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In what has to be the fastest slippery slope in policy history, assisted suicide is now a way of killing sad teens.

He is a darling of the muslims though.

A good summary of reality in the face of whatever that goo is they feed us all day.

This is the same CBC that showed an ICU with actual mannequins with respirators etc. claiming it was overwhelmed

Nov 2020 CBC lied about this hospital being massively overwhelmed

Uploading here because Twitter age restricted this video and you have to log in to see it.

YouTube deleted this video and deleted the account who posted it. If you want to know the state of truth in America and Canada.

Bringing the true spirit of multiculturalism to the UK

CBC is Canada's communist enemy propaganda factory. They write tomorrow's news today, to make sure it all fits their revolutionary agenda.

This video seems not to work on 3 separate platforms. Very interesting. Let's see if it works here. Watch what Sarkozi says back in 2014. Compare it to Steve Bannon's show today.


We know this, but its good to have it this well laid out for those who still do not.

Its good to have the dialectic pointed out so clearly. Its far far more than selective enforcement.
This is nothing short of the pure weaponization of all the machinery of state to serve an authoritarian and communist revolution.

This event may be a Casus Belli.

This is a good laundry list of fine tuning the machinery of state against constitutional conservatives on behalf of "Democrats". Authoritarian revolutionaries I would say.

Posting this now to get ahead of the coming propaganda sewage wave over the war starting now in Kosovo/Serbia.

This video was removed from Youtube, but its from a clear Peer reviewed Swedish study showing this does happen. YouTube is enemy propaganda by selective enforcement.

Youtube makes you log in to see this now, and it cannot be embedded anymore. That, is how commie Youtube is now.

Ottawa Courthouse after Judge denied bail to Tamara Lich

This won't embed or download from Youtube so I moved it here

Found the original thanks to EB at my site


This is from 2013, I think New Jersey. There were public hearings in the state legislature IIRC and I was asked to grab the second speaker, Aaron Weiss, by Dymphna Gates over at Gates of Vienna.
It took me days to find it sorting through old hard drives but since the issue is here again, I thought I would take the effort.


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