Part I is here:


This is painful to listen to. The self contradictory, sanctimonious and highly aggressive language and intentions of the German communists, masquerading as "Greens", environmentalism, the proverbial fig leaf over the real intentions.

Which is to "fundamentally transform" western civilization into a thing that cannot exist, but can destroy all that is good.

Please note ANTIFA flag on banner for Green party and there is further explanation in part I of this video linked above.

Once again the Government-Media complex betrays the public trust

Valerie Price for ACT For Canada, speaks at a protest today at Parliament Hill, Ottawa Canada, against the Global Migration Pact that Trudeau, the PoMo PM, insists on signing, which would erase Canada's borders. This is the first of three speeches.

In this video from Georgia, Brad discusses the tactical reasons for the disproportionate amount of media attention for the killing of a Muslim Brotherhood operative at the Saudi Embassy in Turkey.

Things are going dystopian communist really, really, fast now.

Watch this one and spread it around. It's all that should matter for the next week at least.

About that Global Migration pact

Israeli leader is asked to comment on the typical reporting of non-Left wing extremist leaders like Viktor Orban, and Austria's leadership.

Perfect synergy. Security teams will need to get to location by bus, bus drivers need security teams, seems a perfect relationship. Because just stopping the people who cause all these problems from coming in to Germany or deporting them cannot be discussed.

Trudeau, during one of his dances of obfuscation and misappropriation of blame, explained that our banking data is safe with the government, although that was not the issue. It was that we didn't want the government to have this data.

Now it turns out that even that wasn't true.


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