The idiotic rules and restrictions placed on the whole world for a dis-ease that has a +99% survival rate. Yes it is a horrid dis-ease, but in no way a reason for locking everything down and causing endless amounts of suffering. The "cure" can't be worse than the disease itself, I personally will not stand for it.

Prophetic voices talking about civil war in America caused by the sharp turn to the left?

Got my MRI results back and as was to be expected. Nothing will be done!

What on earth are the Americans doing even suggesting that creepy Joe could be president? Not that I have a say in the matter but seems absolutely crazy!

The Neuroliitto neurologist let me have checkup MRIs taken. Interresting to see what has happened.

The left eats it's own.

The final installment of the two part couples course at Kruunupuisto in punkaharju. and the visit to a neurologist who referred me to Peijas where I will have some followup work done on me.

Spent four days in Punkaharju near the Russian border talking about what ms does to you relationship. Met wonderfull couples and got exellent guidance.

My gran mother had a nasty tumble resulting in a hip replacement surgery. Sure hope she will recover!

Then I talk about what can happen in a company if you trust people too much. Especially with money.

Did our first brew and desided to call it Invalid IPA due to us been slightly worse for wear. My brother due to his footbal injury and me due to my multiple sclerosis.

Two giants of christianity past away in the last month, but what races they had!

Also a demonstration of the limited amount of power that has returned to my left arm.

The wife wanted a new barbeque. To get me motivated I went ahead and bought an offset smoker that is been successfully used on this wideo.

Had a bit of a scare that we had contracted the Chinese virus but luckily it was just a standard stomach flu.

It has been over a month since I received #mesenchymal stem cells in #Panama at the #StemCellInstitute and it is time to report percieved gains. The gains aren't all I hoped for but there are undeniable improvements.

A documentation of me taking a fairly long cycle run (first 16 minutes) where I loose power half way through the run.

Also commenting on a returning symptom - numbness of the hands - which I last had during the time I was diagnosed.

Thoughts from two separate bike rides after the #stemcell which have clearly boosted my stamina and power.

Lucky to be home given that all air travel between #US and #Europe was stopped a day after we left #Miami. Which to all intents and purposes must be the worst international airport there is! They have no clue on howto handle people flows!

Seeing some positive changes in my walkin after the #stemcell treatment in #panama. I'm clearly able to sustain the functionality of my left leg a lot longer than I was able to do before the treatment.

My thoughts and feelings during and after the #stemcell treatment at #neilriordan #stemcellinstitute in #panama.

Amazing experience as a whole!

Record of the arduous trip from HEL to PTY via MIA. Glad the whole thing was done in business class to make it a bit more palatable. #stemcell #panama #miami #versailles #ms #multiplesclerosis

I paid for #physiotherapy tests given that the #socializedhealthcare in Finland has abbandoned me to fend for my self. The instruction I got from #jorvi neurologist was to be in contact when my ability to work is compromised. Tried to get the Finnish #healthcare involved in my #stemcell project, but no one was interrested.

Booked a time at Fysios Synapsia Töölö where they are goingto perform basic physiological test to establish a baseline for my physical abilities. This will then be repeated a month or two after the wisit to #stemcellinstitute to get stem cells to see whether anything has changed.

A couple of thoughs on the new brewery we started are also mentioned.

Getting over an unpleasant cold that is stopping me from excersising. Also demoing the location of my new assignment and wondering whether the wife could do an interview at the #StemCellInstitute in Panama.

Footage from my first drone flyaway and a discussion why I think HSCT is not an option for me.

According to a European register, one or two in every 100 people (1.3%) having HSCT in clinical trials have died as a result of the treatment. But since 2005, the mortality rate has dropped to around 1 in 330 (0.3%).

Finally changed the BMW to a new car which suits the dog better. Also pulled the triger on flights to panama with the wife on the 7th of March returning on the 15th.

Given scheduling conflicts I got the treatment dates changed from 17th Feb to 9th of Mar.

Going to Panama to pay a visit to the Stem Cell institute to see whether they could alleviate some of my ms symptoms.

The status of a drone court case which will progress all the way to the Finnish supreme court and unboxing of my new Beretta M9A3 pistol.


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I was diagnosed in 2015 with the “slightly” frightening dis-ease called #ppms. I post about my findings on my journey. #stemcell @Panama is the latest thing. Jesus is King!