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Unfair Evolutionary Proof Of Low Mate Selection Pressure On Males In Homo Sapiens:

Bummy Impoverished Aristocrats are gold-digging whores: http://forum.alexanderpalace.org/index.php?topic=7669.35;wap2

All Women Are Like That But Maybe Not Catherine Breshkovsky:

Unfair Statistical Evidence of Women Benefitting Men:

Operation Lentil was supposed to be a peaceful ethnic cleansing. It didn't work out that way.

“We will not break. We will not weep. We will not ever forget.” - Chechen memorial.

In 1977, Vladimir Vysotsky, history's manliest SJW, breaks the silence. In America, you own libs. In Soviet Union, libs own you.

More on Operation Lentil: https://timenote.info/en/events/Operation-Lentil-2365

Zarifa Sautieva: https://memohrc.org/en/news_old/one-more-leader-ingush-protests-zarifa-sautieva-political-prisoner-memorial-says

I'm from Rostov myself, a foundling in fact,
Could be from wherever is farthest,
And if you, my God, will watch my back,
My pig won't devour my carcass.

I'm living all over, today I'm in Tul,
Care for nothing, but still can't forget
That Orphanage where I was schooled,
The Republic Chechen-Ingushet.

They kept our childish souls alive,
Shared our fate and daily crust.
Life flew by on a rattletrap drive,
And flew bang out the exhaust.

Never knew what to do with my life,
Loved my friends, my guests and my weed,
Now, each trigger, I reach for my knife;
Since I carry no knife, no-one bleeds.

Like a tumbleweed, blown in the wind,
Ate on foot, nursing grudges and gifts,
Elbows poking my ribs are a friend
As familiar as wagons and thrift.

I was shipped there, where others survived,
We carved up our fate as we must.
Life flew by on a rattletrap drive,
And flew bang out the exhaust.

We toughened in climates frosty,
Where they don't turn back any man,
Like Chechens gone off from Grozny,
In the Caucuses to Kazakhstan.

Siberia's sweet for the barbers,
Piles of nations and unshaven bums,
Space for Jew or for convict regardless,
Basmach rebels whose day's never done.

In the Arctic, we gold-panners thrived,
Broke our backs at the quarry til dusk,
Life flew by on a rattletrap drive,
And flew bang out the exhaust.

We drank furniture polish and sicker,
Glue or varnish, we tried not to talk,
If we dodged fool-bullets with liquor -
Could smarter shots hit the mark?

I drink vodka with nuts for the lark,
Cognac with the Uzbeks and rice,
Once, in Norilsk industrial park,
I tried molten steel with the guys.

Gold-plugged holes in my gums so I've
Pension funds to extract when I'm bust,
Life flew by on a rattletrap drive,
And flew bang out the exhaust.

What songs orphans sang round the hearth!
We jumped the rocks naked and bold!
'Til I was made stray from the path,
I was Chechen-Ingush in my soul.

Some of them stabbed by the knife,
Others another way, thirdly a third,
Siberia, kingdom of yokes and strife,
Space to live and die unheard.

I am bald, my curls didn't survive,
All the hair on my head has been lost,
Life flew by on a rattletrap drive,
And flew bang out the exhaust.

Once the memories start again,
It's always the same: “Help! Watch out!”
Volga Germans beating Chechens;
And Siberia hosts their bout.

By the time a lynch mob threatened,
Grabbed a throat to back the Chechens;
Neither side local , yet I reckon
They think it's their land to defend.

All those who forced us to strive,
In their graves now, turned and tossed,
Carried there on a rattletrap drive,
Their souls flew out the exhaust.

Make your own White Christmas pun.

Why You Can't Have Personal Computers In The Ethnostate:

Why You Can't Have Cellphones In The Ethnostate:

Why you can't have colour TV in the ethnostate: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guillermo_González_Camarena

Why You Can't Have Cheap Steroid Medication In The Ethnostate:

Statistical Breakthroughs Banned In the Ethnostate:

Why you can't have Reconstructive Surgery in the Ethnostate:

Why you can't have the Concept of Medical Science in the Ethnostate:

Libertarianism Is Indeed A Chinese Philosophy (Sorry, Dick): http://www.egreenway.com/taoism/ttclz57.htm

Brain shrinkage under ethnostate conditions:

Finland! Purity! Purity and Congenital Nephrosis!

Feminist Cultural Criticism: very nearly destroying Western Civilization for over 600 years. Blahblahblah making the unconscious conscious blahblahblah Carl Gustav Jung. Sheesh.

