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FORBIDDEN PISS-TAKE. I should start by saying that Professor Jordan Peterson is definitely now on the list of those whom no respectable, decent, moral, humane, milk-drinking, teeth-brushing individual like myself should take the piss out of. Merely by mildly mocking him, I am risking my likes, my subscribes and even my income stream. But in the name of manufactured free speech martyrdom: what a wanker.

Learn More About the Viktor Orban School of Carefully Policed Academic Free-thinking: http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/06/jordan-peterson-orban-meeting-hungary.html

Vladimir Vysotsky was a top movie star and popular singer in the Soviet Union, but political songs like this one got his concerts and performances regularly banned by the censors.

Heat me a banya, housekeeper,
Until I'm scorched, 'til I burn out,
On the bench's edge I'll teeter,
And beat away my doubt.
I'll unwind and shed all propriety,
Pour cold water on my dream,
Skin inked with cult of personality,
My tattoos flush in the steam.

Heat the banya, heat it white,
Unused to the wide world, head hung,
Blistered by scalding steam, I might
Be seared ‘til I loosen my tongue.

Our idols, our trees, all are fallen,
Tracks of tears, all the tracks we tread,
On my left chest, the profile of Stalin,
On my right, my Marinka’s sweet head.
Ekh! in payment for selfless devotion
I had paradise, rest and relief,
In exchange for a life that is hopeless,
I surrendered my stupid belief.

Heat the banya, heat it white,
Unused to the wide world, head hung,
Blistered by scalding steam, I might
Be seared ‘til I loosen my tongue.

I recall that Siberian morning,
Only “help!” to my brother I moaned,
Two fine guards brought me without warning,
To a Siberia I’d never known.
Into quarries and marshes we’re fallen,
From raw meat and tears bellies ache,
On our left chest, the profile of Stalin,
The better to hear our hearts break.

Don’t heat the banya, not white,
Unused to the wide world, head hung,
Blistered by scalding steam, I might
Be seared ‘til I loosen my tongue.

Okh, I shiver with dwelling on details,
Steam makes the dark thoughts retreat,
From the chill of the past’s cloudy veils,
I plunge to a cloud of pure heat.
These thoughts have so branded my brain,
I need hardly have branded my skin,
With birch branches I beat in vain,
At the marks of the Dark Age’s sins.

Heat, don’t heat…
Heat the banya, heat it white,
Get me used to the wide world, head hung,
Blistered by scalding steam, I might
Be seared ‘til I loosen my tongue.

Heat, don’t heat, heat, don’t heat, heat…

The (semi)official Red Pill Libertarian Manifesto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL-1kHxsavI

Yuri Entin's gender-bending 1976 "hymn to tolerance" may or may not be the reason why "light blue" (goluboi) is now standard Russian slang for gay. Any resemblance between Incredibly Crafty Cats and Yiannopouloses living or dead is purely coincidental.

Discover more about Soviet queer-coding: http://www.btchflcks.com/2015/08/parajanov-and-puppies-queering-the-soviet-superman.html

"A name pronounced is the recognition of the individual to whom it belongs. He who can pronounce my name aright, he can call me and is entitled to my love and service." - Individualist philosopher Henry David Thoreau, NOT MENTIONING PRONOUNS!!

Mispronouncing Names Is Apparently A Thing For People:

For the record, I said this would happen way back in my 'Trans vid' - CALLED IT!!: https://jezebel.com/the-unholy-alliance-of-trans-exclusionary-radical-femin-1834120309

White Nationalism! It's just like any other nationalism, except that instead of promoting voluntary allegiance to culture, it is entirely defined by the external policing of physical traits. Order your copy now!

Immigrants Are Always A Race:

Native American Culture And Kinship Is A Race:

How To Sell Your Children Using The One-Drop Rule:

One-Drop Rule Does Not Apply to Neanderthals:

One-Drop Rule Also Does Not Apply To Spaniards:

Muslim punks 'The Kominas' roast Siraj Wahhaj on their 2008 album 'Wild Nights in Guantanamo Bay'. Rumi was a Persian Sufi mystic known for his intensely sexual descriptions of his spiritual connection to his mentor, Shams of Tabriz.

"I want to be stoned on your love,
You give better handjobs than Asma Hasan.
Conventional opinion is the ruin of souls,
Bhaijaan [brother dear], it's my prose I can't control.

Rumi was a genius,
Siraj, you're an ass,
Rumi could fuck Shams,
Wahhaj has to wack,
Rumi was a genius,
Siraj, you're an ass,
Rumi was a homo
Siraj, you're a fag.

Rumi's throat never tightened with fear,
naughty Wahhaj, don't use your teeth there.
O Jaan [baby], I like tinder,
O Jaan, set me ablaze with your fire."

Learn more about how traditional Muslim homoeroticism inspired European gay rights: https://cup.columbia.edu/book/the-homoerotics-of-orientalism/9780231151108

Tolerated homosexuality in Islamic holy books: http://www.well.com/~aquarius/Qurannotes.htm

For sceptics, here's the orthodox translation of Bukhari 67. Notice how many young, unmarried men are pleading with the Prophet for permission “to castrate themselves” (orthodox translation of “to become a khasi" - hadiths numbers 9, 11, 12, 13 a + b). Orthodox Muslims cannot admit that a 'khasi' was a defined social and sexual role in Mohammed's society, because then they would be forced to recognise that they do not understand Mohammed's sexual culture well enough to apply its laws.

Support Sharia Law: your best defence against Muslims!

