After much deliberation it seems important to make this video available as the Merkel German government has been using this attack to demonize the AfD, and claim that "far right Neo-Nazi terror is at least as dangerous as islamic terror". This is more than a lie, it is an orchestrated and planned mass line lie. Anyone watching this video can see that he is neither a neo-Nazi nor is he part of a large movement and his threat level is orders of magnitude below Islam, which had killed many many people and infiltrated French Counter-terrorism centres that week alone.

In this segment of a recent speech, for which he is now facing 'hate speech charges', French intellectual Eric Zemmour facetiously rips on political correctness in France

Pay close attention to the details in Facebook's exec's answers. He reveals so much about the totalitarian nature of Facebook one wonders if that was his intent.

This is the first 5 minutes of a stunning Danish TV show with an executive of Facebook where they discuss their policies on what you can and cannot say. And Surprise! It has bugger all to do with what may or may not be true.

So. How many can we put you down for?

German justice seems to be about as politicized as British and French justice at this point. Please watch and spread this. Michael is a champion of liberty and Enlightenment values in Germany. His treatment by the courts is obscene.

Salim Mansur, Ottawa Canada on July 13, 2019
It is a 30 minute monologue and there is much to agree and disagree with, as well as much to learn.
Most certainly should he become a member of Parliament, he would be the best we have on our issues probably by a good margin.

The Conservative party of Canada denied him candidacy because the felt he would make the party seem 'Islamophobic.'

...brings migrant count down to ZERO

WTF is it with muslims and public pools?

Allah was Mohammad's socki puppet and cared a great deal about getting Mohammad whatever bit of crumpet he fancied at the moment.

This is a very important video. If this is how it is in Germany, this is how it is everywhere that is enjoying the invasion of the Islamic 3rd world.

This is a must see.


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