Fun with Stereotype Threat!: https://www.apa.org/ed/precollege/ptn/2016/09/whistling-vivaldi

Ye Olde Tropes vs. Medieval Women: https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/6997698-der-sendbrief-vom-liebesgott-the-letter-of-the-god-of-love-l-epistre

Eat a Dick, Christine de Pizan: https://amedievalwomanscompanion.com/christine-de-pizan/

Oh my God, they ARE coming for our Bumblefuck Dad Sitcoms!! http://www.rolereboot.org/culture-and-politics/details/2012-12-why-does-tv-love-to-portray-dads-as-idiots

Full Stereotype Threat Talk (skip the intro): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKxkI2WVEWQ

The Stump Card! Get out of outrage free! Apart from phantom pain and patronizing, where's the downside? Hay golpe en Bolivia.

Beware Populists In Virtue-Signalling Wheelchairs: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2016/08/18/populists-undermine-democracy-in-these-4-ways-would-president-trump/

You think I'm kidding? BEWARE THE ROLLER-CHARISMA-POPULISM!! https://brentgstewart.com/2012/01/17/a-convenient-relationship-fdr-and-the-press/

Frida's Inspiracism!: https://everydaypower.com/frida-kahlo-quotes/

'Choices' and 'Elections' are the same word in Russian. Featuring the drawings of political prisoner Oleg Navalny, brother of leading anticorruption critic of Putin, Alexei Navalny. Learn more about Yegor Zhukov and other Russian dissidents: https://therussianreader.com/2019/08/04/yegor-zhukov/

6 years to fight
6 years no respite
6 years, we'll beat the rap,
6 years, won't eat your scraps.

6 years to fight, fight,
Call the gang, no respite,
6 years, we'll beat the rap,
Stool pigeons, eat our scraps.

Lower than cesspits, the tosspots in charge charge charge charge.
Thieving, deceiving and living it large large large large,
Thieves without honour or criminal charge charge charge charge
If you’re unarmed, the armoured guards charge charge charge charge

6 years to fight
6 years no respite
6 years, we'll beat the rap,
6 years, won't eat your scraps.

6 years, his term of office, term!
Jail terms for his enemies promised, terms!
Coup! the Kremlin calls the cops, cops!
Dawn to dusk, alarms don't stop, stop!

6 years, miscarriage of justice,
In the jail, a corpse is trussed up,
Stitched us up, we were busted,
Caught 6 years' hard time unjustly.

6 years to fight
6 years no respite
6 years, we'll beat the rap,
6 years, won't eat your scraps.
6 years to fight, fight,
Call the gang, no respite,
6 years, we'll beat the rap,
Stool pigeons, eat our scraps.

Anarchism: the most self-evidently impractical philosophy ever to need to be repeatedly suppressed by force of arms.

Mahatma Gandhi Was A Scummy Anarchist: https://www.mkgandhi.org/articles/democracy.htm

Oscar Wilde Was A Scummy Anarchist:

Bayard Rustin Was A Scummy Anarchist:

Laura Cornelius Kellogg Had Scummy Anarchist Tendencies:

Why Anarchists Are A Little Twitchy About Communists:

Why Korean Anarchists Are Also A Little Twitchy About Communists:

Why Facebook Deleted Anarchist Accounts Of The War Against ISIS They Were Winning:

Anarcho-Militia-Daddy James Madison Hates Standing Armies And Centralized Power: http://www2.law.ucla.edu/volokh/beararms/FEDERALI.HTM

The Best Anarchists Hate The Oppressive Imperialism of Being Called Anarchists:

Anarchists Think Their Libertarian Solution to Globalization's Job Security Crisis Is Sooo Great:

More Impractical Explanations of Anarchist Economics:

12% of Humanity Is Now Impractical:

Your Indispensable Guide to defending Free Speech without falling victim to the Female Perspective. You're welcome.

Elon Musk also struggles to distinguish Actual Machinery from Fucking Magic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dn6ZVpJLxs

Confronting Allegations of Abuse Is Far From Fucking Magic (even against Zoe Quinn and Alec Holowka ):

Ida Lupino Ruined The 1950s By Being The Only Female Perspective On Them:

Hush, Qanoners. Don't listen to the security professionals: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/9km87z/qanon-codes-are-random-typing

Cancel Culture Targets Courtney Love (for calling out Harvey Weinstein):

Ok, Maybe Sometimes Stifling Accusations Is Unhealthy (if it enables 30 more years of Nightmarish Child Abuse by Jimmy Savile ) #CancelCancellingJohnny:

Oh, it's OK because Empress Catherine the Great was lonely, you see #feministicon #blatantquidproquoharassment #himtoo #RememberZubov:

The means of seduction should be in the hands of the Jerk-offs! Jerk-offs of the World, Unite!!

