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With the eclipse tomorrow, I felt incumbent to post this video today, as I may not have another chance to do so. I ask you to allow for the plausibility of Superior Entity Theory. There is not one aspect of faith involved. The bible is core to SET, and Christians can incorporate this to their existing structure of belief. There are a plethora of videos on Bit Chute to explore this in more detail. Given the time constraints. I feel this video to be inadequate to the gravitas of the subject matter, and for that I am sorry.

The cribiform plate is the only accessible point to our brain. No coincidence shoving up your a nano- tech break off particle stick RIGHT there. Oh.... Just ANOTHER coinkidink, I'm SURE, I'm sure.

Commentary on the 'secret' window links the FED has been posting since Feb. 11th 2024. Ever more bold, they are attempting to whitewash the dangers of digital currency and the requisite digital ID. They do so by telling the unvarnished truth of our fiat system while glossing over the dangers of the proposed alternative; CBDC.

Sustainable Development Goal #16/17. The road to not just economic slavery, but slavery itself.
* If you desire well made, flawless video productions, then guess what? This is NOT the place., Go to FOX, CNN, and the controlled opposition for those. Here, I make due with the truth.

Link to WEF site for ALL 17 DSG's- Click on each box for circle of information, https://intelligence.weforum.org/collection/a64a32e0-83b1-4bf7-b9d4-532e22f887f4

An overview and thin dive into ID2020, the first primary step required to achieve the ultimate goal of complete control over EVERY aspect of our lives. The few million people with psychopathic bloodlines seek to kill off most of humanity and enslave the sycophantic souls remaining. However, this needn't be our outcome. To quote Sarah Connor, "The future is not set. There is no fate, but what we make for ourselves". Those words are real, even if Sarah Connor isn't. We do NOT have to go quietly into that night. Sharing and waking is our duty! THIS IS NOT A GAME.

While researching for a coming posting on the amphora, I came across a blog post of a western traveler in Tibet. After an altercation at his hostel, the monk he sought replied to his frustrations. The words are inspiring and not easily dismissed.

A quick indignation and advice to those tinking this POS is genuine.

By using videos. Pausing as needed to clarify, correct or unmask meanings and statements. I hope to let people allow logic a place at the brain's table.

A quick dive into how we as humans, all being in various stages of awakening, view The Powers That Should Not Be (TPTSNB). My narration stems from an article I penned in 2015. Ironically, certain assertions expressed eight or nine years ago are now, to me, untenable. This caused me to interrupt the flow to clarify what I now hold as truth. This action serves to validate a key premise in the piece itself. This was not planned to bolster my posit but happened quite organically. Like food, I prefer truth grown in the organic fields of thought.

I share these writings and video content efforts freely for several reasons. The first being the only one of substance, and therefore, sincerity.

1. My goal is to awaken as many human beings as is possible. This is the ONLY possible solution to
halting the forward progress of the Parasitical Elite. There is NEO EOETHEEEER, regardless of
any and all posited solutions. It's physics; there is a fulcrum, and if enough people awaken, i.e. become aware of the perils we face, then 'the other side' will
not be able to impose their will upon us, the many, by them, the few.

2. No one in their right mind would seek me as a rep for their products. My videos are raw and uncut, with no desire to edit. You get the message or you don't.
A slick presentation does not alter that fact.

3. My perception of content providers that are paid to endorse, regardless how legitimate the service or product is, immediately lessens the veracity of their
production. Only by being free from the shackles of commercial endeavors and enticements can I prove beyond doubt my motives are pure.

Link to the article - https://www.activistpost.com/2014/02/the-parasitical-elite-defining-shifting.html/
Link to articles posted on ActivistPost.com/ - https://www.activistpost.com/tag/michael-winter/

This movie was inevitable. The last SERIOUS movie (almost) made on this subject never got past the trailer stage because the director decided to murder his wife, daughter and even the dog, then killed himself. See my video, here, https://www.bitchute.com/video/R3ryKMlQqZXy/ . I guess the director got on it a bit early? They didn't have Hollyweird's endorsement? Kirtstern Dunst?

The greatest prayer I've ever heard. Written to address these dark times. From the video https://www.bitchute.com/video/85KlaZTBTIsC/ on Page Chronicles, here, https://www.bitchute.com/channel/XeV45CtpozHv/

Borrowed from the awesom channel Page Chronicles. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/XeV45CtpozHv/ Every now and then I find a gem, and this channel is that and more.

NOT the fun night you think it is.
See why here.

One agenda is fulfilled in the media crazed push of the term 'Wokeism'. By using the term 'woke', now, when stating, "I 'woke up' in (insert year here), a new meaning can or is now interpreted incorrectly. This short video informs on the fact. Place alternatives to 'woke', in our context, below in comments.

No preparation, monetary gain, editing, or couth. You know; the usual.

You want to see if something is B.S. or true, there is only one way; do it YOURSELF. I did, and here's what I confirmed. Item checked? The Coffee mate powder creamer. To flame or not to ūüĒ•...that is the question. HERE is the answer!

Covering what gold means, the fall of the dollar , the coming CBDC and more.

General commentary on current earth shattering "nothing to see here, move along" type stuff.

The honest assessment of matters varying from serious to absurd. #2 in "Mornings with Voice of Reason"

The coming CBDC spells loss of freedom and digitasl slavery. This, the loss of the dollar as the world reserve currency will usher in hyperinflation. Based on an article I posted on RT 13 years ago.https://www.rt.com/news/iran-attack-us-allegations-243/

Proof beyond doubt of the parties responsible for introducing this destructive force ruining lives for forty-five years, and still going strong. Proof kindly provided by USA government agencies such as the CDC, the USDA and others. Names are named, of those directly responsible, and the evil people that make it happen.

(Turn your volume up please. Thanks). Part of their (the evil assholes ruining everything) pact is they must advise 'us' (the ambivalent human collective ) of their intentions and plans. This is an example of that method. In this case, via a Movie called "Fast Color'.

First clip is the initial piece. 2nd is the interview I had with David Mason.
Links to articles published in 2013 are here, https://www.activistpost.com/2013/01/is-gray-state-psy-op.html/ and here, https://www.activistpost.com/2013/02/is-gray-state-psy-op-filmmaker-says-no.html/ . It's an uncanny l0ook into the past when we know what we do in 2022.

The footage on the right is of an ominous, creepy out building upon the grounds of Rambouillet Castle, deep in the forests of France. It's owned by the Rothschild family, and when viewing the carvings, one can only imagine the horrors this place has hosted over the centuries, for truly, evil has thrived on these grounds. The poem is one of many love affairs with words I've engaged in flings with over the years. The thumbnail is utterly misleading and of no relevance, chosen to draw you in. Poetry is dying in this artless world, so forgive my deception, please? So, uh..sorry for that?

Jesse popped onto the global stage via platforms just like Bitchute, and in numerous videos, she reveals the inner workings and plans of the satanic global enslavement and genocide program currently well underway. How does she do this and still live? So a dive into her legitimacy is not unwarranted; it is very much needed, as words are powerful tools, and when one saying what she says with authority is given the power of influence, an investigation is simply a good and needed move. PS. The audio is correct for this effort.


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