materials may be moved to this channel. But for the moment, this would be a good place to see and download some of the older clips that the large internet giants are making difficult to access.