I had forgotten to add the newspaper headline translations in the previous version. Sorry about that. This is complete.

For those who want insight into Corbyn's real motives and backing, do read When Google Met Wikileaks by Julian Assange. Here is a scan of one page with some interesting info.

The fact that BBC did something this truthful and rational is an amazing benchmark event.



The way the source clip was edited makes me suspect that he turned it around somehow. It ends too abruptly and mid sentence. But the facts are correct. Migrants in nearly every instance are the ones who burn down the migrant centres in Germany and quite deliberately. At one point the excuse was given that it was a sort of tradition when they moved to burn down the old place, ignoring all the people still there I guess. But really I think its to force the government to let them into the general population uncontrolled.


This turk is claiming to be a victim of racism while calling the Dutch racist names in the same sentence! Remarkable intellectual gymnastics on that.

our translator, C, informs us that this is so common in the Netherlands, this kind of Islamic road rage against the unbeliever, that its not even news anymore.

This thing gets uglier by the day. No news seems quite willing to come out and say this was a jihadi compound planning acts of mass murder jihad against unbelievers in America, but its getting pretty clear that is what this was.

THIS is what "radicalized" and motivated the Finsbury mosque attacker. Although frankly thats a load of crap. It was Islam, its behaviour, its adherents and knowledge of those things that motivated him. If you want to blame the people who fight back against muslim rape gangs try blaming the rape gangs and not the guy who told you about them FFS.


This BBC production is what pissed off the Finsbury mosque attacker enough to act, by his own testimony. Not tommy Robinson.


This one is interesting, A muslim mayor in The Netherlands gets death threats for ALLOWING a PEGIDA demo in front of a mosque, showing far more classical liberal tendencies than our Western leftists overall. Quite interesting. Maybe even a little refreshing. Although not typical of an Islamic PoV certainly.


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