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Here's Another Keith Kogane Music Video , This Video was made by the YouTube Username Marie R.

Characters: Keith, Shiro, Pidge, Lance and Hunk.

Song: Runnin' by Adam Lambert.

This video was made by The YouTube Username Kam

Season 6.
Though this time more dedicated towards Keith and his family. This Video was Made by The YouTube Username RaynCosplay

Video was made by the YouTube Username rururinchan

Keith & Krolia This Video was Made By The YouTube Username Kolifleur

This Video Was Made By The YouTube Username rururinchan

This Video Was Made By The YouTube Username rururinchan

Video Made By The YouTube Username Ninke Anderson

Video was made by the YouTube Username The Bad Samaritan

This Video was made by the Youtube Username Karen Styles

Voltron's Best Villain.

character: Takashi "Kuron" Shirogane - Sleeper Agent From the Galaxy Garrison And Galra Empire
fandom: Voltron Legendary Defender

An AMV for Keith and Krolia from Voltron Legendary Defender to 'Battle Song' by Rachel Platten.

Video From YouTube by the Username The USS Angst

Song : North - Sleeping At Last
From the username Nameless Queen over at YouTube

From the finale and final scenes of Season 7.

Taken directly from Brian Parkhurst's Soundcloud [https://soundcloud.com/brianparkhurst]. Please support the composer.

Credit Goes Out to The Username jillibeeean from YouTube and you can check out jillibeean The stupid way out of control of the LGBT Drawings on Instagram

I do not own this video I just only save videos from YouTube before they are Gone Forever! because YouTube Channels Termination for not being "commercially viable"

This is a Video about the Kogane Family from Voltron: Legendary Defender. I Didn't Made this Video I got this off from YouTube from the username pervysloth . Enjoy !


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This Channel is all about Voltron, Music Videos, News ((We all know that Season 7 and 8 Sucked))

All these Videos are not made by me I just download Fan Videos from YouTube then I Upload it to this Channel Due to YouTube Deleting Channels.

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