Sex Communism will Make Women Great Again!! https://www.patheos.com/blogs/lovejoyfeminism/2020/01/make-women-great-again-conference-promises-women-unlimited-babies.html

Unfair Statistical Evidence That Enforced Monogamy Doesn't Work:

Poor, pitiful Sam Seder Thinks He's Joking:

Cody Reassures You That You're Not Necessarily A Lefty:

Useful Idiot John Dewey Loves Stalinism: http://ariwatch.com/VS/JD/ImpressionsOfSovietRussia.htm

Useful Idiot George Bernard Shaw Loves Stalinism:

Russian Bono (Yuri Shevchuk) explains how the 1980s USSR developed an aristocracy, in spite of their theoretical Communism, simply through the inevitable mechanics of getting and keeping undemocratic power.

Free Elections, Free Political Prisoners: https://music.mxdwn.com/2019/09/12/news/pussy-riot-release-new-song-1937-as-demand-for-release-of-political-prisoners-of-the-moscow-case/

All honour to you, child of the diplomat,
Lawyer, minister or professor's spawn,
Of journo-mogul and actress gone fat,
The prolific poet and popstar's son.
In short, all those we cheer to the rafters,
Those who pass anywhere without passports.

Doff your caps, let mouths gape wide,
Along the street the princelings stride,
Doff your caps, let mouths gape wide,
In Daddy's Porsche, the princelings ride.

Fashionable trash in a sack of meat,
Any soul? No? So what do you care?
It comes easy to these brats and sweet,
Need a career? Then Daddy's there.
Daddy gets them cheered to the rafters,
Sonny's every whim, Daddy looks after.

Doff your caps, let mouths gape wide,
Along the street the princelings stride,
Doff your caps, let mouths gape wide,
In Daddy's Porsche, the princelings ride.

Plunged up to their necks in office girl sex,
Goggling at pornos spitting with spunk,
Embracing the trendiest ladyboys next,
They long for a bullfight to lift their funk.
Crave Miami or Paris, poor little dears,
Petersburg's the best address they'll get here.

And those who have grown up a bit
Crank out soppy flicks on living well,
Write cathartic articles on moral grit,
And answer the Foreign Office bell.
They are the shit.
They are the shit.

“What a one-sided, negative view here on wealth!
Big shots can have stand-up sons!” critics said.
Buddy, I know, bro, I am one myself,
But, sorry, this song's gone right over your head.

Doff your caps, let mouths gape wide,
Along the street the princelings stride,
Doff your caps, let mouths gape wide,
In Daddy's Porsche, the princelings ride.

A presentation by GURNAG (the Global Union of Reactionary Nationalists Against Globalism) on the exciting global investment opportunities now opening up in the field of reactionary nationalism.

Ideal Corporate Conditions Created By NAFTA:

Dangerous Economic Convergence Created By EU Single Market:

How Hillary Clinton screwed the pooch in Honduras:

EXPOSED!! The Suspiciously Lefty Roots Of Anti-Globalism! http://depts.washington.edu/wtohist/interview_index.htm

Only disgusting crusty hippies oppose globalism in yucky PC interracial ways:

Thomas Sankara Thinks His Food Self-Sufficiency is Sooooo Great:

Watch out Nick Fuentes! Scott Lively is coming for you (and Vaush): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90u96MEVFEM

Donald J. Trump Bravely Battles Globohomo (and civil rights):

EXPOSED! The Cultural Marxist Plot to TURN YOU GAY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDLsL2dbrk4

How to Save Uganda from Globohomos:

I'm allowed to say this because I want to have sex with Bruce Lee.

Think About Your Family Before You Read Articles On The Uyghur:

Hong Kong vs the Firewall (HKUltra?): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpFE49oo__8

Another Crybaby Spongebob Tiananmen Squarepants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6XxftFQZ40

Taoists Are Bad Libertarians: http://www.egreenway.com/taoism/ttclz57.htm

Market freedom very nearly leading to individual freedom: https://www.nybooks.com/articles/2007/04/12/milton-friedman-in-china/

Bruce Lee is Sexy, Sexy Cancer:

Cressida Fustian is a dangerous extremist and I completely disavow her cancerous views. Therefore, you are not allowed to question my role in scripting them.

Please Debunk This Feminist Realist Propaganda: https://psychology-spot.com/did-you-know-that-intelligence-is/

DANGER! Do not compare this map of global feminism with IQ:

Ancient Egyptian Vagpocalypse: https://www.ancient-origins.net/history-famous-people/feminism-and-battle-women-s-rights-ancient-egypt-005895

The Manginification of Medicine: https://www.ancient.eu/article/49/female-physicians-in-ancient-egypt/

Ancient Kushite Wombsday: https://www.ancient.eu/The_Candaces_of_Meroe/

Infectious Indigenous Clitoclysm: https://www.feminist.com/resources/artspeech/genwom/iroquoisinfluence.html

12th Century Muslim Vulvarmageddon:

The Twatastrophic Tendencies of Muslim Democracy:

Stefan Falls In Love With Censored Polish Authoritarian Populism And Collectivist Identity Politics: http://knowledgefight.libsyn.com/knowledge-fight-lil-taste-of-poland

Released in 1988, Russian rockers DDT's album 'Plastun' is the unofficial soundtrack of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Civil war is overrated, boys. But it does make for better rock.

