Yet another spring flu and the second visit to the Chiropractor.

Went to Terhi's choir's 30th aniversary concert and paid a wisit to a chiropractor.

The repair services that DJI has concocted is appaling. A fix that takes minutes actually takes upto three weeks due to the crapy delivery service the use – with no upgrade posibillity for the customer – and their slow turnaroud time to fix the drone.

Interresting ups and downs in relation to my work which cause unnecesarry amount of distress.

The discovery that chiropractic might alleviate my #MS symptoms. I also discuss the latest muslim terrorists atrocities commited in Stockholm.

Getting the car fitted with summer tires and looking back at my old videos when I started my vlog.

Lamenting the poor quality of our certification tests and crashing my drone yet again.

Got a new image stabiliser for my mobile and an explanation why I haven't been posting so reqularly.

Iritated by people trying to take advantage of you and wondering when the leftist #vihervasemmisto PC culture will be broken here in Finland.

Results of my worst rollerblade accident and been mystified by having to study a unused client for my fundamentals certificate exam.

The waypoint app Litchi has a bug in it which causes it to record videos out of focus if using the automatic activity start recording video. On the ms front standing for a prolonged period of time still causes discomfort.

Final insult to injury from DJI when they get the return address of my fixed drone wrong causing an extra days delay.

Pondering of what heated emotions cause on the health side and a visit to a tribute musical for Kirka at Linnanmäki Peacock theatre (the most uncomfortable seats in world history...). Finally ending up in thoughts on this weekends conference and Helsinki Vineyard's new facilities at Annankatu 1, Helsinki.

A horrible week with a disturbing feeling of imbalance.

My 43rd birthday.

My first attempt at making a Final Cut Pro video.

Testing how my lights affect the video quality and spending a day in Lahti watching the FIS World Chanpionships.

A promise was made by DJI to deliver my broken drone before the Lahti 2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, but to my utter - NOT - astonishment DJI yet again failed to deliver on their promises.

What is our nation coming to when liberal leftists views take the day. Our – and a bunch of other – country is a social experiment that in the history has lead to the destruction of a civilization. Then again what we are seeing in our cociety is not – according to the bible – something that causes God to judge us, it already is a judgement.

How can an international company so ill treat their customers?

Drama with the drone keeps my mind of my condition.

Putting DJI mavic throught it's paces and talking about blood clots which I deem been the cause of ms.

The unboxing and the inaugural flight of the Mavic DJI PRO which ended in the same bush twice!

DJI Mavic PRO ( delivery anticipation. What will I get given that there are two parcels heading my way!!! Maybe two drones, who knows.

The pain of attending dog shows which is a LOT of waiting and mind numbing barking for hours on end.

How DJI gives one misleading information on their website to bait you into buing from their online store. After recording this video I investigated whether others have had the same issue I found that even if my case is bad DJI has wronged a whole slew of customers and the MO seems to me the same. Claiming that they will be able to deliver on a given date only to disappoint their customers who have forked out north of €/$/£1K and tell them that the delivery date is postponed by several days to weeks. Then again what would you expect from a company operating out of communist China?

Shame on you DJI!

Then a brief walk on memory lane reminiscing my work history from Remtec to TietoEnator to EMC and lamenting what will become of Documentum now that OpenText has bought it?


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I was diagnosed in 2015 with the “slightly” frightening dis-ease called #ppms. I post about my findings on my journey. #stemcell @Panama is the latest thing. Jesus is King!