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Proof beyond doubt of the parties responsible for introducing this destructive force ruining lives for forty-five years, and still going strong. Proof kindly provided by USA government agencies such as the CDC, the USDA and others. Names are named, of those directly responsible, and the evil people that make it happen.

(Turn your volume up please. Thanks). Part of their (the evil assholes ruining everything) pact is they must advise 'us' (the ambivalent human collective ) of their intentions and plans. This is an example of that method. In this case, via a Movie called "Fast Color'.

First clip is the initial piece. 2nd is the interview I had with David Mason.
Links to articles published in 2013 are here, https://www.activistpost.com/2013/01/is-gray-state-psy-op.html/ and here, https://www.activistpost.com/2013/02/is-gray-state-psy-op-filmmaker-says-no.html/ . It's an uncanny l0ook into the past when we know what we do in 2022.

The footage on the right is of an ominous, creepy out building upon the grounds of Rambouillet Castle, deep in the forests of France. It's owned by the Rothschild family, and when viewing the carvings, one can only imagine the horrors this place has hosted over the centuries, for truly, evil has thrived on these grounds. The poem is one of many love affairs with words I've engaged in flings with over the years. The thumbnail is utterly misleading and of no relevance, chosen to draw you in. Poetry is dying in this artless world, so forgive my deception, please? So, uh..sorry for that?

Jesse popped onto the global stage via platforms just like Bitchute, and in numerous videos, she reveals the inner workings and plans of the satanic global enslavement and genocide program currently well underway. How does she do this and still live? So a dive into her legitimacy is not unwarranted; it is very much needed, as words are powerful tools, and when one saying what she says with authority is given the power of influence, an investigation is simply a good and needed move. PS. The audio is correct for this effort.

A song I wrote from when I was a child, almost 45 years ago. This is a feel good song. It's a cross between John Prine and Arlo Guthrie, for you having been in this realm long enough to know of them. Enjoy this. I posted it as an antidote to the deluge of despair and gloom this site is permeated with, It IS my favorite site for real news.

Using information now out in the open, this video outlines some of the killings to keep Covid alive, a brief history of who 'They' are, and where I believe the real store of their wealth resides at this moment.

A recitation of an article I wrote in 2014 exploring the evil rulers of this world.

A real pro....paid to lie and they can't do that right. They will be rolled under the murder machine the same as everyone else after they've served their purpose.

It's getting more difficult to discern truthers from MSM. Both are looking and posting the same lies. Our goal as truthers should be combat. It IS or WAS at one point, US vs. THEM. That has evolved into us chatting and posting on blatant lies, as if that will solve anything. It won't, and THAT is their ultimate goal.

War, Collapse, Death.....pretty serious stuff. But, how about we spend more time thinking of a solution to the demise of the human race, hmm?
Non-monetized. I borrowed the video and song. Spread this to normies!!! They have NO idea.
Artist- william Elliot Whitmore

Edited from a longer post showing how it's done, with loads of scripture to detail the 'why'.

The folks bringing genocide to a household near you. Time to wake up!!!!

Just to be extra double triple sure you are getting accurate results. (humor based)

Not something we WANT to do, but MUST do, unless planning to become a frozen or starved corpse in a chair watching videos having nothing to do with survival. This needs to be said. Sorry.

Easy, peasey way to save videos before the content machine pushes them so far down as to be an odious effort to find them again. Delivered in usual raw and uncut format.

"The Birth Of Our Death – a Duhmerikan tale of how central banks are created and thrive".
This single greatest (as in the most evil and deceptive) business model ever visited upon man flourishes on almost every country but for Duhmerika's most hated enemies. Gee! That's kinda' weird, right?

Words are so powerful, one word can change the entire meaning of a message. This highly technical video, digitally remastered into.....oh, never mind, it's slash and post like all of mine. It's the message, not the window dressing that matter, at least to me. (Trans. "I'm both to cheap and to lazy to spring for a fancy video software package". But, you didn't hear that from me.

Catching up on the enemy's moves, I came across this on YT. I thought it significant enough to point out how deeply entrenched Satan, and by extension, Satanists, have permeated the fabric of a once Christian (for better or for worse) nation, Duhmerika.

Do yourself a favor and change to 1.25 speed. A relevant message for our trials. Worth the nine minutes.

I explain why this is so critical and touch on a few verboten subjects.

A quick exhortation to not comply and ditch the cells. It is the ONLY way out of this mess.

NOW is the time to convert your cash and/or 0 &1's of crypto into tangible goods to ensure your survival. The time is at hand people!

There are only TWO things we need to do to stop the tyranny. Explained within. Both are free. one saves you money. Please watch this. I make no money; I care for humanity.


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