When you're up against the Hunger Wall,
A noose hangs where the sun should be,
You watch night fall behind your eyes,
Your hands prepared for mutiny.
When fowl are killed in early spring,
When storm is boiling in your soul,
When lies themselves croak of betrayal,
Slam brakes on love, let hatred roll...
All those we trusted have gone far away,
Their movements are seen no more,
And in the damp dawn, the alley trash
Carves from the depth of your core...
Foreboding.... of Civil War.

When clouds hang below your knees,
Bits of tongue caught in your teeth,
When the Nation votes for blood,
Loneliness without relief,
When talk of “Faith” cuts like a blade,
When books are melted into bells,
When suicide's the upright path,
Shake to the rhythm of nerves gone frayed.
The faces of saints in the shining church,
Tell you you're not their flock anymore,
What do you sing of when you have
Vile dreams that aren't worth dying for?
Foreboding.... of Civil War.

When a black wind rips through your sails,
Spitting floodlit pain into your face,
Bloodless revolution's a paltry disguise,
Hear the bleating hearts of human lice,
When nature bursts with boiling waste,
Igniting skies that are falling,
Dystopia rides on a rusted steed,
To reopen graves sick of gorging,
When the word “music” means this....
When the word “music” means this...

FORBIDDEN PISS-TAKE. I should start by saying that Professor Jordan Peterson is definitely now on the list of those whom no respectable, decent, moral, humane, milk-drinking, teeth-brushing individual like myself should take the piss out of. Merely by mildly mocking him, I am risking my likes, my subscribes and even my income stream. But in the name of manufactured free speech martyrdom: what a wanker.

Learn More About the Viktor Orban School of Carefully Policed Academic Free-thinking: http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/06/jordan-peterson-orban-meeting-hungary.html

Vladimir Vysotsky was a top movie star and popular singer in the Soviet Union, but political songs like this one got his concerts and performances regularly banned by the censors.

Heat me a banya, housekeeper,
Until I'm scorched, 'til I burn out,
On the bench's edge I'll teeter,
And beat away my doubt.
I'll unwind and shed all propriety,
Pour cold water on my dream,
Skin inked with cult of personality,
My tattoos flush in the steam.

Heat the banya, heat it white,
Unused to the wide world, head hung,
Blistered by scalding steam, I might
Be seared ‘til I loosen my tongue.

Our idols, our trees, all are fallen,
Tracks of tears, all the tracks we tread,
On my left chest, the profile of Stalin,
On my right, my Marinka’s sweet head.
Ekh! in payment for selfless devotion
I had paradise, rest and relief,
In exchange for a life that is hopeless,
I surrendered my stupid belief.

Heat the banya, heat it white,
Unused to the wide world, head hung,
Blistered by scalding steam, I might
Be seared ‘til I loosen my tongue.

I recall that Siberian morning,
Only “help!” to my brother I moaned,
Two fine guards brought me without warning,
To a Siberia I’d never known.
Into quarries and marshes we’re fallen,
From raw meat and tears bellies ache,
On our left chest, the profile of Stalin,
The better to hear our hearts break.

Don’t heat the banya, not white,
Unused to the wide world, head hung,
Blistered by scalding steam, I might
Be seared ‘til I loosen my tongue.

Okh, I shiver with dwelling on details,
Steam makes the dark thoughts retreat,
From the chill of the past’s cloudy veils,
I plunge to a cloud of pure heat.
These thoughts have so branded my brain,
I need hardly have branded my skin,
With birch branches I beat in vain,
At the marks of the Dark Age’s sins.

Heat, don’t heat…
Heat the banya, heat it white,
Get me used to the wide world, head hung,
Blistered by scalding steam, I might
Be seared ‘til I loosen my tongue.

Heat, don’t heat, heat, don’t heat, heat…

The (semi)official Red Pill Libertarian Manifesto (that PewdiePie may or may not subscribe to): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL-1kHxsavI

Yuri Entin's gender-bending 1976 "hymn to tolerance" may or may not be the reason why "light blue" (goluboi) is now standard Russian slang for gay. Any resemblance between Incredibly Crafty Cats and Yiannopouloses living or dead is purely coincidental.

Discover more about Soviet queer-coding: http://www.btchflcks.com/2015/08/parajanov-and-puppies-queering-the-soviet-superman.html


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