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This is a lot of awesome right here.

To be clear, leftism, whether it is National Socialism like the Nazis, or international socialism like the Soviets, Kmer Rouge, North Korea, Venezuela or any other commie hell hole is the big problem today. In a way far bigger than islam. Because if it wasn't for leftist BS we would never tolerate Islam's intrusions and demands on our cultures and laws.

Classic. Part of a large collection of muslims gone wild for trivial reasons in The Netherlands.

Is anyone surprised? Anyone at all? Waiting...

From Nicolai Sennels, mirrored by request.

Watch every frame of this. It shows the government-media complex and their little brownshirt thugs, ANTIFA, in perfect collusion to interfere with the regular Germans trying to stop the communist-Globalist project.

I removed the French parts but this should be the complete English part of Andrew Sheer's presser on Trudeau's implosion of corruption

Danish lawyer, Rasmus Paludan, who defended the last ever Blasphemy case in Denmark, here was confronted by a group of 'anarchists' and muslims. At one point, someone or many threw explosives and fireworks, which resulted in one police officer with abdominal injuries and a stay in the hospital.

This is why opening the flood gates to the world is unworkable. Pick a group and go with them.

Canada needs a few million like these guys

There are some gems in this speech. Please watch to the end.

So, force germans to send their children to schools, where muslims and illegals can mob them till they die or commit suicide. I think something needs to change.


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Initially I am going to restore important videos exposing the true nature of Islam, Islam as it is in the West, and the leftist-Islamic alliance to overthrow classical civilization and destroy genuine liberalism. I will begin mostly by uploading clips that have been deleted by conventional social media, as well as the odd new clip as they are made.

Overtime, if this technology proves to be robust, all my materials may be moved to this channel. But for the moment, this would be a good place to see and download some of the older clips that the large internet giants are making difficult to access.