Syed Ameer Ali's Islamo-Demo-Cracy Propaganda FREE TO DOWNLOAD:

Oh God, they're contextualizing already:

Even Hijabis Can Secretly Be Agents Of Islamo-Demo-Cracy:

Mohammed Bin Salman's sexy, sexy, youthful and dynamic leadership:

Those damn brains in a jar get all the sympathy.

The Sochi Olympics Song, dedicated to the patriots at MediaZona: https://rsf.org/en/news/russia-media-co-founders-poisoning-must-be-properly-investigated-rsf-says

50 billion and a rainbow glimmer,
Kabaeva carries a torch for Putin: winner!
In the camps, they crank out weepy appeasers,
Fireworks for higher-ups, All Hail Caesar!

Sochi's blocked, Olympus under surveillance.
Special forces, guns and cops to tail us,
Strife with the FSB, Strife with the Ministry,
Only triumphant cheers on State TV.

Putin will teach you to love the Fatherland!

Russian Spring spreads like wildfire,
A volley from Aurora to greet the Messiah!
The loutish prosecutor won't play nice,
He's after resistance, not pretty eyes.

A birdcage for protest! Drink! Russian doll!
Activists imprisoned, caviar, alcohol!
Hang the Constitution, Vitishko's jailed,
Stability, watch-towers, food packs mailed.

Putin will teach you to love the Fatherland.

Dozhd Independent TV's off the air,
Gay pride's in the crapper, like you care,
Toilet Upgrade's the priority here,
All Russia's sentenced to six more years.

Unfair free market profit incentives for the employment of women: http://www.morganstanley.com/ideas/gender-diversity-investment-framework

Qualified Neuroscience Snowflake Who Thinks Neuroscience Can't Tell Socialization From Biology:

UNESCO Libtard Propaganda Claiming Girls Can STEM:

Non-significant not-equivalent Female-Dominated Field:

HBR Feminazi statistical crap on workplace bias blahblah:

Feminazi Anti-Father Propaganda:

Possibly better at baking than your mother:

Mr. Vladimir Vysotsky, initiated by his Ukrainian Jewish father into the conspiracy of being very sexy and talented, shares his insights into the mind of the anti-Semite.

Why be branded a bandit for getting in fights,
When I could unite with the Antisemites?
Sure, that gang don't have the law on their side,
But millions are cheering their antics worldwide!

It's settled: somebody gets stomped on tonight!
Just as soon as I learn what the hell's a Semite!
But what if they're pillars of this here community?
Some man a bandit can't beat with impunity?

My mentor, the cornerstore drunk, broke the news,
Said, “buddy, them Semites ain't nothing but Jews,”
Lads, there's a stroke of luck, we're in the clear!
That's a load off my mind, now I've nothing to fear!

Had to psyche myself up, because Albert Einstein
Has always been counted a hero of mine,
And pardon me folks, but I did get to thinkin'
Just what is the status of Abraham Lincoln?

Among them, some sent to the gulags by Stalin,
Among them, my highly esteemed Charlie Chaplin,
My buddy Rabinovich, victims of fascism,
Even the first founding father of Marxism.

But the cornerstore drunk said, “aha! But, for instance,
Did you know they drink blood from Christian infants?”
And once, down the pub, all the lads testified
That long, long ago, they had God crucified.

They thirst for our blood! The sinister Jew
Even tortured an elephant right in our zoo!
Stole from the people! Committed high treason!
Made off with the harvest completely last season!

All along the Kursk and Kazan railway line,
They live like kings in their dachas fine!
So I'm all set to plunder, to beat and abuse -
Let's save Mother Russia by bashing the Jews!

Feminists. If they had supreme executive power, a well-armed militia and were rounding men up for extermination camps, they could hardly be more like Nazis.

Learn the shocking truth about the origin of Feminazism!

Discover how Hitler copied the swastika logo off a Dublin laundry van:

Learn more about the socialist national rainbow that laid the gay foundations of Nazism:

Read this tragic tale to understand why Milo's Law, our proposed legislation for penalizing journalism that provokes Twitter harassment, is so desperately needed for the protection of Milo Yiannopoulos:

Read this tragic tale to understand why Slacktivists must be stopped by clicking an online petition, and deplatformers must be deplatformed. Sargon for President.

Any resemblance between Fatshamergate and Gamergate is wholly coincidental. Any resemblance between Milito Sargoneesian and real Sarkeesians, living or dead, is wholly unintended.

Give it up, ladies. You will never compete sexually with a flashlight.

Cancerous feminist propaganda on the unexpected usefulness of Russian Nihilism in toyboy recruitment:

Cancerous feminist propaganda on the artistic embrace of Mummy issues:

More cancerous feminist historical precedents:

The Artistry of Picking Up Explained For Feminists:

No need for No Fap, boys. You can have female sexiness without female self-expression!

The Tragic Bad Optics That No Fap Can Produce In The Human Male:

The Horrors of Female Sexual Self-expression in Ancient Greece: https://www.sunoikisis.org/surs/2012/12/01/aischrologia/

The History of Female Film Directors Expressing All Over Your Face:

The Horrors of 50s Female Sexual Self-expression:

EMERGENCY: Females Plotting More Self-Expression!

Oh God, the Ancient Evil is Returning: https://www.indy100.com/article/women-higher-sex-drive-men-study-research-7900696

Merry Christmas!! May the light of Christ shine upon you!! Also, may you bathe in the blood of your enemies and hear the lamentations of their women!!


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